The Magpul Tactical Gear Bag

Magpul tactical ammo pouches

Keep important items safe and secure with a Magpul DAKA Pouch. 

The Magpul DAKA pouch is designed to organize and protect important items from dust, mud, dirt, water and other unpleasant substances while out in the field or at the range. You can carry everything you need for the day in this rugged translucent window pouch. These pouches are designed to be tough and can handle a rough day at the worksite, range or in the field. -CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON 

Made From Tough Materials 

DAKA pouches are designed with materials that are perfect for rough use such as storing ammunition, work tools, important documents and even electronics. Made with an anti-slip texture so you won’t lose your grip and polymer-infused textiles – this is the gear bag you want for important gear.  

The seams are RF welded for extra security and it utilizes a YKK Aqua Guard water resistant zipper so that no water or moisture can get in and wreak havoc on your expensive gear. The Magpul Gear Bag also uses 550 para cord with heat shrink tubing for maximum grip. You can even grip this tool bag while wearing thick work gloves.  

Multiple Uses For Work or the Field

They have multiple uses and are handy to have around any worksite or office. You can carry tools, electronics, important documents or anything that you want to keep safe and in pristine condition. The translucent window makes it easy to organize your gear and the carabineer attachment makes it easy to carry.  

Great for Ammunition 

You likely carry ammo to the gun range or in the field and this tough little pouch is perfect. You can hold hundreds of rounds in there with no issue whatsoever.  

Perfect for Electronics 

If you’re like most of us, your job entails expensive electronics. You may have cables, cards, work cell phones, tablets and other tools of the trade. This tactical tool bag will protect your most valuable assets from the environment. While this pouch is water resistant, that doesn’t mean you should submerge it. It’s not designed to be completely submerged in water, but the design and materials used will keep most water out. These tactical pouches can take a beating and continue protecting your most valuable gear.  

Magpul tactical ammo pouches

Water Resistant 

The Magpul gear bag is water resistant to keep your important items dry and safe even in inclement weather. You never know what type of weather you will encounter while on the worksite or in the field, so it’s best to be prepared. The water resistant DAKA pouches will keep your items and gear dry in most environments with occasional rain. It’s a great choice when you take your electronics and documents in the field often and encounter wet environments. This gear bag is also chemical resistant and non-hygroscopic so you know your tools and gear will be safe and sound.  

Handy for First-Aid Kits 

The DAKA water resistant pouch makes a great addition to your first-aid kit. You can attach it inside a larger container for more options. You can never be too prepared and these tactical gear bags add to your preparedness.

Magpul tactical pouch
best tactical pouch for electronics


This Magpul tactical range tool and gear bag comes in 3 sizes: small 6” x 9”, medium 7” x 12” and large 9” x 13” to give you a wide variety of choices. It also comes in 3 different colors: flat dark earth, black and olive drab green. 


The Magpul Tactical Gear Bag is equipped with numerous features that makes it one of the most rugged and dependable bags you can buy. Here are just a few qualities it has: 

  • Anti-slip texture for maximum grip 
  • Reinforced polymer fabric for long-term use 
  • Translucent window for easy organization 
  • Air-tight seals 
  • RF welded seams 
  • YKK AquaGuard water repellant zipper to keep out moisture 
  • Chemical resistant 
  • Non-hygroscopic 
  • 550 paracord with heat shrink tubing for even better grip 
  • Paint pen dot matrix debossed for ID marking 
  • Carabiner 
  • Super tough construction 

The DAKA pouch is perfect for everyday use as well as heavy-duty work. You can bring these to the work site, office, home and anywhere in the field.  

Our Take 

This rugged pouch is unlike anything you’ve likely seen before. It’s designed to minimize weight and is constructed to last through heavy-duty use. The zipper is water resistant and will keep out moisture to protect what’s inside. Perfect for rainy weather when you still need to work. Many jobs require emergency paperwork and this pouch will keep them nice and neat. Sharp objects won’t easily punch through the sides and the design keeps the outdoor world from damaging your important work. We recommend these tough Magpul pouches to anyone that wants to protect anything from documents, tools and electronics from the outside climate.  

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