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Ring Alarm 14-Piece Kit – Home Security System

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Your home should be the one place you always feel comfortable and protected from the outside world. If you can’t prop your feet up after a long day of work and know you and your family are safe, then you need to do something about it. 

Home security systems have been around for decades and are needed now more than ever. There are countless burglaries and home invasions these days as criminals are no longer scared of the justice system. In fact, many criminals are perfectly fine with you and your family being home when they break in. They don’t even care about waiting for you to leave before smashing the window and entering your home.  

You have to be vigilant when it comes to home security and home defense. Get the proper tools to protect yourself and your family while in your home. This starts with home security systems, proper lighting, driveway alarm systems, lethal or non-lethal self-defense tools and learning more about protecting your home from would-be burglars or attackers. -Check Price on Amazon

The Ring Alarm 14-Piece Kit is a great addition to your home defense toolbox and gets the job done.  

Perfect for 2-4 Bedroom Homes 

The 14-Piece Ring Alarm Home Security System is great for 2-4 bedroom homes and provides excellent coverage throughout your home. You have to cover all of your bases when choosing a home security system and the Ring Alarm System is large enough for mid to large homes. Your home security kit includes: 

  1. The Ring Alarm base station
  2. 8 contact sensors 
  3. 2 keypads 
  4. Range extender 
  5. 2 motion detectors 
  6. Instructions 

You get a lot with this home security system and it’s important to read and learn everything you can about your new system so you can utilize all of its options. You can cover eight doors or windows and the motion detectors can cover two rooms. This gives you plenty of coverage for 2-4 bedroom homes or 3-bedroom homes with a home office. 

The Ring Alarm pairs well with motion sensor outdoor lights such as the Otdair Solar Security Lights with Motion Sensor.  

The Do-It-Yourself Alarm System 

While you can get this home alarm system professionally installed, you don’t have to. Those of us who are decent at installing things in the home will find that the Ring Alarm is easy to set-up and start protecting your home straight out of the box. You won’t need any extra tools besides what comes in thebox. All you have to do is plug the Ring Alarm base station to an outlet and set-up the system using the Ring Alarm app. Lastly, place the motion detectors and contact sensors where you want them and you’re protected! 

24/7 Professional Monitoring Available 

The Ring Alarm has plenty of options to alert you and your family to intruders. For $10/month you can have professional monitoring of your alarm system. This includes 24/7 monitoring service for the price of roughly 3 cups of coffee. Professional monitoring can make a difference in how quickly you receive help. They can assist you in reaching emergency services as well as enabling backup for your Ring Alarm system and 2 months of unlimited video recording. You also get photo capture for your Ring camera and doorbell cameras all for $10/monthly. They even allow you to try the plan for free for 30 days to test the services. You can’t beat it and it adds another layer of home security protection.  

Emergency Buttons 

The Ring Alarm has emergency buttons on the keypad that are easily accessible in the event you need immediate assistance.  

Protection for the Entire Home 

The Ring Alarm home security system protects your entire home with motion sensors and contact sensors. You can purchase additional smart accessories to improve your home security system such as fire sensors, flood sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, panic buttons and more. The Ring Alarm is a complete, whole-home security system that covers your security needs.  

Convenient Control Center You Can Access with Smart Phone 

Most of us live on our phones. The Ring Alarm Home Security System has a handy control center that you can access straight from your smart phone, computer or tablet. This gives you instant access to your system and allows you to conduct quite a few functions without logging into your computer.  

Pairs with Alexa 

Alexa can make home functions incredibly easy and the Ring Alarm can easily connect to provide even more ease of use and options. Connect your Ring Alarm Home Security System to your Alexa to set your alarm, disarm and view the status of your system all with your voice commands. The sky is the limit and you now have tons of accessible features at your fingertips. If you pair the Ring Alarm with Alexa Guard, you can receive alerts directly to your smart phone such as carbon monoxide alarms, smoke alarms, loud crashes and glass breaking even while you’re away from home or at work.  

3 Security Modes Available 

The Ring Alarm has 3 modes: 

  1. Home Mode 
  2. Away Mode 
  3. Disarm 

Home mode is used when you’re home and in your house. It disarms the inside alarms so they aren’t tripped while you make your way to the refrigerator, yet they keep the exterior sensors armed and ready to go. Perfect for when you’ve settled in for the night and don’t plan on walking outside.  

Away Mode arms every sensor in the home and outside of your home and alerts you when something happens. This is to be used when you leave for work or family vacation and want every sensor set for alarm both interior and exterior. 

Disarm is used when you want to be able to walk in and out of your home without tripping the alarms.  

Our Take 

If you’re looking for a whole-home security system that you can access from your smart phone, the Ring Alarm is your best bet. The Ring Alarm is super easy to set-up, has tons of available functions and doesn’t cost and arm and a leg. You can get 24/7 professional monitoring which is easy to afford and highly recommended. There are also numerous additions you can purchase that will make your home even more secure such as fire detection sensors, carbon monoxide monitors, flood warnings and panic buttons. The smart phone accessible dashboard is a huge selling point that adds to the sophistication of this system and the fact that you can connect to your Alexa for voice commands pushes this home security system to the top of the list.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does the Ring Alarm Have Cellular Backup? 

Yes, the Ring Alarm has cellular backup, but not straight out of the box. You must be a Ring Protect Plus Subscriber which gives you more options for your Ring Alarm and only costs $10/month. The cellular backup gives your Ring Alarm the ability to send out a signal to the center that professionally monitors your system even if the power goes out for any reason.  

Will the Ring Alarm Exterior Sensors Set the Alarm When My Dog Passes In Front at Night? 

You have options when it comes to setting your alarms. You can choose different modes depending on what you need. If you are concerned about the alarm picking up your animals at night, you can adjust the sensitivity on your Ring Alarm so it will not trip the alarms. The sensors can ignore small pets.  

Will the Ring Alarm Door Sensors Work on Sliding Glass Doors? 

Yes, they work the same way as they do for regular doors.  

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