Howard Leight by Honeywell Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuffs

best noise cancellation ear muffs for shooting

If you’re looking for ear protection and safety while shooting, the Howard Leight Shooting Earmuffs are where you need to start your search. Shooting guns is a fun sport and way of life for many, but it can damage your hearing after years of shooting. You need to protect your hearing as much as you can or you may experience hearing loss or tinnitus which is constant ringing in your ears.  

The Howard Leight Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff delivers maximum ear protection and is everything you would expect from this company. The distortion-free amplification system protects your hearing, but allows you to still hold a conversation or hear important range commands. A shooting ear muff is useless if you can’t hear commands and could be dangerous. These shooting ear muffs will instantly block any noise above 82 dB to protect your ears from loud noises on the range or in the field.  -Buy Now

You may have experienced cheap ear muffs in the past that didn’t provide any real protection and got in the way of your shooting. These are specifically designed with low profile earcups so they don’t get in the way of your aim. What’s the point of earmuffs if they interfere with your precision? Padded for ear comfort, the Howard Leight shooting earmuffs have telescoping abilities that will give you the best fit possible. You also have an external audio jack at your disposal that will allow you to use these as stereo headphones with an MP3 player.  

Gun safety and protecting your hearing should be your top concerns when going to the shooting range or in the field. Hearing diminishes as we get older and ear injuries can speed up the process if you aren’t careful. Many people have constant ear ringing due to loud noises and you have to protect what you have and to not cause more damage.  

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Not only do these shooting earmuffs protect your hearing, they also amplify regular ambient sounds. You need to be able to hear what’s happening around you. Equipped with a ventilated inner headband to reduce head pressure, these shooting earmuffs will probably be the most comfortable muffs you’ve ever used. They also have snap-in ear cushions for added support. You can adjust the headband height for a custom fit.  

The Howard Leight shooting earmuffs pull double duty with the fully equipped audio input jack that allows you to play music when you’re not shooting. It’s designed for multiple uses and has a power and volume knob to quickly adjust the volume. These aren’t your regular everyday shooting earmuffs.  

Powered by 2 AAA batters and features an auto shut-off if left on for 4 hours to give you maximum battery life. One set of batteries will power these shooting earmuffs for around 350 hours of use.  

Here Are Just a Few Key Features: 

Custom Fit Shooting Earmuffs  

Comfort is a top priority with these shooting earmuffs. They’re padded for the best fit and have a telescoping headband that allows you to adjust to your preferences. It also won’t slip or move while shooting or listening to music.  

Protectection From Loud Sounds and Amplifies Conversation 

Equipped with Air Fow Control technology for maximum noise reduction. The amplification mode shuts off at 82 dB and the noise reduction takes over. You won’t have to remove your shooting earmuffs to hold a conversation or to hear range commands. They give you perfect situational awareness by not only protecting your ears, but amplifying voices so you won’t walk into a lane or miss an important command. 

Doubles as  Headphones 

These shooting earmuffs are MP3 player or other audio device compatible. You can listen to your music while not shooting. They’re far more comfortable than other headphones and now you don’t have to switch between your shooting earmuffs and headphones when you want to listen to your favorite music.  

Auto Shut-Off 

These earmuffs feature a handy auto shut-off after 4 hours of use to preserve your battery life. We all forget to turn our electronics off, this will save your batteries and ensure you don’t drive all the way to the shooting range only to discover your batteries are dead.  

Packs Easily for Storage 

The folding design allows for easy and compact storage. You can fit them into your bag, vehicle and even your pants pocket if you have large pockets.


If you’re looking for the best shooting earmuffs you can find, the Howard Leight by Honeywell is a great place to start. They provide excellent ear protection, custom fit and double as headphones to listen to music when not shooting. They also amplify voices and allow you to hold a conversation without having to remove your earmuffs every time someone speaks. It’s important to hear range instructions and commands and to be aware of your surroundings. These shooting earmuffs cover all bases and provide you with the best ear protection you will find.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Good Do These Shooting Earmuffs Amplify Sound and Voices? 

These shooting earmuffs provide excellent sound and allow you to clearly hear voices. You can hold a conversation even when there is significant noise around.  

Can These Protect You If You Already Have Tinnitus? 

Proper ear protection can protect your hearing from getting worse, especially if you already experience tinnitus or constant ear ringing. This is a common affliction that many people experience, especially with age. There’s nothing wrong with protecting what you have and shooting earmuffs can help protect your ears and keep them from getting injured further.  

Will These Amplify Enough to Hear Game While Hunting? 

Yes, they amplify surrounding sound exceptionally well. If you have average hearing, these should amplify enough that you can hear crackling limbs, birds, crickets, deer and anything else stirring in the woods.  


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