GRIP6 Fully Adjustable Web Belt and Belt Buckle

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If you wear pants, you need a belt – may as well be the best fully adjustable web belt on the market. The GRIP6 Web Belt was built for comfort and made to last. Most belts use holes to adjust, but we’ve all experienced the difficulties of being in between sizes and having to make new holes. You won’t have to do that with the GRIP6 Web Belt. It uses a friction lock with infinite adjustable options. You won’t have to search for a hole to fit and won’t experience gut-pinch that most of us are all too acquainted with.

If you want military belt strength with civilian style – this is the belt you want. Made from military grade nylon, the GRIP6 Web Belt can withstand over 2500 lbs and the buckles are even tougher. Cut from 100% aerospace grade aluminum by laser, the buckles weigh less than an ounce. Lightweight, rugged tough and a comfortable fit – what else do you need?

Made in the USA

GRIP6 Web Belts are 100% MADE IN THE USA. The company has a commitment to sourcing and making the belts in the U.S. which in turn, gives you a higher quality product at a faster rate.

Minimalist Sliding Belt

This belt has no holes and no flap. You won’t have to readjust constantly. A low-profile belt, these are crazy comfortable and easily interchangeable with other belt buckles and infinite adjustability. The belt buckle won’t jam into your belly like other belt buckles. You can overeat at Thanksgiving and not have to worry.

Military Grade

The belt strap itself is military-grade webbing and has a breaking point of well over 2500 pounds. We doubt you will ever come close to breaking one of these. The belt buckle was designed with a slight bend to aid in comfort and is tough as hell! Laser cut from aerospace grade aluminum means you won’t be cracking one of these in a long time – if ever. This company stands behind their product and the lifetime guarantee says it all. They will do what’s right for the life of the product.

Outdoor Adventure

You are sure to find exactly the style you are looking for with such a wide selection of belts. Perfect for hiking, backpacking or just taking a casual stroll on the trail or golf course. Most belts are designed to last a year or two at best. Leather wears out at the holes and the marks of your weight loss (or gain) is painstakingly apparent by the bends in the leather. GRIP6 has designed a belt to stand the test of time. Their goal was to design a belt that would last through whatever you put it through. We think they succeeded!

Professional and Comfortable

Who gets tired of constantly changing out your belt depending on the occasion? Now you don’t have to. GRIP6 belts looks great paired with dress clothes or casual. You’ll look your best with the black-on-black belt paired with black tactical pants or slacks.

Look Great on the Golf Course

These adjustable web belts are perfect for golf. You must be able to move easily when swinging a golf club. Not only do they help with performance by maintaining comfort and eliminating pinch points, they also look great! Nothing says you know what you are doing than a clean, sleek look when on the Golf course.

Lifetime Guarantee

GRIP6 gives you a lifetime guarantee for each and every GRIP6 item you purchase. They will replace you belt and belt buckle for absolutely any reason according to the company. You can’t beat that!

Our Recommendation

The GRIP6 Web Belt is a true minimalist belt that is worthy of your hard-earned dollars. The company has developed a winning product that is not only fully functional, but comfortable as well. Why choose between looking good and feeling good when you have the best of both worlds. One look at the number of customizations you can do with these belts and you will be hooked.

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