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The Best Dash Cams of 2022

The best dash cams are amazing security measures for motorists. Our guide will help you find the best dash camera for your car, truck or SUV!

We live in a litigious society and you have to do what you can to protect yourself and your family. Vehicle dash cameras are like having an extra security measure for your car, truck or SUV. They help you tell your side of the story should you ever get into a wreck, get hit in a parking lot or have someone approach your car with ill intent.

You can have a dash cam in your car professionally installed or you can choose a dash cam that’s easy to install by yourself to save the hassle. Dash cams are easy to remove and fit in your other vehicles. Most households have 2-3 vehicles and with today’s technology you can move your dash cam from vehicle to vehicle as needed.

Many dash cameras only capture the few seconds before a vehicle collision, but other models can serve as an emergency response system and will alert you should your vehicle drift into oncoming traffic.

There are also features that will call 911 if your vehicle is involved in an accident and you don’t respond in time. They can also provide your GPS location to emergency personnel so no time is lost. 

Not only can you get dash cams to record your front view, but you can also have a second camera for your rear view to catch rear-end collisions or aggressive tailgating.

You can buy a single dash cam to catch activity happening in front of you or purchase the best front and rear dash cam to capture the most activity possible. 

We’ve researched the best dash cams on the market and present them to you in an easy-to-read format that will help you with your purchasing decision. 

The Best Dash Cams of 2021

Top Choice

Rove R2-4K Dash Cam with WiFi and Night Vision

The Rove is one of the best dash cameras you will find and has literally thousands of positive reviews from users and motorists all over the world. It has 4k ultra HD recording which will capture video that can be presented in court with clarity that is far beyond most dash cams. 

The recording resolution is 2160p and it has Super Night Vision Technology that will give you the best possible recordings even in low light or night time driving. You never know when an event will happen and this dash cam keeps you prepared. 

If that wasn’t enough, the Rove R2 has built-in WiFi that allows you to view recordings with the ROVE app that you can download to your phone or tablet. You can easily share your recorded videos through email or social media with the handy app. The built-in GPS is a great feature to have as it can give you the most accurate recording of your location and vehicle speed. This is useful information as it can help you prove your case should you have a collision that goes to trial. Your attorney will appreciate the high-quality recordings that can be used as evidence in court. Your travel route can be tracked via Google maps with the App and you get free firmware upgrades for your dash cam. 

This amazing dash cam comes with tons of extra features such as f1.8 apertures, motion detection for parking mode, loop cycle recording, time-lapse video which can save time when showing video, slow-motion video and much more. Equipped with emergency video lock and supports up to 512GB micro SD card, they’ve thought of everything which makes this one of the best dash cams of 2021. 

Another Great Choice

Apeman Dash Cam 1080P 

The Apeman Dash Cam supports simultaneous recording 1080P with full HD lens and Super High Resolution capabilities to give you a clear recording every time. The 3 inch LCD screen is the perfect size for a dash cam and allows you to easily replay while driving. It has a 170 degree wide angle that allows you to record a broader range of activity and effectively reduces blind spots. 

The Apeman dash camera comes equipped with a built-in G-sensor that automatically detects any sudden movements such as collisions, shakes or bumps and will lock the recording so it can’t be accidentally overwritten. Accidents happen and the Apeman dash cam ensures you get the best footage possible. 

Super Night Vision is a great feature to have as it can capture clear images at night or low-light moments while driving or parked. You won’t need an extra light source to get proper video or images. This is an easy installation dash cam that you can put in your car yourself without having to hire a professional. 

Lesser known features include: parking monitor to make parking easier, seamless loop recording to catch more essential footage and motion detection to video lock collisions, shakes and bumps.

The Apeman Dash Cam makes our list because it has tons of useful features that will ensure you capture the best video footage possible while traveling on the road or parked.

Best Dual Dash Cam

Chortau Dual Dash Cam for Front and Rear

The Chortau is a great front and rear dash cam that will capture evidence and give you amazing recordings of what’s happening all around your vehicle. It’s equipped with 1080P resolution and has a wide angle view at 170 degrees to capture more activity than other dash cameras. The front camera can see road signs and license plates even at night. 

