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The Best Casio G-Shock Watches Under $100

Red G-Shock rescue series watch

Despite what you’ve heard, you don’t have to spend a small fortune for a good watch. Sure, G-Shocks go well up into the thousands for premium models, but you can find a great G-Shock for under $100 if you know what to look for. While gear and watches can be considered an investment, it’s perfectly understandable that you may not want to spend $500 on a watch and want to spread out your money for other gear.

G-Shock watches are known to be rugged, tough and dependable. That’s why everyone wants them. They’re also highly collectable as there are literally hundreds of models to grab. Some are designed for specific tasks such as diving, climbing and hiking, but they all possess the same basic quality that the G-Shock brand is known for delivering. Each Casio G-Shock will give you years and years of high-quality use and will absolutely cover more than just the basics in wristwear.

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Here are the Best Casio G-Shock Watches for Under $100

Casio Men’s GA100XL Ana-Digi G-Shock

This blacked out version of the G-Shock is perfect for those who prefer a dark dial with just enough light to be able to tell time. Plenty of people don’t want a bright or flashy watch for style, but also function such as snipers, SWAT, law enforcement, military and others. This is a tough watch that’s perfect for covert missions, working in the yard, camping, backpacking and it pairs well with a nice business suit. If you’re looking for the best G-Shock for under $100 – this blacked out G-Shock does it all. It comes fully equipped with the basics that G-Shock watches provide including water resistant up to 200m or 660 ft, chronograph, dual-time display, stop watch, world time, light and more. Everyone knows that G-Shock watches are some of the most rugged and tough digital and analog-digital watches on the market and this model doesn’t disappoint. Some users have reported they have a hard time seeing the dial on this model, but for others, that’s the whole point.

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G-Shock GA-100GBX-1A9 Japanese Quartz Watch

The GA100 model lineup has added a new color addition with this model. The black and gold make for a nice appearance as well as all the normal functions you get with the G-Shock brand. The dial is big and easy to read with great contrast. Some G-Shock models are hard to read, but the gold and black GA-100 model lineup takes care of that for you. The gold hands against the black dial make it easy to see with a quick glance and makes this a model you could easily wear with business casual to important meetings as well as outdoor outings. Pair it with a nice black polo and seize the day.

G-Shock XL Series GA-700UC-3ACR

This is a great military G-Shock for under $100 that has a ton of features. This model line is rugged, big and has a great look. The size of the watch isn’t overpowering, but big enough to make a statement. It has large buttons so you can find them quickly and can use it while wearing tactical gloves if you desire. The display is not backlit and gives a muted appearance that isn’t flashy and won’t catch light like other watches. It has a light up dial so you can see better and is reliable even during tough conditions. If you work with your hands a lot and need a watch that can be banged up and keep ticking, this military G-Shock may be the perfect contender. The hands of the watch can sometimes block the digital display at certain times of the day, but that’s a small price to pay for such a cool watch. It comes fully equipped with world time, 31 time zones, 4 daily alarms and 1 snooze alarm, 200m water resistant, shock resistant and Super Illuminator LED light with afterglow. This is the rugged watch you can take anywhere. This military style G-Shock is under $100 at the time of this article.

G-Shock GA100CB-1A Blue Camo Graphic Dial

The blue and black camo face on the GA100CB-1A looks fierce! It’s easy to read and is perfect for those who are in the military or just love icy camo. Walk into a store and this watch will run $100 – $150, but you can buy it online for around $85 – $90. It’s shock resistant, magnetic resistant and 200-meter water resistant. It’s a tough G-Shock that looks nice and uses camo the right way.

Casio G-Shock Classic Analog-Digital Watch Red Lettering

Simple and dependable are two words that come to mind when describing this watch. That’s what you want when looking for the best G-Shock for under $100. Featuring 1/100 second stopwatch, protective mineral crystal dial window, dual time display, luminosity and a chronograph – this G-Shock gives you a lot for the price. Not to mention its shock resistance, hence the name and water resistant up to 660 feet or 200m and is suitable for water sports such as recreational scuba diving and boating. Everyone knows G-Shocks are extremely durable and trusted by military, skaters, surfers and other outdoor enthusiasts because they’ve tested in the harshest conditions. You can get this G-Shock for under $65 at the time of this article.

