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The Best Pop-Up Tents of 2022

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By: Rome / Last Updated: July 28, 2022

Camping is one of the best ways to destress and re-align your goals after a hard week at work. We spend more time than ever in front of screen glued to a desk and camping is a great way to re-establish your connection to nature. You can camp light and set up a camping hammock right next to your tent and a cooler to keep your drinks and food cold. Camping doesn’t have to be complicated, nor does it require a lot of planning to have a great trip.  

There are a few items you will need to make your camping trip comfortable with the most important being a tent. If you’ve assembled a tent before, you know they can get complicated depending on the type you purchase and the amount of prep time you have. Plus, if you wait until dark, putting up your tent can be tough.  

Pop-up tents can make your camping trip easy. They set up easy and take down easy so you can spend more time on other things. Pop-up tents are especially useful when you want to take a quick trip to the woods and don’t want to worry about spending time setting up the tent. They can also be set up by one person, so you won’t need any help getting the tent up and ready to go.  

You’re probably wondering which pop-up tent is the best for you. Since you don’t have time to personally test every tent on the market, we’ve done the leg-work for you.  

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Here are the Best Pop-Up Tents for Camping:

Coleman Sundome Tent 

Coleman has been making quality outdoor gear for generations. The Coleman Sundome Tent is no different – it gets the job done and is extremely easy to set up. Multiple colors to choose from and sizes from 2 person popup tents, all the way up to 6 person configurations. The Sundome is one of the best-selling popup tents on the market because it is versatile, weatherproof and doesn’t cost a fortune. This popup tent can be setup in 10 minutes or less. The large windows provide plenty of ventilation which is important when camping in warm weather. Designed with welded corners and inverted seams – water won’t be a problem and the rainfly provides you with extra rain protection. There’s nothing worse than getting soaked by rain while camping and this tent does a great job at keeping you dry and comfortable. The Coleman Sundome Tent has been wind tested and can handle 35+ mph winds due to the sturdy frame and quality craftsmanship. There are literally thousands of reviews and ratings that you can read through to see how other users enjoyed the Coleman Sundome Tent.  

Kazoo 4 Person Popup Tent with Porch 

Kazoo Tents provide multiple options and configurations to fit your needs. They make a great tent that’s durable and easy to setup. Plenty of features will make your camping trip even better. You can set this Kazoo tent up in 3 minutes or less. Designed with your needs in mind, the Kazoo popup tent can easily accommodate you and your entire family. It has 2 functional layers to provide comfort and weather protection. The liner is comprised of B3 mesh and 190T breathable Polyester to make your outdoor experience the best it can be. You never know when you will encounter rain or inclement weather, so the Kazoo popup tent is equipped with a rainfly that is made of 210T rip-stop Polyester that gives it strong durability and will protect you from rain and moisture. You get two doors and two windows that will keep you cool for warm weather camping and provide just enough ventilation to circulate fresh air. The rain flap is a nice addition for those rainy days so your gear doesn’t get wet.  

Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent 

Marmot is famous for making some of the best outdoor gear on the market and the Crane Creek Tent is no different. This 2-person popup tent is lightweight and perfect for a backpacking tent where gear weight is an issue. It’s extremely durable with 7000 series aluminum poles for extra support and wind resistance. Designed with a seam taped and full coverage rain fly that’s waterproof and gives you a little extra protection from the elements and rain. Weighing only 5 pounds and 5 ounces, the Marmot Crane Creek Tent packs easily and won’t take up much weight in your backpack. The dual d shaped doors provide easy access and you have extra storage space located in the dual overhead vestibules. You never know what type of gear you will need to stash inside of your tent and every inch of space counts. With a floor space measurement of 32 square feet – this tent will give you plenty of space for your next outing. 

If you want a fun way to relax at the campsite while sipping on your favorite drink, consider adding a camping hammock to your gear. Here are the best camping hammocks on the market that will make your camping trip even better.  

