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Godinger Cigar Whiskey Glass – The Greatest Crossover Ever

whiskey glass with cigar holder

If you’re like most cigar smokers, you like to have a nice glass of bourbon with your favorite cigars. The Godinger cigar whiskey glass brings two great things together into one awesome cigar whiskey glass. Any product that makes your favorite past time easier is a win in our book. You’ve probably experienced the minor annoyance of searching for a clean place to stash your cigar for a second. The Godinger cigar whiskey glass makes it easy to enjoy both of your favorite things at the same time. -CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

The Perfect Gift for Cigar and Whiskey Lovers 

It’s no easy task finding the perfect gift for cigar smokers and whiskey drinkers. Sure, you can always pick up an extra bottle of their favorite spirits or cigar, but they could already be receiving them already from other people. If you want a unique gift for the cigar smoker or whiskey drinker then the Godinger cigar whiskey glass is where you want to start looking.  

All-In-One Whiskey Glass Tumbler and Cigar Rest 

Make your smoke sessions more productive with the glass that pulls double duty and combines the art of smoking a cigar with drinking your favorite whiskey. You can easily sip and hold your cigar at the same time and enjoy a nice evening on the back porch with friends or at your favorite watering hole. 

Perfect for Housewarming Gifts 

Many people hold “stock the bar” housewarming parties where each guest brings a bottle of bourbon, whiskey or other spirits. The Godinger cigar whiskey glass is perfect for as a gift to go alongside their favorite whiskey or cigars. The cigar holder will work with various sizes of cigars up to around 50 or 52 gauge. You may be able to squeeze a 54-gauge cigar as well, but it may be a little tight. This is the type of gift that’s memorable and they will be able to use over and over for years.  


The Godinger cigar whiskey glass is handmade and designed with an easy to sip shape. Made from lead-free crystal and will last for years. It can hold up to 12 ounces of your favorite beverages, but you will probably want to fill it a little lower so you don’t get your cigar wet. The glass measures 4.09 x 3.98 x 3.9 inches and weighs 1.04 pounds. It’s a sturdy little glass that looks classy.  

Holds Up to 50 Gauge Cigar 

Most users are able to use up to a 50-gauge cigar, with some reporting they can squeeze their 54-gauge cigars in the lip. You will have to experiment to see what sizes you can use.  

Our Take 

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for cigar smokers and whiskey drinkers, the Godinger cigar whiskey glass is top-shelf. You can get a lot of use from this cool product and people will probably ask you where you found it over and over. It may take a little practice as there is the potential for spillage onto your cigar if you aren’t careful, but overall, this is a great product for cigar and whiskey lovers.  

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