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loudest whistle in the world

It takes a loud whistle to earn the title, “The World’s Loudest Whistle,” but the HyperWhistle has rightfully earned that title. A whistle is a great tool for many professions such as coaches, teachers, life guards and referees, but did you know whistles have survival applications? 

Whistles are great for emergency uses such as search and rescue mission, especially when you’re the one they’re searching for. In fact, a loud whistle can save your life. Many lost hikers and campers have used whistles to attract help and avoid freezing or starving to death in the wilderness.  

Whistles also have self-defense uses such as scaring off an attacker or alerting police to a situation. A regular whistle can attract attention, but the HyperWhistle can be heard much farther than any other whistle on the market. -Shop Now

Super Loud 

The HyperWhistle can produce sound up to 142dB that will carry for over 2 miles through trees, brush and other obstacles that can block a call for help. That’s roughly 8x further than a regular whistle you would find in stores. If you want to be found or to control a group of individuals, you need the loudest whistle in the world.  

Includes Hearing Protectors 

When you earn the title of the World’s Loudest Whistle, there can also be negative effects. The HyperWhistle comes with re-usable hearing protectors to protect your ears from the loud sound. The easy clip neck lanyard allows you to easily wear it around your neck for when you need it. Just pop in the re-usable ear protectors and you’re ready to use your HyperWhistle. 

The HyperWhistle is perfect anyone needing a loud whistle, including: 

  • Teachers 
  • Coaches 
  • Instructors 
  • Military drill sergeants 
  • Police 
  • Hiking and camping 
  • Outdoor activities with children 
  • Boating 
  • Sky diving 

You haven’t heard a whistle louder than the HyperWhistle. The Storm whistle was the world’s loudest whistle for years and produced 130-132db, but the HyperWhistle made new strides and now holds the title.  

Our Take 

A whistle makes a great addition to your gear bag or emergency pack. They’re good to have in emergency situations such as getting lost in the woods or communicating through long distances upwards of two miles where a shout wouldn’t work. The HyperWhistle is a good thing to carry around your neck on your next adventure. They’re also great for teachers and coaches.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Loud is the HyperWhistle? 

Up to 142db which is very loud and can travel for miles.  

Can the HyperWhistle Scare Aggressive Animals? 

The HyperWhistle produces enough sound to startle any animal and there have been reports of hikers using them to deter aggressive dogs, mountain lions, bears, birds and more. It can even be used against other humans in an emergency self-defense situation. While it won’t incapacitate, it can startle them enough for you to escape. It’s loud enough to deter any animal with ears. Most will run or at least stop in their tracks when they hear it. If you hike a lot, you may want to add the HyperWhistle to your gear bag.  

Do You Need to Wear Earplugs While Using the HyperWhistle? 

You don’t have to, but it is recommended that you protect your ears. It comes with a lanyard that has ear protectors and you can throw it over your neck for when you need it.  

Can Coaches Use the HyperWhistle for Games? 

Absolutely! The HyperWhistle isn’t just for outdoor use, coaches can use them to coach their student athletes.  

Is the HyperWhistle a Good Whistle for Teachers?

Many teachers use the HyperWhistle. Check with your principal to be sure it is acceptable in your school. It’s a great way to break up fights and get the attention of large groups of students. 

What is the HyperWhistle Made Of? 

The HyperWhistle is made with an FDB approved Anti-Microbial composite. Most whistles are made from cheap ABS plastic, but the HyperWhistle uses premium medical grade composite materials so it’s not just the loudest whistle in the world, but also has anti-microbial properties.  

Is the HyperWhistle Louder than the Storm Whistle? 

Yes, it is around 12-15db louder than the storm whistle.  

How Large is the HyperWhistle? 

The HyperWhistle is 3.0” long and lightweight. Perfect for wearing around your neck with the included lanyard. You won’t notice it at all.  

Will the Sound Hurt Your Own Ears? 

It can hurt your own ears if you aren’t careful. The sound reflects back to the blower and can cause discomfort which is why it comes with safety plugs. It won’t cause hearing damage, but it’s always a good idea to protect your ears as much as you can.  

Can the HyperWhistle be Used for Self-Defense? 

While it won’t completely stop an attacker, it may stun them long enough for you to get away. Similar to a tactical flashlight, you can use it to surprise an attacker. We wouldn’t suggest relying on a whistle as your only defense, but nothing wrong with using everything in your toolbox so to speak.  

Should Hikers Carry a Whistle? 

Hikers and campers can benefit from carrying a whistle every time they enter the woods. You can get lost and need to direct a search and rescue team to your location. Severe dehydration can cause you to lose your voice and a loud whistle can make a difference.  

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