Get More Leverage with the GearWrench Extendable Pry Bar

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Every man needs a pry bar in their tool box. They’re versatile, useful and essential for many jobs. If you work hard, a regular pry bar may not be enough for you. The GearWrench is an extendable pry bar that gives you access to hard-to-reach places that other pry bars can’t even hope to reach.  

The GearWrench pry bar is coated in black phosphate that resists corrosion and rust and is the perfect tool for heavy duty mechanics, iron workers, hydraulic field technicians, auto techs, millwrights and anyone who needs a tool that goes above and beyond. You can pry steel plates fully extended and it won’t break or fail you. Talk about a huge time saver! Using this extendable pry bar is like having an extra hand on the worksite.  

You never know how far you will need to reach with your pry bar and the extension comes in handy. The indexing head is designed to get stronger leverage that straight head pry bars would never be ablet to handle. Built like a tank, this pry bar won’t bend like other extending tools. Most of us have had a negative experience with extending tools and may have sworn them off years ago. The GearWrench Extendable Pry Bar doesn’t fit into that category. It’s beefy, tough and can be used daily in some of the most rigorous jobsites imaginable. You can put your weight into this unit and you will get good flex, but it won’t bend unless you purposely try to break it. Any tool can be broken if you don’t know what you’re doing, but this extendable pry bar can handle some abuse due to its solid construction and expert design.  


The GearWrench Extendable Pry Bar comes in multiple sizes such as 21” – 33” and 29” – 48” to give you some choices. Not only is this pry bar expandable, but you can also adjust it to get into those hard-to-reach spots that a regular fixed head pry bar can’t reach. It has a grooved head profile that will hold tight even in small spaces fully extended. You can use every inch of this tool without danger of bending or breaking. The head can rotate 180 degrees with 14 locking positions for more options on the worksite. This tool will save you time and space in your tool shed.  


The GearWrench Extendable Pry Bar is perfect for heavy-duty industrial work, re-positioning engines, diesel mechanics, demolition, millwrights and more. You can purchase these as a single tool or in sets depending on what you need for the job. Not only do you get superior leverage, but these pry bars are also corrosion and rust resistant which is important if you use your tools often and depend on them for income.  


GearWrench pry bars are made with your specifications in mind and will hold up to the toughest jobs. Each pry bar will meet or exceed ASME requirements. These are made with solid construction, high-quality components and will get the job done. If not, it has a lifetime warranty provided by GearWrench. 

Push Button Extension

You can extend your pry bar from 29 inches all the way up to 48 inches with the push of a button. You can also stop it at multiple spots in between depending on what you need to reach. In fact, there are 14 locking positions that allow you to reach anything to get the leverage you need. You can quickly change the head position with the push button to get optimal leverage. The head allows 180-degree access that can certainly come in handy.  

Our Recommendation

The GearWrench Adjustable Pry Bar exceeds expectations! This is a tool you will want to add to your arsenal. It’s great for any job and will give you an edge when tackling tough tasks. You will want to pry all day long with this beast of a tool. If you’re still unsure, click to SHOP NOW button and read reviews written by users who have put this tool to task and loved it. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Sizes Are Available?

The GearWrench Adjustable Pry Bar comes in two sizes: 21” – 33” and 29” – 48” depending on your job needs. 

What type of Warranty? 

GearWrench proves a lifetime warranty on their tools that covers defects in material and workmanship.  

What is the Prying Capacity When Fully Extended? 

The max load on the handle is 400 pounds. While you may be able to put more pressure on the handle, we wouldn’t advise it.  

How Wide is the Head of the GearWrench Pry Bar? 

The head is 1 inch. 

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