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The 21 Best Minimalist Wallets For Men of 2022

The Ridge Wallet Reviews

Best Wallet for Men

The demand for minimalist wallets has skyrocketed in the past few years. New designs hit the market regularly and they are quickly becoming the hot new item. You can’t even do an internet search without seeing ads for the latest minimalist wallet.  

Minimalist Wallet

A minimalist wallet can alleviate many problems that men have when carrying their wallets. Today’s wallet designs are getting slimmer and smaller and for good reason – you don’t need to carry around all that extra clutter, it’s not good for your back and it makes it easier for a pickpocket to get ahold of your wallet. Men are beginning to carry their wallets in their front pockets and a minimalist wallet makes it infinitely easier. Plus, minimalist wallets look great and fit in a business suit better than a big, fat wallet. Not only are minimalist wallets functional, but they also make you look and feel better.  

Slim Wallets for Men

Slim wallets for men not only alleviate back pain, but they force you to only carry what you need. No one needs to carry receipts, gift cards with no balance and multiple credit cards. You could literally lose everything if someone steals your wallet. Carrying less with a slim wallet for men is a great way to protect your accounts as well as your back. 

Best Front Pocket Wallet

Front pocket wallets are the best way to avoid getting your wallet stolen. A thief can easily bump you in a crowded area and lift your wallet without you even knowing. Carrying your wallet in your front pocket makes it nearly impossible for anyone to take your wallet. You can even put a rubber band around it so that it will get stuck in your pocket and make a pop if they pull it out all the way. The best front pocket wallets are thin and made from sturdy material with enough space for just the essentials. 

Best Minimalist Wallets for Men

There are numerous brands and a multitude of minimalist wallet styles, so you’re doing the right thing by researching to figure out which one fits your needs the best. You have to take into account your everyday carry needs to figure out which minimalist wallet is perfect for you. We have done your homework for you and compiled a list of the absolute best minimalist wallets on the market. These are in no particular ranking order and we are confident that you could blindly choose any one from the list and be happy with it for years to come.  

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Serman Brands Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet 

Serman Brands put a lot of thought and ingenuity in creating this minimalist wallet. It’s a slim wallet for men that’s highly capable of protecting your cards and cash. Equipped with RFID Secure technology and made from the absolute finest full grain genuine leather – this minimalist wallet is one that you should consider adding to your EDC collection.

This men’s slim wallet has a metal composite that blocks RFID signals from theft and protects your personal information from scammers. Quick access to your cards with a handy pull-tab and 2 pockets on the inside make this minimalist wallet an easy to use and stylish wallet. It also comes equipped with a photo ID slot so you can quickly show your credentials and a money clip for those that still like to carry a few bills just in case. You can read thousands of positive reviews to help make your decision. We believe this to be one of the best minimalist wallets on the market.

The Ridge Slim Minimalist Wallet 

The Ridge Slim Wallet is one of the best minimalist wallets you can buy due to the quality of craftsmanship and the materials used. This company hit a grand slam with this tactical minimalist wallet.

It features RFID blocking, can hold 1-12 cards without stretching and has an integrated money clip to hold a few bills. Made from aluminum plating and featuring interchangeable elastic screws – The Ridge is the type of wallet that will last a lifetime if you take care of it. Not just your everyday minimalist wallet – The Ridge is considered a top-of-the-line men’s tactical wallet by many outlets.

If that’s not enough to convince you, The Ridge comes with a lifetime guarantee. They stand behind this wallet to the point they are willing to guarantee this wallet will work for you as long as you own it.

The minimal design is attractive and easy to use. Choose from multiple color options and personalize your wallet. There’s a good chance The Ridge could end up being your favorite wallet. It’s definitely one of the coolest wallets for guys. The Ridge Wallet is widely known as the best tactical minimalist wallet to many who have used it. 

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Buffway Slim Minimalist Leather Wallet 

Buffway makes a stylish and slim minimalist wallet that will help reduce and minimize the junk that you keep in your wallet. You will be more streamlined and organized with this RFID blocking front pocket slim wallet. Not only is it super thin, but it is made from some of the highest-quality genuine leather we’ve ever seen on a minimalist wallet. Durable, functional and travel approved are a few ways to describe this wallet from Buffway. You get four slots to stash your cards, a clear window for you ID, 2 side pockets to store various cards and a middle pocket for those who like to carry paper money or other important papers. This is the true definition of a minimalist wallet as it measures 3 1/8” x 4 7/16” and only weighs 1.05 oz. This is a great minimalist wallet for under $10. 