G-Shock GA-700-7ACR White

The GA-700 series is a perfect option if you’re looking for a rugged watch that’s tough enough for outdoor activities, swimming and working outside while still looking nice enough to wear to work. It’s big, but not too big and the dial is easy to read with a quick glance. You can get these in multiple colors and they are designed for an active lifestyle. Shock resistant, water resistant 200m, super illuminator Led light, multiple daily alarms and other amenities that G-Shocks are known for delivering. This watch is water resistant which means it can be used for water sports and professional marine work, but you wouldn’t want to dive too deep with it. The great thing about this watch is you never have to worry about taking it off for fear you may bang it up. It can take a beating due to it’s rugged design and shock proof materials.

G-Shock GA-100XL White

This is the white G-Shock for men that a lot of people purchase. The reviews tell the story of a watch that outperforms other watches in its price range. It’s beefed up with the G-Shock specs including shock resistant, water resistant, 5 daily alarms and much more. Perfect for those who prefer a white G-Shock to go with different outfits and like to have something a little flashy. If you’re concerned that the white will be shiny, it’s actually flat so it gives a more muted vibe. If you like big watches, this is a nice one that’s part of the G-Shock XL series. The case is larger than most watches, but not so big that it feels clunky. This is the type of watch that will last a lifetime if you take care of it. You can get this white G-Shock for under $80 right now because it’s on sale.

G-Shock Blue GA-700-2ACR

Blue watches dress up business casual and make a great first impression. This is the watch that you can wear with a nice polo to the office or for a day of boating. It goes with pretty much any color outfit and has the rugged look of a big watch that can handle outdoor adventures without having to take it off. IT has the high-brightness LED super illuminator to make it easy to read in the dark and G-Shock added a large side buttons for easy access to multiple functions. The CR2016 G-Shock battery has a life of roughly 3 years and the auto-calendar is pre-programmed until 2099. This is the watch you can literally take anywhere and it will outperform. You get a lot for the price as this G-Shock is less than $100.

G-Shock GBD800UC-5

Part of the Power Trainer sports line up from G-Shock, this model is great for health and fitness support. Designed with a 49.5mm green resin case that’s not too large for running and has a black dial that looks great fitted inside the green body. This fitness G-Shock links with the G-Shock Connected phone app that can improve your workouts. The app comes with multiple fitness support functions including a 3-axis accelerometer to count steps, memory for up to 200 lap records, a multi-timer and many more extras to assist your training. You can also keep up with calories you’re burning, set a daily target and more. This is a great fitness G-Shock for under $100 at the time of this article. Did we mention it comes equipped with all other functions you expect from G-Shock? It does and lives up to the name you’ve learned to trust.

G-Shock GBD-800-1BCR

Black body with red accents makes this G-Shock model one to consider. Not only does it come with standard G-Shock features such as shock resistance, water resistance up to 200m, LED Super Illuminator backlight; but it also has Mobile link that allows wireless linking using Bluetooth. It can also count steps using the included 3-axis acceleration sensor. This is a good option if you like a sporty G-Shock with a few fitness features. The bright white LED lights are far superior to the old yellow LEDs that watches used to employ. You also have the option to program the light duration.

G-Shock G8900A-1CR Black and Blue Resin

The black and blue dial gets a ton of compliments! Not only is it stylish and comfortable, but also has a ton of functions. It’s a great sporty size for those who train and is water resistant for those who swim. You don’t have to take it off to hit the pool and do a few laps or while showering at the gym. I’ve lost a few watches by stashing them in my gym bag only to find them missing when I get back from the shower. Just wear this one to the showers and you won’t have any trouble of someone lifting it from your bag. You can do water sports in this watch as well, but probably not suitable for scuba diving. It has Japanese quartz movement with digital display as well as shock resistance and other features that are too numerous to list.

G-Shock G-7900-2CR Blue and Yellow

This is a tough addition to the G-Shock series that reminds us of Naval adventures with the blue body and yellow accents. This G-Shock model is great for those who spend time on the water because it is equipped with a Tide & Moon Phase Graph (tide level provided for specific dates and times). It’s also 200m or 660 ft water resistant and can handle water better than most watches in its price range. G-Shock watches are also well known for being tough and shock resistant and having a ton of functions. You also get flash alert flashes, countdown timer progress beeper, stopwatch, 5 alarms with 1 snooze alarm and much more. This is one of the best G-Shock watches under $75.

