GENNISSY 9.4″ Wooden Chess 8OZ Brown Leather Hip Flask Set

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The perfect gift does exist! What’s better than drinking with a few good friends and playing a few games of chess? The Gennissy Chess Set comes with a stainless-steel flask that holds 8 ounces of your favorite adult beverage. A funnel is included, as well as 4 shot glasses so you can share your drink with your closest friends.  

Chess is a game of wits and one of the most popular board games in the world. It goes great with adult beverages and friends. The board isn’t huge by any standard, but large enough for a few good games. It measures 9.4” x 7” x 2.4” and stores easily.  

The best surprise is when you open the box. Each game piece fits securely in the lid and the interior space holds your flask, funnel and shot glasses. You are less likely to misplace a game piece when each of them has their own special spot in the lid of the chess box. It’s the perfect container for a fun night with some friends. -SHOP NOW

Top Grade Materials 

The hip flask is made from high-quality food grade stainless steel and wrapped in leather. Perfect for whiskey, bourbon, tequila and brandy. Made with materials that will prevent rust, corrosion and are non-toxic. A special adhesive is used to prevent shedding and it may have an odor when you first purchase the product. An easy solution is to open it and let it breathe for a short amount of time and the odor will go away.  

The chess board and chess pieces are made of wood. They’re small, but perfect for a few quick games at a party or at home while entertaining guests.  

Leak Proof 

A big complaint with many hip flasks is that they leak. That can be a huge issue unless you want to smell like whiskey. This flask is 100% leak proof and is easy to fill with the included funnel. The lid is thick and has good threads to secure your drink and not spill. The screw-down cap is attached to the flask so you won’t lose it while enjoying a game of chess.  

What You Get 

You get the stainless-steel/leather hip flask, chess board with pieces, funnel, 4 shot glasses and a gift box. Pretty much everything you need for a great gift or to keep for yourself around the house for when friends come over. These are great to take to the beach, fishing, road trips, vacation, camp, hiking and office.  

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion 

The Gennissy Wooden Chess and Flask Gift Set is perfect for Father’s Day, birthdays, graduations, work promotions, Christmas, groomsmen gifts or anything other occasion. It’s cool enough to purchase for yourself also.  

Our Take 

If you enjoy playing chess and drinking bourbon, this gift set is perfect! While the board and pieces are on the small side, they’re great for a few quick games. The hip flask is high quality and sturdy and the shot glasses are nice and you get plenty of them. Spillage is a big issue when refilling hip flasks, but this set comes with a funnel that saves a lot of trouble. Also, the screw-on cap is attached to the flask so you won’t lose it and the threads are good and will prevent leakage. 

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