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Otdair Solar Security Lights with Motion Sensor

It’s time to upgrade your home security system with Otdair Solar Security Motion Sensor Lights. You may think you live in a nice neighborhood where nothing bad ever happens, but you can’t rely on that anymore. Home burglaries are rising at an alarming rate. Let’s face it, people want what you have and they don’t want to work for it. They may not even care if you are home or not.  

The best way to keep intruders from your home is to improve your home security measures by using technology to your advantage. You have to think like a burglar and check your property for weaknesses. Illuminating your home with motion detectors and installing driveway alarms is a great place to start. Most intruders or trespassers will leave your property in a hurry when the lights come on. -Check Price on Amazon

Since you can’t always monitor your yard, motion detectors are your best bet. Even better if they’re solar powered so you don’t have to always worry about batteries. The Otdair Solar Security Lights stay charged by soaking up sunlight in their solar panels and stay powered throughout the night to give you peace of mind.  

Three Heads For More Coverage 

The Otdair Solar Security Lights have 3 lights designed with multi-joint rotation. They can turn 360 degrees independently to cover more ground and to ensure you don’t have a blind spot. You can literally rotate them to any angle you need depending on the layout of your yard. You get a wider range of light that would-be burglars will avoid.  

Solar Powered Lights 

The Otdair employs2200mAH eco-friendly panels that soak up the sun during the day for all night long power. You won’t have to change batteries.  

Motion Sensors 

The Otdair Motion Sensor Light can cover a lot of ground and picks up on movement up to 33 feet. If anyone or anything gets in the path of the sensors, it shines for a full 30 seconds to let them know they’ve been seen. It will then automatically shut off. That’s just enough time for a possible intruder to realize you’re not worth the trouble and move on. Plus, it gives your neighbors a chance to see who’s prowling around the neighborhood.  


We all know it rains and outdoor equipment will get soaked on a weekly basis in most areas. The Otdair Motion Sensor Light is waterproof and will have no trouble getting rain. It has a waterproof rating of IP65 which is plenty to survive normal rainfall. The Otdair security lights are also snow proof, windproof and sun proof and will survive the elements.  

Easy to Install 

Home security equipment is useless if you don’t install it properly. The Otdair Home Security Motion Sensor Lights are easy to install by anyone. Simply mount it on the wall with the included screws. You can put it on the front yard, back yard, patio, pool, deck or anywhere else where someone may be tempted to try your home.  

Lasts a Long Time on a Charge 

Designed with a built-in lithium rechargeable battery that will soak up a full charge even in low light or cloudy weather during the day. You can easily get up to 30 hours for nighttime use. The motion sensor lights automatically turn on at night and off at sunrise for over 5000 hours of runtime.  


You get two Otdair Solar Security Lights in the package to cover more ground on your property.  

How to Use Your Otdair Solar Security Lights 

  1. Set-up before mounting. Push the button to the ON position 
  2. Check the light by covering the solar panel. You know it’s turned on when the lights turn on 
  3. Mount the motion sensor solar light in an area where it can soak up enough sun to stay powered and shine light over an appropriate area of your property.  

Our Take 

If you’re concerned about home security, you need to get motion sensor lights. The Otdair Solar Security Lights with Motion Sensor is one of the best motion sensor lights on the market. It’s hard to beat the price and you get two in the pack. You may think they’re not bright enough due to their small size, but they are extremely bright and will light up your yard if anyone trespasses. Motion sensor lights are a great way to increase the visibility of your home to make possible intruders pass your home up and find an easier target.  


The Otdair measures 8” x 7.64” x 6” and weighs 2.35 pounds. The voltage is 5.5 Volts and the lights go up/down. The lights are LED and super bright with 1.8 watts and the color temperature is 6500 Kelvin. The sensor angles are 120 degrees and the sensing distance is 26.25 – 32.81 feet. The solar security lights are waterproof, windproof, sun proof and snow proof. It will survive the elements and keep shining. The Li-ion battery is 3.7V 2200mah and the wattage is 8W. The solar panel is 1.8W, 5.5V and will absorb plenty of sunlight to power this home security light for as long as you need. 

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