SOG Snarl Fixed Blade Neck Knife and Boot Knife

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Everyday knife or last line of defense – a neck knife can get you out of a pinch. Easy and quick access is the name of the game when choosing a self defense tool. Quickly grab and pull from your neck and have a razor-sharp blade at your disposal.

Not just for self-defense, the SOG Snarl neck knife is a handy tool for your everyday carry (EDC). It’s easy to carry and makes a great second knife to add to your daily carry. Small in size, but packs a mean punch when you need it to.


The SOG Snarl is a compact fixed blade knife designed with your needs in mind. Boasting a 2.3 inch full tang blade and measuring 4.3 inches in total; the Snarl is perfect for concealment or to just dangle around your neck for when you need it. It only weights 1.9 ounces and is constructed from high quality stainless steel. You have multiple options to grip this blade – the blade ring finger choil and ring pommel and jimping give you a solid grip when you need it. No point in grabbing for your blade if you can’t hold onto it. Your fingers won’t slip due to the oversized ring finger hole. You will have complete control over your blade, which is extremely important, especially in a survival situation.

Handle and Sheath

The Kydex sheath is a perfect fit for this neck knife. Giving you two options to carry – around your neck or as a boot knife. It’s good to have carry option for your knives. We prefer the Snarl as a neck knife due to the oversized finger holes. You can easily grab it from your neck and be armed within seconds. It’s also great for everyday tasks as you will always have it draped around your neck for easy access. The sheath has amazing retention and you can be 100% confident that it won’t fall out and it will remain secure and hidden until you need it.

There isn’t much of a handle on the SOG Snarl as it is comprised of finger loops for maximum grip and control. This neck knife is designed for intricate tasks that require dexterity and precision.


The SOG Snarl Fixed Blade Neck knife is 4.3 inches in total and has a 2.3 inch blade. It weighs 1.9 ounces.

Multiple Carry Options

The SOG Snarl makes a great neck knife or boot knife – you can carry either way. The Kydex sheath provides an easy clip option to stuff in your boot, or you can carry it close to your chest with the necklace.

Best Uses

The SOG Snarl is perfect for anyone wanting to improve their everyday carry (EDC) by adding a second or third knife to their arsenal. This blade is an amazing self-defense blade because you can access it quicker than you can your pocket knife. It’s right there around your neck or in your boot when you need it most. Plus, you can slip your fingers in the holes and within and instant, you have a punching tool. The knife fits perfectly in your hand and gives you a strong grip – it becomes an extension of your hand.

It also makes a great everyday work knife. While the blade is on the smaller side, its still quite effective for most tasks. You’re probably already carrying a pocket knife, the SOG Snarl makes a great add-on knife that won’t take up any pocket space and is easily concealed under your shirt or in your boot as a boot-knife.

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SOG will consider all repair and replacement requests sent to the company. Contact SOG with any questions or concerns with your SOG Snarl neck knife and they will be happy to help.


Accessibility – Easy to grab, easy to control. The Snarl is there when you need it and you won’t have to search because it is dangling from your neck or placed snug in your boot.

Easily Concealed – Put it under your shirt and no one will ever know it’s there. Most people can easily spot a clip on your pants pocket, but they won’t see the SOG Snarl hidden under your shirt.

Lightweight – At only 1.9 ounces, this neck knife won’t weigh you down. You won’t even know it is there until you reach for it.

Multiple Carry Options – Use the SOG Snarl as a neck knife or a boot knife; it’s your choice.


Small Blade – Depending on how you use the SOG Snarl, this may not even be an issue. If you plan on using it as an everyday knife, you may find it is small for some tasks. We recommend always carrying a good sized pocket knife and use a neck knife as a “last-ditch” blade. There’s not a lot of cutting space on the blade due to the size, but all you need to jab an attacker in the neck is just a couple of inches.

Our Recommendation

This is one of the best neck knives you can find on the market! It’s easy to grab and control and will make an attacker think twice. A great everyday carry knife – it can handle a lot of tasks and makes an amazing back-up blade. It may not be large enough to be considered a “survival knife,” but it can save your life.

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