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Sex in the Time of Zombies

By: Guy Cain

Most of us, at some point or another, have tried to imagine a post-apocalyptic scenario. Most likely you imagined yourself as the hero who saves the world or some small part of it. Sex in the Time of Zombies hits closer to the reality of the situation. If you want to read about some golden savior, you’ll need to look elsewhere. This book deals with the gritty reality of living, and dying, in a world of hungry corpses. Please don’t let the tittle fool you. This is not some pornographic “Dear Penthouse” prose involving animated corpses, but sex is a big part of human existence, for that reason, it seems logical that it would be a big part of our demise as well.

In the first chapter we meet a street wise stripper trying to earn a living as the zombie apocalypse kicks off. The second involves a horde of zombified furries and a soldier who was abused as a child. Later we meet a darling couple attempting to enjoy their last moments together. Yet another delves into the seedy underbelly of the freelance sex trade. There’s even a spin on the classic story of the hooker with a big heart who falls for a “John.”

There are eight short stories in all, set as you might have guessed, in the time of zombies.  As with all good stories, these center around real people with real problems. Like all of us, they have emotional baggage that complicates the already difficult matter of survival. A few manage to live, on some level, while others are unable to come to grips with their past or current situations and succumb to the darkness of an undead world.

Personally, I am a huge fan of short stories, zombies, and sex. For me, author William Todd Rose has done an amazing job of combining them into some truly emotional and frighteningly realistic tales of Sex in the Time of Zombies.

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