Seamless loop recording is used by dash cameras to continue recording new footage once the card is full by overwriting old footage. However, this dash cam has G-Sensor capabilities which automatically detects a collision and will save the footage for you. Even the seamless loop recording won’t accidentally record over it, but will preserve the footage for evidence. 

Impact detection is crucial as it will begin recording at the first detection of a collision. This is how you get the best video evidence possible. It picks up even if someone dings your car door while you’re parking. You can now have 24×7 video monitoring with the best front and rear dash cam. 

The Chortau front and rear dash cam is easy to install and you can do it yourself. It’s also easy to transport and reattach to your other vehicles. You can literally take it with you to every vehicle you drive or ride in. 

Best Super Wide Angle Dash Cam

Aukey SuperCapacitor Dash Cam

The Aukey dash cam captures everything! It has a Sony sensor that grabs video and images in full 1080p resolution that can be used as evidence in a court of law. The super-wide 170 degree field of view is great to have so you can get a clearer picture of what’s happening around your vehicle while you drive or park. It even works at night or in low-light conditions on the road. 

The longer lasting battery is extremely helpful for long trips and the extreme temperature operation is nice to have just in case you drive through rough areas. This high-quality dash cam has emergency recording that initiates when harmful driving conditions are exhibited. It protects the recordings from being erased or recorded over accidentally. You won’t need to ever worry about running out of space on the card due to the loop recording. Don’t worry, it still won’t record over your saved emergency recordings. 

The Aukey dash cam has an interesting feature that most cameras don’t have, you can purchase a hardwire kit to keep your power supply up even when your car is turned off. You get everything you need in the package including the Aukey DR02 dashboard camera, USB Mini-B power cable, sticker mount, six cable clips and dual-port USB car charger.

This is a great dash cam for truckers due to the super-wide field of view and it takes exceptionally clear video. 

The Aukey dash cam provides some of the best video footage that can be used for court or your own personal records and it has plenty of features that make it one of the best dash cams of 2021 that will protect you and your vehicle. 

Best Mini Dash Cam

Apeman Mini Dash Cam

Any list of the best dash cams will have multiple entries by Apeman. They make high-quality dash cams that are some of the best sellers on the market. The Apeman mini dash cam is a smaller version of the original and is easily hidden under the rear mirror of your vehicle. The button has been upgraded and the operation of this dash cam is user friendly. 

The 1080p resolution records everything you need in high definition and the night vision helps you see your recordings at night or low-light situations. Most accidents happen at night so your dash cam needs to be able to capture those events to protect evidence. The wide-angle camera captures activity at 170 degrees and it features motion detection and parking monitoring just in case. The loop recording keeps your videos running and the G-sensor records collisions or shocks and preserves the recording by locking the current video so it doesn’t get overwritten. You don’t want to lose your video footage if you need to take your case to court. 

Best Features

Kingslim D4 4K Dual Dash Cam with WiFi/GPS

The Kingslim dual dash cam has every feature you will need to record both the front and rear of your vehicle. It has touchscreen capabilities for quick access and will simultaneously record videos in the front and back of your vehicle with super clear resolution. In fact, the front camera captures in 4k and the rear camera records in 1080p resolution. You can easily switch back and forth between front view and rear view. 

The Kingslim is equipped with Sony Sensor and night vision so you can record all day and night. The front camera can process a full 170 degree view, while the rear dash cam functions in 150 degree wide angle views. The built-in Wifi and GPS is a nice touch for a dash cam and allows you to access even more features via the app that you can download to your smartphone. Record directly to your smartphone if you wish and you can even share the footage to social media or email it to someone. This front and rear dash cam supports up to 256GB TF cards (not included) and allows you enough recording so you will never lose video footage. 

The Kingslim is one of the best dual dash cams you will find and has enough features to satisfy any motorist.

Are Dash Cams Worth Getting?

Investing in a dash cam for your vehicle can pay dividends. Most accidents are rear-end collisions that happen at low speeds. You may not be able to see what happened and a dash cam can help with your insurance claim or court case. 

Dash cam videos are also tamper-proof and can be used as evidence should your car wreck case go to court. The timestand on the video will prove the time and date of the accident. 