G-Shock GD350 Sport

This is a limited-edition G-Shock sport watch that is one of the most dependable models you can find for the price. You can pick one of these up for around $75 right now and get more than $40 off the original price. We like this model because it has a somewhat muted look and isn’t too flashy, plus it has all the features that make G-Shock watches great such as shock resistance, water resistant, multiple timers and functions that you will use on a daily basis. You can set the backlight to display automatically when you turn your wrist a certain angle and can program the light for 1.5, 3 or even 5 seconds.

G-Shock GD350-1B Black Watch

If you’re considering getting a black G-Shock watch, this is a great model to start your collection. You’ve done your research and found this article, now it’s time to choose the model you want. The GD350 series have easy to read dials on a negative display. What that means is it has a muted appearance and shows light letters and numbers on a dark background. Why do people like the negative display on G-Shock watches? It not only looks cool and stylish, but also people like the more muted looks on watches and they go with more outfits. Some people prefer military G-Shocks or tactical G-Shocks. The G-Shock GD350 series is one of the more legible negative display watches you will find. That means, even though the display is dark, you can still read the time with a quick glance.

G-Shock GD100-1BCR X-Large Black

If you’re looking for a super rugged, shock-resistant, tough-as-nails plain black G-Shock – this is the watch for you. This is the blacked-out sport G-Shock for under $65 that everyone wants. The negative display adds to the mysterious elements of this tactical looking watch. It has all of the legendary G-Shock features with quartz movement and digital display. Take this watch on excursions or business meetings and it will always be in style. Remember, this watch is part of the X-Large G-Shock series, so it may feel a little bulky at first, but you adapt to the size quickly. It has a clean look instead of bright dials and flashy numbers, so if that’s your style, this is a great G-Shock to consider. This is the type of watch that you can take to the gym, lake, shooting range or the office.

G-Shock GA-1000 XL Black with Green Hands

The first thing we noticed about this G-Shock was how well the green hands and numbers stood out against the negative display. The green and black go great together and turn a plain black watch into one with a little more personality. With thousands of choices for watches out there and hundreds of G-Shock models, the GA-1000 XL series is perfect for function, ruggedness and style and it’s well under $100. You can easily get a decade out of this watch or more if you take care of it, and by that we don’t mean baby it. You can hit the rapids, play basketball, lift weight, shoot gun, climb mountains, ride motorcycles, canoe – pretty much anything and this watch will hold up. If you’re a fan of negative displays, but have a hard time actually seeing them – this model alleviates that problem with the bright green hands and numbers.

G-Shock Stainless Steel Sport Watch Orange GA100L-4A

The orange definitely stands out on this stainless-steel G-Shock! One of the best ways to make an impression is your time piece. The orange isn’t too bright, but is more like a life-jacket orange. Prominent, but not flashy. It’s exactly what you want in a watch. The stainless-steel makes it feel more expensive, but you can get this stainless-steel G-Shock for under $100. The bands are interchangeable in case you break one and it has similar features to other G-Shocks such as shock resistant, water resistant, mineral glass, magnetic resistance and multiple watch functions.

G-Shock GA-100L-1A Military Series Watch Black

The G-Shock military series delivers with this addition to the GA-100 series. Bi-color molding gives you two colors; black with green inlay that makes this watch look nice and stylish. The coloring reminds us of the inner lining of a flight jacket. Not a bad touch to an already great watch. It’s a water resistant, shock resistant and anti-magnetic analog-digital combo watch that will fulfill what you’re looking for in a G-Shock for under $85.

G-Shock GA-110TS-1A4 Grey Resin Band

This is one of the coolest looking GA-110 G-Shocks to date. The black and orange sets it apart from other color combos and adds to the rugged appearance. Not blingy or shiny, but a nice outdoorsy appeal. You have the normal G-Shock functions that we won’t cover here, but just know that it does a lot for the price. If you’re looking for a tough analog/digital G-Shock with a rugged look, the GA-110TS-1A4 is the one you want. If you’re unsure, check out some of the reviews on this watch – there are literally hundreds of them.

