S.R.T. Survival Rescue Tool Review

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Everyone needs a few tools to get through the day. EDC or every day carry is a term used to describe the tools you carry with you daily. It can be a pocket knife, tool card, multitool or other ways to carry tools. The S.R.T. survival rescue tool is a great way to carry the tools you use the most in a compact and easy-to-carry form. You may not always have access to a toolbox and a good multitool can save space and time.  

The S.R.T. survival rescue tool gives you access to a handful of tools that you are likely to use every day. Not only is it extremely efficient at providing tools, it can also be used for defensive measures, breaking windows and more. -CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON 

14 Essential Tools  

The S.R.T. survival tool is loaded with essential tools that you can use daily. It allows for quick access and maximum control. You get 14 tools that can get you out of a bind and it fits in your pocket. Take it with you anywhere and you will always be prepared. The S.R.T. is the perfect emergency multitool and provides plenty of traditional tools, as well as self-defense applications that can get you out of a sticky situation. Here’s a list of tools the S.R.T. survival rescue tools provides: 

  1. Wire stripper 
  2. Oxygen valve wrench 
  3. ¼” nut wrench 
  4. Hammer strike glass breaker 
  5. Gradual hex driver 
  6. Bottle opener 
  7. Self-defense tactics 
  8. Seat belt cutter 
  9. Gripper 
  10. Ruler 
  11. Flat head screwdriver 
  12. Kinetic spin glass breaker 
  13. Nail puller 
  14. Box cutter 

These are all tools and functions that will improve your EDC and makes this an essential piece of gear.  

Personal Protection  

The S.R.T. can make a difference if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you have to defend yourself. You never want to hurt someone unless you’re attacked, but you also must be prepared for anything. The Survival Rescue Tool is lightweight and designed to apply pressure where it hurt. It’s the perfect tools for police officers, security workers, EMTs and anyone that routinely finds themselves in self-defense situations or that work in rough areas. It’s not only extremely effective as a pain compliance tool, but it’s also sleek and easy to deploy from your pocket.  

Improves Your EDC or Everyday Carry 

You should always work on improving your EDC as you never know what you will encounter throughout the day. The tools you carry can make or break the day and you should take care in choosing what goes into your pocket. The S.R.T. Emergency Tool is lightweight, compact and easily fits in your pocket, gear bag, hiking backpack and more.  

T.S.A. Compliant 

It’s always a good idea to check your local laws to ensure your gear is TSA compliant. The S.R.T. was designed to comply with TSA guidelines, but you should check to be sure as laws are updated often. As of this posting, you should be able to board a plane and fly with this multitool. It doesn’t have a blade or sharp point and is merely a tool. This is a great tool to add to your collection.   

High-Quality Materials 

The Survival Rescue Tool is made from 440C stainless-steel and can handle daily work. You need tough tools and this one will last and handle whatever you encounter. While it won’t replace a toolbox, it can help with small chores around the worksite, house or office. The S.R.T. measures 5.5 inches long and fits in your pocket. 

Can Get You Out of a Jam 

The S.R.T. serves as an auto rescue tool and is designed to help you in an emergency. It’s a seat belt cutter and window breaker because you never know what can happen. You may think it can never happen, but it does. This auto rescue tool is perfect for first responders as well as regular everyday people.  

Useful for Home Projects 

The Survival Rescue Tool is handy for working around the house. We all have home projects we need to finish and handy tools such as this can make completing them easier. You don’t always want to walk back to the toolbox to get a simple tool. The S.R.T. is like carrying a pocket full of tools.  

Our Take 

It’s our opinion that you can never truly have too many multitools. However, they each must serve a purpose or at least fulfill the claims their manufacturers have made. Each tool you carry must be useful and dependable and the S.R.T. or Survival Rescue Tool fits the bill. It’s dependable, tough and has a handful of essential tools that you are likely to use daily. The price is on par with what you get and the quality is great. Overall, the S.R.T. is a fine addition to your EDC or toolbox.  

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