Moon Lence Instant Pop Up Tent 4-5 People 

This roomy popup tent by Moon Lence is perfect for 4-5 adults and will keep you comfortable throughout the duration of your camping trip. It’s super easy to setup and can be done completely by yourself with no experience necessary. Made from breathable material with 4 large mesh windows – you get plenty of ventilation and fresh air. You get 10 lightweight alloy pegs to keep your tent secure and 5 Guy Ropes for even more stabilization and wind resistance. The 190T PU material is water resistant and provides plenty of UV resistance for added protection and safety. Getting wet during a camping trip can be detrimental and the Moon Lence popup tent provides exactly what you need for the perfect camping trip. The Instant Pop up feature helps you get this tent ready in 1 minute or less. You will probably never find an easier tent to use.  

Toogh 3-4 Person Pop-Up Tent 

The Toogh Pop-Up Tent is made from high-quality waterproof fabric that will last and keep you safe from the elements. Designed from 210D oxford fabric with silicone coating – this tent is a great addition to your camping gear. It has two doors, mesh windows and a mosquito net to keep out unwanted guests. This is especially helpful in warm climates that have hordes of mosquitos. You can have this tent ready to go in less than 60 seconds and it can hold 3-4 people. The rainfly is a nice touch that makes this one of the best popup tents you can buy. The Toogh tent comes with 14 aluminum ground nails for extra security, 8 anti-wind ropes for rough weather protection, 2 door poles and more. You can get the Toogh Pop-Up Tent for around $100 at the time of publication.  

Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent for up to 4 People 

The Night Cat Tent is rainproof and made from high-quality materials with a handy design that is perfect for camping. The rainproof material will keep you dry even in a small storm and has two layers that will help keep water out. It has one sleeping room and one living room to give you a little extra space and comfort. It has enough room to fit a king size air mattress inside and is perfect for 1 to 3 people to sleep comfortably. You can use this tent solo and utilize the living room for storage for your hiking or camping gear. Equipped with fiberglass poles that give you the best wind resistance available and metal stakes for extra stability and protection. This is a great quick setup tent for under $100. 

Camping is a great way to unwind and get away from the computer, but you may still need to have your cell phone with you just in case. It’s hard to keep your electronics powered in the woods unless you have a solar-powered power bank. Here’s an article that reviews the best portable solar-power bank chargers for cell phones and other electronics. 

Mobihome Instant Tent 3 Person 

Mobihome may be less known than other brands, but they make a great popup tent that is perfect for camping. You can put it up in a matter of seconds, which comes in handy for last minute camping ideas. One thing people love about this tent is how fast you can put it together. You never know if it’s going to be dark or inclement weather when you arrive, so it’s good to know you can at least get your shelter together in a matter of seconds. The breathable micro mesh lets in a good breeze when you need it and the two doors and two-way zippers provide an extra level of comfort. The Mobihome is designed with your needs in mind and the reinforced taped seams and anchor points make this an extremely durable and long-lasting tent that you can take on many adventures. You can easily fit 3 people in this tent and the rainfly will keep you and your crew dry and comfortable throughout the night. It comes with a one-year warranty if you happen to have any issues.  

Deerfamy Pop-Up Tent 3-4 Person 

The Deerfamy Pop-Up Tent boasts that it can be setup in 30 seconds without any hassle. That’s a big selling point when you’re looking for a new instant pop-up tent. You can easily fit 3 adults and 1 child in this easy to use tent. It has extra space for children to play or to store extra gear. The windows have zippers which make it easy to get privacy and protect you and your family from the elements. It has great ventilation due to the mesh windows and a higher rainfly. If you’re looking for an easy to use tent that sets up instantly; the Deerfamy is a great place to begin your search. It’s not expensive either and costs less than $100 at the time of this article.  

Moko Waterproof 3 Person Instant Pop-Up Tent 

The Moko Pop-Up Tent is one of the best 4 seasons tents you can find at this price point. It’s perfect for all seasons due to superb ventilation and quality design. Easily fit up to 3 people in this tent with a 6’7” inner floor and 3.5’ height. Two people can sleep comfortably, but you can fit a third person as well. Waterproof to keep you dry and fire retardant just in case you get too close to the camp fire. Designed with an extra 3-foot vestibule to store your extra gear and windows to give you a great view of your surroundings. There are hundreds of reviews you can read at your leisure if you’re still unsure.  