G-Shock GA-100L-2ACR Blue/Orange

If you’re a fan of the G-Shock GA-100 collection, you will want to take a look at the blue and orange model. This is a great model for everyday casual use because it’s reliable, tough and has tons of features. Plus, the unique color combination makes this GA-100 standout. One complaint users have about negative display G-Shock watches is that it can be difficult to see the dial in low-light situations. This particular GA-100L-2ACR G-Shock takes care of that issue with the bright orange hands that are offset against the darkened dial. You get the best of both worlds with a negative display that you can actually see. This watch is much more than a fashion piece as you get a ton of essential operations such as shock resistant, mineral glass, water resistance up to 200 meters, world time, stopwatch, led light, 5 programmable daily alarms and much more. The GA-100L-2ACR is perfectly at home working on a ship, boat or other marine activities, however, it’s not suitable for deep scuba diving as it is water resistant up to 200 meters or 660 feet.

G-Shock G-Rescue Series Red G-7900A

The G-Shock G-Rescue series has produced some of the best G-Shocks for under $100. They’re bright, attractive and equipped with the right functions for your adventure, work or casual wear. The display is big and clear which makes it easy to read with a quick glance. The bright color will definitely get compliments and will look great with polos, t-shirts, muscle shirts and business casual. If you’ve only seen the black G-shocks, this red may be a great transition to something a little sportier looking to have on your wrist. When you mention G-Shocks, most people think of the more muted colors with the dark negative displays that have a military look about them. G-Shocks are now in all kinds of bright colors if you prefer a watch that stands out like this one.  The band on the G-7900A is comfortable and won’t rub your wrists like other watch bands do. The G-Shock G-Rescue Series comes fully equipped with the standard G-Shock features, but also features moon/tide graphs, flash alert, low temp LCD and EL backlight. You get more with this model than you do the basic G-Shock models. The red G-Shock G-Rescue Series is currently under $100 at the time of publication.

G-Series GA-100 XL White and Blue

You’ve likely heard of the G-Shock GA-100 XL series, so there’s probably not much new information we can tell you, but take a look at this white version with blue accents! One look at this watch is all it took. There’s something about white watches that have dark blue interiors that really draws your attention. Plus, this GA-100 XL watch has a negative dial which adds to the appeal. You won’t have difficulty seeing the dial on this G-Shock because the white minute and hour hands are easy to spot. I notice white watches when I’m out and about and this one really caught my attention. It’s one of the best white G-Shock watches under $80 that we’ve seen so far.

G-Shock GA700SE-1A4 Black and Red

The GA700SE-1A4 is a nice thick G-Shock for those who like black watches with red accents. Red and black make a great color combination and will go with most outfits. This is a tough watch made from resin with a silicone band that you can change out if you mark it up or break it. The display is both analog and digital and gives you the best of both worlds. The negative display gives this G-Shock a nice look and it’s easy on the eyes. The red accents around the dial and the hands allow you to see what time it is with just a glance. This watch is shock resistant, water resistant, has 5 alarms, countdown timer, Super Illuminator LED light, stopwatch and many other features that make this a great choice if you’re looking for a G-Shock under $100.

G-Shock Adrenalin Red Series GA140AR-1A

Introducing the G-Shock Adrenalin Red Series! The red face garners a ton of attention. Most people aren’t aware of the G-Shock Adrenalin Red watches and we love them! This is a high energy design that lights up the room. The analog-digital face is bright red and looks amazing against the matte black bezel and black resin watch band. It’s a bold design that makes a powerful statement. Imagine sitting across the table from your opponent wearing one of these while you’re working out a deal. Definitely a statement piece. You get a ton of options with the G-Shock Adrenalin Red watches such as the rugged construction G-Shocks are known for. Designed for trend setters and play makers. Mineral glass, shock resistant, magnetic resistant, water resistant and a multitude of other amenities.

G-Shock GA100C-8ACR Grey/Neon Blue

The GA100C-8ACR is a great choice if you’re looking for a military G-Shock watch due to the muted tones. The grey and blue make a great combination if you want your watch to be discreet, but still make a fashion statement. The body is comprised of a 55mm stainless steel case with a mineral dial window. This is a tough G-Shock! We see a lot of military personnel wearing this exact watch. Makes sense because you can put this watch through the ringer and it holds its own. You won’t have to baby this watch either, be rough with it and don’t worry about taking it off for high-octane experiences.