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet 

The Bellroy Sleeve Minimalist Wallet is an all-around great wallet because it can hold bills, cards, IDs and even coins. It looks different than other slim wallets and sometimes that’s a good thing. The coin pouch doubles as a cool spot to hold your business cards and gives you super quick access by way of a pull-tab. The leather is durable and has a nice feel to it and is dyed in a process that allows it to age to perfection. This minimalist leather wallet comes backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty. The Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet isn’t your everyday bifold design, they take things to a whole new level with this stylish wallet. You can hold 4-11 cards, IDs and get a handy flat note section plus a coin pouch if you carry coins or tokens. These trendy minimalist wallets come in multiple colors for personalization. This is one of the best minimalist wallets with a coin pocket for those who need to carry change.

Travando Minimalist Money Clip Wallet 

The Travando is a secure, functional and thin minimalist wallet that’s worthy of your attention. It comes fully equipped with 7 card pockets and can easily carry debit cards, IDs, business cards and other important documents. You can push the cards out by using a notch to have quick access to your credentials. The money clip can hold a few bills and the magnetic closure makes this one of the best minimalist wallets out there. You won’t see a bulge in your front pocket with this wallet, it’s thin enough to streamline your jeans or dress pants and make you look more professional. You will thoroughly enjoy the design and functionality of this EDC wallet.  

Runbox Minimalist Slim Wallet  

The Runbox is a truly functional slim wallet that fits the needs of anyone looking for a minimalist wallet. Made from leather with strengthened edges that are stronger and longer lasting than other wallets. This wallet won’t tear along the seams and is a tougher due to superior craftsmanship and the fact that they seam the entire fabric instead of cutting off the edges of woven fabrics. You get an ID window to show your driver’s license or other credentials, 6 card slots for debit or credit cards and a handy money clip for a few bills if you carry paper money. Place your most used card in the easy access card slot so you can grab it quickly. The Runbox minimalist wallet is fully equipped with RFID blocking technology and utilizes unique metal composites to protect your private information. This is more than just a wallet, it’s a top-tier minimalist wallet that’s worth every penny.  

Zitahli Minimalist Slim Bifold  

Zitahli made one of the thinnest and most minimalist wallets to date. Not only is this microfiber leather wallet thin, it’s also super durable and tough. They come in multiple stylish colors that are different than most wallet companies such as vintage blue, bassa brown, California desert, crazy horse brown and slat gray just to name a few. The vintage blue adds a little something extra in our opinion. You can easily fit 6-8 cards plus a few paper bills. The pull-strap comes in handy when you need to grab your cards quickly and this wallet is perfect for front pocket carry. It comes fully equipped with RFID blocking capabilities due to woven material from 3 different metal composites. Rest assured knowing your information is safe with this RFID blocking minimalist wallet. If you’re looking for a combination of style and function – the Zitahli Minimalist Minimalist wallet is a great choice.  

Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Leather Wallet 

The Travelambo Minimalist Wallet is super slim and one of the most dependable wallets for under $10. Independent lab tests are used to test the RFID blocking and the ability for this wallet to protect your debit and credit cards from theft. Enhance your personal security with style and minimize the clutter in your pockets by only carrying what you need and discarding the rest. At only 0.12” thick and 3.3” x 4.1” this is one of the thinnest minimalist wallets that can still carry a substantial number of cards on the market. Made from 100% cowhide leather with 3 options to choose from: Crosshatch leather, Napa leather and Vegetable tanned leather.  

Travando Money Clip Minimalist Wallet Atlanta 

Slim down your pocket with the Travando Minimalist Money Clip. This functional and thin minimalist wallet easily carries 7 card pockets for business cards, credit cards and bills without creating a bulge in your side pocket. Your money is safer if people can’t see where you carry your wallet. Designed in Germany and tested by an independent German quality control institute – this RFID blocking minimalist wallet meets the industry standard and exceeds by a large margin. The integrated money clip gives you more options to carry a few extra dollars and the wallet has an outside notch so you can push your cards out easily. The Travando Minimalist Money Clip Wallet gets our seal of approval.  

