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How to Choose a Hidden Gun Safe

hide a gun safe

Hidden Gun Safes – What Are They, Where Do I Put Them And How Much Does It Cost?

A hidden gun safe is a great way to store your firearms safely in your home. These safes are often installed under a bed or inside a closet, making them difficult for burglars to locate.

What Is a Hidden Gun Safe?

A hidden gun safe provides security by hiding your firearms away from prying eyes. This type of safe is typically installed in a location where it will not be easily accessible. You can find these safes at local hardware stores, online retailers, and even some sporting goods stores.

Hidden gun safes come in various forms such as: 

  1. In-wall gun safes
  2. Mirror gun safes
  3. Mantle with hidden compartment
  4. Book gun safes
  5. Concealment shelf with a trap door
  6. Coatrack gun storage with a trap door
  7. Wall shelf
  8. Nightstand
  9. Wall flag
  10. End table
  11. Coffee table
  12. Clock
hide a gun safe

Hidden gun safes are great for gun owners that want to keep their guns in an easily accessible area in their home or office, but concealed in plain sight. These safes provide protection against theft while keeping your weapons out of sight. They can be installed behind a mirror, on your mantle, on a shelf, and even in a hidden gun safe furniture such as a coffee table or end table. 

The great thing about hidden gun safe furniture is that you can use multiple pieces of furniture to conceal an entire arsenal of firearms and no one will even know. Imagine having an end table that shoots out a firearm with the click of a button in every single room of your home. You can stay ready for anything without leaving firearms in the open where children or guests may accidentally touch one. 

The best thing about hidden gun safes is that they are easy to install. Gun safe furniture comes ready to use and you just have to put them together, whereas an in-wall gun safe may require a little extra work on your part. You can purchase these online or at a local store. Once you have purchased one, you can use it to hide your guns anywhere in your home.

Concealed gun safes are designed to protect firearms from being stolen while giving you quick access at the same time. I always recommend owning a large gun safe that can store the majority of your guns and a smaller gun safe for a handgun, while you utilize a few methods of hidden gun storage to keep them where you can reach them quickly. You don’t want to fumble with your locks or have to run into another room to arm yourself during a break-in or home invasion. 

Types of Guns You Can Store In a Hidden Gun Safe

You can store a wide variety of guns in hidden or concealed gun safes. 

  • In-wall gun safes – these can store multiple rifles, handguns, and extra ammo. You can install them in your closet wall to further conceal it. 
  • Coffee table hidden gun safe furniture – Most of these are relatively compact and are designed for a handgun and extra mag. 
  • End table – similar to the coffee table design, these can usually hold a pistol with ammo.
  • Concealment shelf with trap door – Now we’re talking! You can secure a rifle and pistol with extra ammo for both of them in these. 
  • American flag wall hanging gun concealment – These look great and usually have two secret compartments; one for a rifle and mag and another for a pistol and mag. You can hang these behind your couch for 24/7 access.
  • Hanging coat rack – hang this by your door and secure either a rifle or multiple handguns for when you need to check out a sound you heard by the door.

The possibilities are endless! I always recommend to outfit the main rooms in your home that you spend the most time in to ensure you are always prepared. 

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Where Should You Place a Hidden Gun Safe? (The Best Places)

If you’re looking for a place to hide a gun safe, there are a few things to consider before deciding where to put it. First, make sure that you choose a location that will provide adequate protection against theft and burglary. Next, think about where you plan to use the safe. Will you need to access it frequently? If so, then you should consider placing it somewhere that is easily accessible like in the living room or kitchen. Many people even keep a firearm in the bathroom because, let’s face it, most people spend plenty of time in there. Finally, consider whether you would prefer a locked or unlocked safe. Locked safes are easier to open than unlocked ones, but they require keys to unlock them. Unlocked safes are less secure, but they are much easier to open without a key and allow you to access your firearm without messing with a lock. 

The best places to store a gun safe include under a bed, inside a closet, behind a door, or in a cabinet. These locations offer maximum security while still being easy to reach. For example, if you want to keep a gun safe in your bedroom, you could place it a nightstand that’s designed to secure firearms. 

hide a gun safe

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Hidden Gun Safe?

You can normally install hidden gun safes with little to no tools. In-wall gun safes may take a little more planning because you have to choose the perfect spot before you install them. Concealed gun shelves are relatively easy to install as well. Coffee tables, end tables and nightstands are the easiest because you just have to set them up wherever you want them and they are easy to move. 

How to Choose Gun Safe Furniture.

Concealed gun safe furniture is a personal choice and you can easily pick the colors, designs and sizes that you want. They make a large number of models that come in different colors so you can match it to your home. The goal is to choose furniture pieces that blend in with your room so that no one will ever even guess that it could be securing a firearm. 

In Conclusion: 

I highly recommend using hidden gun safes in the form of in-wall or furniture. They are a great way to conceal and secure your firearms from children, guests, and burglars and they allow you to access them quickly in emergency situations. You can choose from multiple types of hidden gun safes to match your needs and your home.