Schrade SCH111 Karambit Knife – The Survivalist’s Companion

best karambit knife for survival

Everyone needs to carry a knife – you never know when you’ll need a blade for survival or just everyday cutting tasks. Karambit blades are in a special category all to themselves. Designed for quick and precise cuts, they’re the perfect self-defense knife that can save your life. A karambit style blade is drawn from a secured sheath away from your body in one swift motion which gives you quick access to a razor-sharp blade.  

Karambit blades offer a unique skill set that goes beyond other blade types. They’re perfect for an “every day carry” (EDC) knife that excels as a self-defense knife. Karambit self-defense knives are designed with a curved blade and safety ring to give you a quick grip and a blade that is great for cutting and slashing. -CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Function Over Form 

While Karambits may look cool, their design serves a purpose. The curved blade is shaped to give the user safety when using. Using a knife is all about experience and a karambit blade provides precision and allows you to use it in various angles and tight spaces. It fits in your palm and the ring gives you an extra level of dexterity. The curved blade gives you an advantage over straight blades. You can also cut deeper with a karambit knife. The cuts are cleaner and you can move the blade faster which gives you more self-defense options.  

Quick Access to Your Blade 

The Schrade Karambit Knife is designed so that you can quickly grab it in a survival situation. The dual thumb knobs allow you to pull it from the sheath with incredible speed and the finger hole keeps your knife secure in your hand. You can deliver quick stabs and slices that a straight blade can’t compare to.  

Makes a Great Neck Knife 

We’re huge fans of neck knives because they’re super easy to grab in an emergency or survival situation. The Schrade karambit comes with a sheath that you can hand around your neck so it will always be available. You can easily grab and pull and the breakaway necklace will release. Neck carry is one of the most efficient ways to carry your knife.  

Karambits are the Perfect EDC Knives 

The best knife is the one you can quickly access and will deliver fast results. Karambits are one of the best knife designs if you’re looking for a dependable blade to carry with you everywhere you go. You know karambit knives are handy the second you hold one. They give you the most natural feel possible for a knife. Karambits are easy to put a razor-sharp blade on and hold their sharpness for quite a while. The Schrade SCH111 karambit is a high-quality knife at an affordable price.  

Durable and Dependable Design 

The Schrade SCH111 Karambit knife is made from durable 9Cr18MoV high carbon stainless steel. The knife itself measures 6.3 inches with a 3-inch blade. It’s lightweight and only weighs 2.3 ounces. The handle is stainless steel and extremely durable. There are no moving parts to this karambit, so you have less to worry about breaking. It comes with a thermoplastic sheath that has an adjustable breakaway necklace chain for quick access. The thermoplastic sheath holds the blade tight and keeps it secure until you need it.  

Not Just for Self-Defense 

Karambits are known around the world as a self-defense and survival knife, but they’re also a great multi-functional blade style. Karambits are perfect for EDC, fishing, hunting, camping, combat and other essential knife functions. Karambits have traditionally been used in the Indonesian combat style known as Pencak Silat, but they aren’t just for fighting.  

Perfect Grip 

Karambits are designed with a safety ring that gives you the best grip possible for any knife. The karambit’s safety ring also aids in weapon retention. Knives easily slip in your hand when you’re nervous or your hands are wet and this can cause injuries. The safety ring also keeps your knife in the best position so you can focus on your cutting task. Another interesting feature that the safety ring gives the user is you can also hold a gun or flashlight in the same hand because you can easily palm the karambit. 

Who Can Benefit From Carrying a Karambit? 

Anyone that wants a blade that features a non-slip grip with a curved blade that excels in combat applications can benefit from carrying a karambit knife. They’re also great for law enforcement, military, hunters, fishermen, hikers and backpackers, military and anyone who enjoys being prepared for whatever life throws at them.  

Why Use a Karambit Knife? 

The design of karambit knives gives you perfect grip in any situation and are perfect for self-defense. You can’t cut if you can’t keep your knife firmly in your hand. You can use them upside down, in wet conditions and you will always be able to keep your hand on your weapon. It’s also extremely difficult for someone to disarm you by slashing at your hand or attempting to grab your karambit 

The unique design of the karambit allows a fighter to change styles without missing a beat. It basically becomes an extension of your hand and makes it easier for you to counter your opponent’s attack and strike multiple times in fast succession. A straight blade is easy to disarm, whereas a karambit blade will stay in your hand even if you sustain a cut from your opponent.  

Our Take 

If you want a knife that is designed to deliver lightning-fast stabs and cuts, you should try out a karambit knife. You will fall in love with the design the second you wrap your hand around one. The safety ring gives you complete control over your knife and the curved blade is razor-sharp and can deliver devastating damage to an attacker. A quick Google search of karambit combat techniques will give you plenty to think about when shopping for a karambit. Overall, the Schrade SCH111 karambit knife is a great deal due because it’s a high-quality blade at a great price.  

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