Travelambo RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Small Size Wallet 

This is the smaller version of the Travelambo Minimalist Wallet that is perfect for anyone wanting a small wallet that carries everything you need and doesn’t cost a fortune. In fact, this is one of the best minimalist wallets for under $10. The Travelambo comes in multiple material choices such as carbon fiber leather, crazy horse leather, crosshatch leather, napa leather, vintage leather, washed fan leather and young bar leather. You get many of the same amenities as you do with the larger Travelambo such as RFID blocking capabilities, quick access ID window, 10 card slots for credit and debit cards and two top slots for cash money. You won’t find a better minimalist wallet for around $8.  

Lavemi Minimalist Bifold Money Clip Wallet 

Designed as a bifold with an integrated money clip that will safely tuck away in your front or back pocket. Made from 100% crazy horse leather with 7 card pockets to carry everything you need and nothing that you don’t need. You also get 2 easy-access ID card pockets as well as 5 inner pockets to carry everything else you need. The metal money clip is perfect for carrying a few dollar bills and fits neatly inside the wallet. You won’t have to worry about losing your paper money every time you pull this wallet from your pocket to pay for something. The Lavemi sticks true to the minimalist wallet design by giving you plenty of pockets to store cards and money, but without the extra fluff you get from other wallets.  

Fidelo Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet 

Carbon fiber wallets are hot right now, especially carbon fiber minimalist wallets. This Fidelo wallet is a prestige 3k carbon fiber wallet with 4 bands, leather lining and a super thin design that makes it one of the best minimalist wallets on the market. This is the type of wallet that improves your EDC by allowing you to store more of what you need to carry with you every day. Measuring at 2.25” x 3.4” x .36” and is a perfect front-carry EDC wallet. Carbon fiber is stronger than steel and scratch resistant. You will be able to use this wallet for years to come. There are literally thousands of reviews on the Fidelo Minimalist EDC Wallet if you need more help with your decision to try this wallet.  

Herschel Charlie RFID Super Minimalist Wallet 

The Herschel Charlie Wallet is about as minimalist as they get. This is a tough little wallet that still has an RFID blocking element to prevent scanning of your personal information and credit cards. It comes equipped with tough card slots and a top-access sleeve for storage. You won’t find many extras on this minimalist wallet, but that’s the point! If you are truly looking for a tough minimalist wallet, this is one to look at. The black color is perfect for EDC or everyday carry as it doesn’t draw attention. This wallet does not have an ID window, but that’s a small price to pay for a true minimalist lifestyle.  

Serman Brands RFID Blocking Slim Bifold  

This is a nice slim minimalist wallet that has a fold closure to keep your cards and IDs safe. Equipped with RFID Secure technology to keep your personal information safe and secure. Made from leather and can easily fit 6-8 cards and paper money. One of the best men’s minimalist wallets and loaded with functionality. This wallet will barely show in your pocket and is designed for front or back pocket carry. You get a front pocket to stash your most used card, 2 inside pockets, ID slot for easy access and a money clip for paper money and bills. You also get a pull-strap to quickly grab your cards. This leather EDC wallet is made from fine leather that is soft and feels nice in your hand. The leather will age well and absorb the oils from your hands to produce a dark color. This minimalist bi-fold truly is a nice wallet. The Serman Brands is a quality luxury minimalist wallet that will serve you for years. 

ROCO Minimalist Aluminum Slim Wallet Futuristic Design 

One glance at this tactical men’s wallet and you know you’ve got something special. This minimalist wallet not only has a futuristic design, but also loads of functionality packed into a tiny package. If you’re searching the internet for the best EDC tactical wallet – you’ve come to the right place. This super slim RFID tactical wallet is designed with high-grade aluminum and a flexible silicone band. This means you will have a ton of flexibility built into a tough wallet. It’s ultra-slim, but will still fit plenty of credit cards, business cards, IDs and anything else you carry daily. It also comes with a wider band for easier use. This is the type of wallet people will ask you about when they see you using it and is one of the best slim wallets you can buy. This is a great tactical minimalist wallet for the price. 

