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The Best Cigar Lighters Under $25

coolest cigar lighter for under $20

You don’t have to spend a fortune for a quality cigar lighter, or torch. Sure, you can buy one with all the bells and whistles, but you can get a high quality cigar lighter for under $25 that will do the job and allow you to spend more money where it matters – cigars! Now, we’re not saying to buy a dollar store lighter and attempt to light your cigars; there are plenty of great cigar torches that won’t break the bank.

Here are the 10 Best Cigar Torches Under $25

Vertigo Cyclone Triple Torch Cigar Lighter 2-Pack

Speaking of the best cigar torch lighters under $20 – you actually get 2 Cyclone 3 flame torch cigar lighters in this package. You can’t beat the price and they are great quality. Compact and comes with a carrying case; the clear compartment allows you to gauge how much fuel you have left before you need to refill. We’ve seen these outlast more expensive cigar lighters and cost less than half the price. The great thing about getting a pack of two is you can stash one in your vehicle or give to a fellow cigar smoker. This Cyclone cigar torch dual pack also makes a great gift for the cigar smoker in your family. Did we mention its wind resistant? You can take this cigar lighter hiking and should have no problem lighting your favorite stogie for the trail. If you’re looking for a cigar torch that easy to use, durable and has great value for the money – check out the Vertigo Cyclone Triple Torch Cigar Lighters!

Icfun Cigar Torch Lighter 2-Pack with 3 Flames

Three flames to adequately light your cigar even in windy conditions. This cigar lighter is butane refillable so you can use it over and over without having to buy new lighters. It comes equipped with a visible fuel tank, universal refill valve and you get two of them in a pack! These are powerful mini flamethrowers that won’t fail you when you need them to work. Butane is not included, so don’t forget to buy some especially if this is a gift. These little cigar torches are powerful enough to catch wood on fire, burn trash and other uses beyond just lighting your stogie. They even work in windy conditions. Easy to refill with a long nozzle butane bottle. They come with two gift boxes. Pretty handy cigar torch for under $25. It’s hard to beat these at that price point.

Leejie Cigar Torch Lighter Turbo Dual Jet Flame – Windproof

Double jets, fuel level window, fold-out punch cutter – what more could you expect from one of the best cigar torches for under $20? This is a hard-working cigar torch that has adjustable flame height, double jets and a sleek metal body that operates in windy conditions. This cigar lighter not only looks cool, but it also works hard! It does not come filled with butane due to mailing regulations, so you will have to purchase separately before you intend to smoke.

Tomolo Cigar Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch – 2 Pack

Double your pleasure with a 2-pack of high quality cigar torches for under $25. Not only do they come with a cigar punch, but they are also constructed from durable zinc alloy materials. These cigar lighters are extra durable, sturdy and comparable to other lighters twice the price. The triple jet flames carry much more lighting capacity than single jet flame lighters. Not only great for lighting your favorite cigars; they’re also useful for kitchen, starting fires, hiking, camping, etc. Since this is a 2-pack, you get two gift boxes when you order. Keep them both for yourself, or give the other to a friend. It would be hard to find a better cigar torch for under $25.

Guevara Cigar Torch with Punch and Double Flame

You know what they say, two flames are better than one. This is especially true when it comes to cigar lighters. If you like a more adventurous look, this torch comes in bright yellow. You’ll be able to find it easier and it has an extremely powerful flame that will light your cigar even in windy conditions. The fuel level window makes life easier so you will know when you need to refill and won’t miss any opportunities to smoke your cigars. The large flame base gives a wider surface area so you can use this lighter for multiple uses and not just cigars.

CiTree 3 Jet Flame Cigar Torch with Punch

This cheap cigar lighter provides a powerful 3 jet flame and comes with a punch. Fuel level window, fold-out cigar punch and universal refill valve. It comes with everything you would expect from a more expensive cigar lighter. Also, this lighter has a large flame base which allows you to light larger objects with no issue. It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty just in case. This is one of the best cigar lighters for under $15. You could easily buy two at that price and give one to a friend.

Cobber Torch Cigar Lighter 4 Jets

Gunmetal gray cigar torch with quad flames and under $15? I’ll take two! If you thought three flames was overkill, this cigar lighter for under $15 produces four red flames that will work even in windy conditions. It has a super powerful flame with a larger than average flame base that helps you light larger items. You can light your cigars much faster with four flames versus one or two. The ignition switch is easy to use as it glides up and down with no issue. You ever had sore fingers after using other cigar lighters? You won’t have that problem with the Cobber Cigar Torch. It comes with a fuel level window so you know when you need to refill without missing any cigar smoking time. Due to the quad red flames and large base; this is a great lighter to take outdoors and for everyday carry. You should always carry a lighter just in case and this one is perfect for most needs because it can handle heavy duty work and is attractive enough to sit on your desk.

Icfun Quad 4 Jet Cigar Torch

This cigar torch from Icfun has 4 flames and fills easy. The lighter is made from heavy duty materials and is constructed to be durable enough for heavy-duty tasks. You can use it to light pretty much anything with the powerful quad flames. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use and burns evenly with the four burners. You can light your cigar in inclement weather, start a camp fire or light birthday candles; these cigar lighters are less than $20 and pull their own weight.

Guevara Lighter Torch with Cigar Stand

We were intrigued by this cigar lighter from the first time we saw it! It has that Aliens look about it. Not only does it have an interesting appeal, but also a pretty cool cigar stand that actually comes in handy! I’ve personally thrown my cigar pretty much anywhere when I needed to set it down and have often gotten particles and even dirt in my mouth because I wasn’t careful. Not a problem with this lighter! Designed with a metal body so it can take some abuse and produces a strong flame that will light any cigar. It’s also windproof with a single flame that will work in windy conditions.

CiTree 2 Jet Flame Cigar Lighter

This cigar lighter has a different look and feel to it than what most cigar smokers are used to. Heavy and fits well in your hand due to its construction; this lighter is thin enough to slip into your front pocket with ease. It has a smooth trigger and blue jet flames that will easily light a cigar, camp fire, trash or anything else you want to burn. This is one of the cheapest cigar lighters and is around $12.

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