Many dash cams also have what’s called parking mode and it begins recording when an impact is detected. People hit parked vehicles all the time and usually don’t wait for the owner or leave a note. A good dash cam will capture the incident and you can locate the person who hit your vehicle. 

Dash cams offer some of the best protection for your vehicle and they don’t cost a fortune. Your insurance company and attorney will be happy you installed a dash cam in your vehicle. 

The 3 Types of Dash Cams

You can buy three basic types of dash cams to protect your vehicle:

  1. Front View Dash Cam: These give you a clear video of what’s happening in front of your vehicle. You can see traffic conditions and vehicles that may slam on their brakes causing you to hit them. Front view dash cams are also great in the event you get hit from the side – as long as it’s towards the front of your vehicle. The video will at least prove what you were doing moments before the impact if you ever have to go to court or settle an insurance claim. 
  2. Front and Back Dash Cams: There are many options for dash cams that cover the front and back of your vehicle. These are great to have because most vehicle accidents happen from behind. Most people who are rear-ended in a car wreck experience whip-lash and may not remember the events leading up to the impact. The best front and back dash cams will capture everything. 
  3. Interior Dash Cams: cabin view dash cams show what’s happening inside your vehicle, but also capture the surrounding areas through your vehicle’s windows.

How Do I Choose a Good Dash Cam?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to picking the best dash cam for your car, truck or SUV. There are a few things to consider while shopping. Dash cams are great for anyone that owns a vehicle because they help preserve evidence and allow you to see around your vehicle. Here are a few things to keep in mind while searching for a dash cam: 

  1. How much money do you want to spend on a dash cam
  2. What features do you want
  3. Video quality 
  4. Coverage: do you simply want front cameras or do you want a dash cam front and rear?
  5. Memory card capacity
  6. Is the dash cam reliable?
  7. Are you wanting a hidden dash cam

These are just a few considerations to take into account while shopping for a new dash cam for your vehicle. You can find the best dash cam on Amazon with a little research and searching through the Amazon best-sellers lists. You can also find a dash cam at Walmart, but they may be limited on selection and availability. 

How Much Do Dash Cams Cost?

You can easily find an affordable dash cam for around $50 or you can purchase a dash cam that has tons of features for a few hundred dollars. It entirely depends on what type of features you’re looking for in your dash cam. While a cheap dash cam will cover the basics, you want to be sure you get exactly what you need or else you’ll end up buying another one a few months later. Remember, you get what you pay for and dash cams can help you with your insurance claims or to prove that someone is messing with your vehicle. 

What is the Best Dash Cam on the Market?

The best dash cam for you depends on the features you’re looking for. However, there are a few brands that you will almost always see at the top of dash cam reviews because they make a great product. 

You also have to take into account whether you want just a front facing dash cam or if you would rather a dash cam for car front and rear coverage. This will determine which dash cam is the best for you.

Will a Dash Cam Lower My Insurance Rates?

Many insurance companies provide discounts to drivers for installing dash cameras in vehicles. Companies have realized that drivers with dash cams drive safer and are more cautious. You will have to check with your insurance provider and ask them which dash cams qualify for a driver’s discount. 

They may require you to buy a high quality dash cam to ensure you get the best footage possible. 

Will Leaving a Dash Cam Drain My Battery?

No, leaving your dash cam on will not kill your battery. This is because a dash cam doesn’t consume much power at all. It’s a valid concern many people have, but it’s nothing to worry about. 

Should You Leave Your Dash Cam in the Car?

There is nothing wrong with leaving your dash cam in your vehicle while you go inside stores. They’re designed to be fitted to your windshield or dashboard and can stay in place as long as you need them to. However, you may want to remove your dash cam if you’re leaving your vehicle unattended for long periods of time to avoid someone breaking into your car to take it. 

Can Police Take Your Dash Cam?

You may think that since you purchased your dash cam that police cannot take them. However, police CAN confiscate your dash cam if they have reason to believe it has evidence of a crime saved. They can seize your dash cam to be used in court. You should also know that if your dash cam records footage that proves you or someone else committed a crime, deleting the footage could end up being a very serious offense. Tampering with video evidence that police need for a crime can get you into hot water. 

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