Ranger Minimalist Slim Front Pocket Wallet + 12 Tool Card 

The Ranger Minimalist Wallet is made from rugged material for active lifestyles. It’s tough, compact and functional – perfect for your EDC wallet. Designed with a hook and loop closure to ensure your cards are safe. This rugged minimalist wallet is made from steel and coated with a high-quality finish that not only makes it last longer, but also gives it a nice tactical look. If that’s not enough, you also get 12 tools built into this wallet by way of the Ranger Tactical Wallet Tool Card. It features a bottle opener, SAE wrenches (¼”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16” and ½”), ¼ tool driver, metric wrenches in 7, 8, 10 and 12 mm and you get a 12mm fast access wrench. If you’re looking for a tactical minimalist wallet that comes with a multi-tool – The Ranger is the one you’re looking for.  

Fidelo Minimalist Wallet 

Fidelo makes a great wallet that has multiple key points that are perfect for EDC. This is a high-grade aluminum slim wallet that’s built tough and can adequately handle your day-to-day transactions. The Fidelo is a great front-carry wallet because it’s thin and doesn’t come unbuckled when you stuff it in your pockets. Your cards won’t fall out because of the two billfold bands that you get. They are black with brushed aluminum accents and dress up the wallet. You would probably never again consider using a regular wallet after carrying the Fidelo Minimalist Wallet.  

Shevrov Carbon Fiber Aluminum Minimalist Wallet 

If you like The Ridge Wallet, you will enjoy the Shevrov Minimalist Wallet. This wallet has a carbon fiber outer case that’s anti-scratch and tough as nails. It’s simple, rugged and functional. The money clip can hold a few paper bills and you can stash up to 12 credit cards inside. That’s really more than you need to be carrying anyway. The more cards you stuff in your wallet, the more exposure you have to theft. There’s no reason to carry everything and the kitchen sink in your front pocket. The Shevrov is one of the best carbon fiber minimalist wallets you can buy in this price point.  

Fidelo Minimalist Wallet Customizable Options 

The 3-in-1 Fidelo Minimalist Wallet is great for those who like the options to customize their EDC gear. You get stealth black, rocky ridge gray and 3K carbon fiber scratch and fingerprint resistant interchangeable face-plates. That’s 3 pairs of face-plates that you can change on a whim and customize until you get it exactly how you want it. Made from 7075 aviation grade aluminum, this slim wallet is more than meets the eye. It comes equipped with a reinforced steel money clip to carry a few extra dollars, a cash band to hold them in place, expandable wallet bands and T5 stainless steel screws that last forever. This kit also comes with a bonus: T5 tool bit, extra screws, custom screwdriver for changes and a storage container to keep all of the pieces in one safe place. You won’t find this type of custom options on any other minimalist wallet on the market.  

Estalon Minimalist Leather Wallet 

With nearly 40 color choices and superb quality, the Estalon Minimalist Wallet is a great find. Coming in at an attractive price point, this is one of the best minimalist wallets for under $10 that still has loads of functionality. It not only fits in your pocket without creating a “bulge,” but it also has plenty of slots to store your essentials. You get 4 card slots for debit or credit cards, 1 front ID window so you don’t have to dig for your driver’s license and a special compartment to stash a few dollar bills just in case. Equipped with RFID blocking technology and made from 100% genuine leather – this is one of our favorite leather minimalist wallets for under $10.  

Fidelo 3K Carbon Fiber Minimalist Push Wallet 

Fidelo has created one of the best hybrid wallet and case combinations you will find. Made from aviation grade aluminum and full grain crazy horse leather – this Fidelo wallet is highly functional, minimal and worthy of your attention. It features a smooth eject “pop-up” card and carbon fiber money clip that makes grabbing your cards quickly an easy task. Perfect for EDC and front-pocket wallet carry. It features a removable money clip that can hold 15 bills safely. You can turn it upside down and throw it around and your credit cards will stay secure.  

What Are the Best Minimalist Wallets? 

With such a large number of high-quality minimalist wallets on the market, it’s understandably difficult to choose one. Reading the specifications on them can be a daunting task, but if you stick to the best-selling minimalist wallets, you probably can’t go wrong. Each of them will feature many of the same benefits including: RFID blocking technology, multiple slots for cards, durable material and superb craftsmanship.  

