SOG Seal Pup Elite – Fixed Blade Survival Knife with Kydex Sheath

best fixed blade survival knife

The best survival knife is the one you have in your hands when you need it. If you’re like most people, you’re always on the lookout for a quality blade. You probably already carry two or three knives at all times – but you can never have too many blades. If this describes you – read on.

The Seal Pup Elite survival knife by SOG is one-of-a-kind in both craftsmanship and quality. Full tang for blade strength and a serrated blade for extra cutting prowess; the Seal Pup Elite has more than meets the eye.


Cutting edge design that can be utilized as an outdoor knife, duty knife, survival knife and anything else it can sink its teeth into. Black titanium nitride-coated blade – SOG’s heat treatment process makes for some of the strongest steel blades on the market. You get the advantages of having a partially serrated blade for extra cutting. You want both on a survival knife because you never know what you will encounter.


The SEAL Pup Elite has a 4.85 inch stainless steel fixed blade, which is plenty for any survival situation and camp duty. Some prefer a larger blade when choosing a survival knife, but you can do anything with a blade this size. In fact, many survivalists prefer a smaller blade for survival situations. You just have to use a little ingenuity and experience to get the job done. You don’t need a huge survival knife as long as you choose the right features. You need to worry more about how long it will retain its sharpness, especially if you regularly depend on using it. You want your blade to be able to handle everyday jobs and still be sharp in the event you need it in an emergency situation. The overall length of the Seal Pup Elite is 9.5 inches and a blade length of 4.85 inches. Weighing in at only 5.40 oz and a blade thickness of 0.19 inches, this blade is big and thick enough for just about anything, yet is still considered light.


The handle is made from textured anti-slip material and can withstand high-impacts and still come out strong. You won’t lose your grip when using this knife, especially if you are wearing tactical gloves with additional palm support. Glass-reinforced nylon handle and an ergonomic design gives you supreme durability and extra grip.

SOG designed a multi-mounting tactical sheath which gives you multiple carry options. You can carry on your belt to the side, behind your back and you can even use it as a boot-knife. Make this a part of your everyday carry (EDC) and you will be covered.


Not just for survivalists; the SOG SEAL Pup Elite knife is great for tactical applications, hunting, outdoor, camping, industrial use, etc. SOG designed this knife specifically to serve special ops, military and anyone else who desires one of the best knives on the market.

You can file and notch things to perfection with the Pup’s spine rasp. The partially serrated edge allows for quick cuts and the blade gives you better piercing-style cuts with the clip-point design. This blade can do a lot of work! If you’re looking for a versatile blade with the needs of a warrior in mind – you’ve found it in the SOG SEAL Pup Elite.


The SOG Seal Pup Elite fixed blade comes from a long line of knives. In fact, the Seal Knife series has been around for a while and survived one of the most enduring tests programs performed by the U.S. Government. Knives from all over the U.S. were included in the program and the SOG Seal Knife outperformed. The U.S. Government tested and assessed multiples knives in various categories including: blade sharpness and retention, tip strength and breakage point, overall blade toughness and handle durability. The Seals are known as one of the most elite military groups in the world and the SOG Seal Pup Elite knife had a lot to live up to. We think it did.


SOG offers a lifetime warranty on their products and stands by that promise.


Razor sharp – The blade is razor sharp right out of the package. It retains its sharpness for a long time. You won’t have to continually sharpen with light use.

Durable construction – SOG products are known for their durability and this knife is no exception. The blade and the handle are both made from materials that will last a long time. This knife is nearly indestructible.

Lightweight – you want a knife that is durable, yet lightweight when carrying daily and for backpacking. Many fixed-blades are clunky and heavy due to poor construction and thick materials. The SOG Seal Pup is only 5.4 oz. and fits easily on a belt or pack. You won’t even know it is there.

Grippy Handle – textured anti-slip handles give you amazing grip, especially when wearing tactical gloves. You won’t have a hard time holding onto this knife while performing intricate tasks in the field.

Kydex Sheath – the sheath is high quality and allows for multiple ways to carry. Lightweight and compact, which is exactly what you want in a sheath. Kydex is top-of-the-line sheath material, but it’s not perfect. It can wear out after repeated use if you aren’t careful.

Affordability – you won’t spend an arm and a leg on this knife. You get a lot for what you pay.


Batoning is difficult – but that is understandable, considering this isn’t the largest survival knife on the market. If you want something you can use to hammer with and split small pieces of wood, you may need to get a larger blade with more heft. You likely won’t be able to hack through larger limbs without a little extra work. That’s what your tactical tomahawk is for.


This is a great knife to own. You get a lot of blade for the money. Quality and durability are two words that perfectly describe the SOG Seal Pup Elite fixed blade survival knife. Multiple uses and always there when you need it – you will be happy with this purchase!

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