G-Shock GA-100BW-1A White and Black Series

This is basically the reverse of the white G-Shock with black interior. This watch has a matte black bezel and black resin G-Shock watch band, while the face is white with black hands. It’s a great design that’s both rugged and appealing to the eyes. It can handle moisture, mud, water and is absolutely shock resistant. Everything you would expect from a G-Shock. Some users say they have a tough time reading the dial, but still love the watch.

G-Shock GA100L-7A Premier GS Military Clr Layer

Know up front this G-Shock isn’t exactly white, but is more of an icy gray with a matte finish. If you like white watches, but want a more subtle color, this is a great watch to try out. If you’re unsure, put it next to a plain white G-Shock and you will see the difference. The GA100 series is probably the most popular series of G-Shocks due to their affordability and the fact that they look amazing. This is a big and chunky watch that makes a nice statement on your wrist. I personally think white watches look great with black polos or black V-neck t-shirts. The GA100L-7A Premier GS Military is a rare find that you will enjoy for years.

Can You Get a Good G-Shock Watch for Under $100?

Absolutely! In fact, $85 – $100 seems to be the sweet spot for a pretty good G-Shock that won’t break the bank. They still have many of the awesome features that make G-Shocks great and they’re affordable. You still get the same G-Shock quality such as shock resistant, water resistance and a multitude of sensors and measurements all wrapped up into a tough watch! Do a quick Google search for the best G-Shock watches for under $100 and see what pops up. You could start a collection with a few hundred dollars and have watches that will last decades and get you through a lifetime of adventures.

What Features Do More Expensive G-Shock Watches Have?

Each G-Shock is made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship to produce some of the toughest watches on the planet. They each come with different functions, but you can almost always bet they have the essentials covered. More expensive G-Shocks have added features such as Tough Solar (Solar Charging System), various sensors and other features that may not be available on cheaper models.  However, many G-Shocks under $100 have some of these features as well, so you have to read through all of the specifications to make sure the watch you’re getting has everything you want and need. Obviously, a $500 G-Shock will have more attributes than one for $85, but it depends on what’s important to you and what you will actually use.

Are Casio G-Shocks Good for Hiking and Backpacking? 

G-Shocks thrive in an outdoor environment. They’re designed to go wherever you go and you won’t have to worry about taking it off to cross a stream or to do manual labor. There are tons of G-Shocks that excel at hiking and backpacking, you will have to figure out what features you want and go from there. There are plenty of models that have the ABCs – Altimeter, Barometer and Compass and many of them come equipped with Tough Solar and Bluetooth capabilities so you will always have battery power and you can stay connected. If you’re looking for the best hiking G-Shock, try the MudmasterRangeman if you’ve got the coin or any model that has the extra functions you’re looking for.  

Which G-Shock is the Best?

The best G-Shock depends on what you’re looking for. This article reviews the best G-Shocks for under $100 and each one is good enough to get you through the day. They each have features that you could expect from an affordable G-Shock watch. You will have to decide which features are most important to you and read as many reviews as possible to find the best G-Shock for you. 

What is the Cheapest G-Shock?

You can find a great G-Shock for under $50. They’re tough, rugged and dependable, but may not have every feature you’re looking for. We reviewed the best G-Shock watches for under $50 HERE. While you may not find every single G-Shock feature you’re looking for, you can save a lot of money by buying a cheap G-Shock. 

Are G-Shocks Worth the Money?

We think they are. G-Shocks have been proven to be some of the toughest watches you will find. They’re used extensively in the field by police officers, military and hard working individuals every day. You know you can work hard when you strap a G-Shock to your wrist. You don’t have to worry about getting them dirty, wet or banging them up because they can take it. G-Shocks are water-resistant, shockproof and can take a beating. They also dress up nice. You can wear G-Shocks with business casual or business suits and wear them to the office. No other watch can double as a work watch and outdoor watch quite like a G-Shock.

If you want to spend a little more money on a G-Shock with more features – check out our article 15 of the Best Casio G-Shock Watches [Review]These G-Shocks have a few extra high-end features that improve your experience without breaking the bank. 

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