How to Choose a Minimalist Wallet 

The best way to choose the perfect minimalist wallet is to make a list of the features you want included. We suggest starting with material. You can get minimalist wallets made from all types of materials including leather, carbon fiber and more. Once you’ve chosen your material, think about how many cards you MUST carry and what you can eliminate from your pocket. That’s the main feature for minimalist -wallets – they help you reduce clutter in your pocket. Even the most minimalist of wallet will have enough slots for 4-5 cards, an ID holder and some cash. You can take a look at the best-selling and highest rated minimalist wallets and read thousands of reviews by people who put these wallets through the day 

Are Minimalist Wallets Functional? 

Minimalist wallets are designed to provide you with everything you need while limiting the clutter in your pocket. They’re perfect for those looking to carry a few credit cards, ID and a few dollar bills and not much else. Minimalist wallets are perfect for front-pocket carry, which is better at keeping your personal information out of the hands of thieves than carrying back pocket. A pickpocket has a harder time reaching in your front pocket. You can purchase minimalist wallets designed from various types of material to fit your style.  

Why You Should Carry A Minimalist Wallet

There are many reasons to start carrying a minimalist front pocket wallet versus your everyday folding wallet.  

First, minimalist wallets help get rid of the clutter. You’re less likely to carry things you don’t need if there is only space for what you need. Minimalist wallets are thin enough so that you can slip them into your front pocket and carry other essential items. Slim wallets improve your EDC by allowing you to carry more gear with less junk. Why carry a front pocket wallet? 

Minimalist wallets are harder for thieves to steal. It’s easy for a pickpocket to bump into you and relieve you of your wallet if you carry a big and bulky wallet in your back pocket. Front pocket carry allows you to better protect your wallet.  

Minimalist wallets are better for your lower back than traditional back pocket wallets. We’ve all seen men who stuff so much junk into their wallet they can barely close it, now imagine sitting in a hard chair with that much baggage in your back pocket. You can easily misalign your back if you do that often. Minimalist front pocket carry wallets alleviate that issue.  

Minimalist wallets look amazing. You use your wallet multiple times a day, why not get one that you enjoy looking at? Plus, minimalist wallets usually last much longer than their traditional counterparts as you are not sitting on them for hours at a time.  

Minimalist wallets improve your posture and improve your look. While it may sound crazy, think about standing straight up and having one side of your butt protrude more than the other side due to a stuffed back pocket. Carrying a front pocket minimalist wallet removes bulk from your back pocket and improves your appearance.  

Are Minimalist Wallets Expensive?

You may be wondering how much minimalist wallets cost. They range from around $8 all the way up to $100 for premium models. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great minimalist wallet. We’ve found that even the $8 wallets have merit. They’re cheap, tough and still have many of the features that make minimalist wallets great. You can spend around $20 to $30 and get a nice wallet that will last for years. 

Why You Should Never Carry Your Wallet In Your Back Pocket 

Traditionally, men have carried their wallets in their back pocket. It’s just something we’ve done for years and years. Now, it’s time to break the habit. First, it’s easier for pickpockets to steal your wallet. All they have to do is bump into you and relieve you of your wallet. You would be surprised how fast a professional can steal your wallet and you won’t even know until you reach to pay for something. Carrying your wallet in your front pocket alleviates this issue and makes it harder for someone to steal your wallet. If you travel in crowded areas often, you may want to consider switching to front-pocket wallet carry.  

Second, carrying your wallet in your back pocket has been known to cause back pain. Years of over stuffing your wallet with receipts and cards that you don’t need and slipping it into your back pocket can wreak havoc on your spine and lower back. Most people sit behind a desk for their jobs and that extra bulk on one side of your back pocket can cause you to lean for hours at a time. Just ask any chiropractor or doctor and they will confirm. If you’ve experienced sciatic nerve pain, it could be due to an oversized wallet.  

Minimalist wallets alleviate both issues because they reduce bulk and are easy to carry in your front pocket. Most minimalist wallets only allow you to carry a number of cards and a few dollar bills so you won’t be tempted to overstuff it with unnecessary items.  

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