MKeep Campros 3-4 Person Pop-Up Tent 

The MKeep Instant Tent is big enough for 2-3 adults to sleep comfortably and enjoy a night of camping and sitting by the fire. You can equip it with a queen size air mattress for maximum comfort or 3 sleeping bags and still have room for your gear. Designed with 185T polyester – this instant tent is well ventilated, water-resistant and perfect for all weather conditions including light rain. It comes with a carry bag for easy storage. Weighing only 6.5 pounds, this tent is easy to carry to your favorite camping spot. The large mesh door and window gives you a nice little breeze on warm nights and keeps the bugs out of your tent. This is a great pop-up tent for around $60 at the time of writing.  

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup 10-Person 

The Coleman Cabin Tent comes in 4-person, 6-person and 10-person configurations to fit every family’s needs. The 10-person Instant Cabin Tent has Dark Room technology that blocks 90% of sunlight and reduces heat in your tent which makes a more comfortable camping trip. Reducing heat in your tent helps more than you know, especially when camping in a warm climate. The welded corners and inverted seams helps keep out water and rain and the included rainfly gives you extra protection from bad weather. You never know what type of conditions you will experience even if you have a weather radio handy. Bad weather can sneak up on you and drench you and your family, ruining your camping trip. The Coleman Cabin Tent will make sure that doesn’t happen.  It also comes with reflective guy lines so you and other people can spot your tent in the dark. You don’t want to walk away and not be able to find your tent. The 10-person version included a room divider for privacy. Privacy dividers are great when you camp with other couples or family members. The Coleman Cabin Tent is large and measures 14 x 10 feet with a center height of 6’7” which is taller than most people. For added comfort, you can fit 4 queen size air beds and still have plenty of room for gear or extra sleeping bags.  

Timber Ridge Instant Tent 6 Person 

The Timber Ridge measures 10 x 10 feet with a center height of 6’6” and can easily sleep up to 6 people. This is the perfect tent for a family that’s just getting into camping because it’s large enough for everyone and easy to setup. You can put this tent together in less than 10 minutes and even faster with a little practice. It has 3 zippered mesh roll up windows that are large enough to provide air flow and ventilation. Fresh air is important when camping with a group of people and this instant tent is perfect for a group camping trip. The O-shaped door makes for an easy entry and exit and you get mesh storage bags that are perfect for electronics. This is a great first tent for families due to its price, durability and ease of use. It comes with a 1-year warranty.  

BFULL Lightweight Backpacking Tent 2-3 Person 

If you’re looking for a lightweight and instant popup tent for backpacking or a quick camping trip, the BFULL tent is the perfect place to start your search. Made from high-density ripstop 190T polyester, this tent gives you extra protection from the sun rays and it is fire retardant. The PU coating gives this tent extra waterproof capabilities to keep the weather and rain out. Bugs can be an issue in some campsites, so the BFULL tent comes with an ultra-fine B4 mesh dome to keep bugs out and make your night more comfortable. If you’ve ever had trouble identifying your tent at night, they now have luminous loops so you can easily find it. This tent can be setup in under 2 minutes with a practice and you can put it together in any weather. The BFULL is an affordable tent that comes with multiple features that make it a great option for the price.  

Bessport Lightweight Camping Tent 1-4 Person 

Bessport gives you multiple options and configurations which make this one of the most personalized tents you can buy. This roomy, 2-person tent is great for a single person or couple that enjoys backpacking. It’s lightweight and large enough for two people to sleep comfortably. The 2 D-shaped doors make it easy to enter and exit the tent and the 2 vestibules gives you extra storage space for gear. The construction of this tent help it stand up to bad weather and the seams are taped for extra water-resistant capabilities. The welded floor design gives you even more protection from wet ground or wet grass. You also get a full-sized rainfly for added rain protection because you never know what you will encounter in the outdoors. This tent comes in 1-person, 2-person and 4-person configurations and you can choose from multiple attractive colors.  

Kazoo waterproof tent for backpacking

Kazoo Waterproof Backpacking Tent 2 Person 

The Kazoo 2-person tent makes a great addition to your hiking and camping gear. It has plenty of space and is super lightweight, which makes it a great choice for backpacking. You can set it up in under 3 minutes by yourself without any help from your partner. This backpacking tent weighs only 5.29 pounds and is easy to carry to your camping spot. It has 2 functional layers and a rainfly for added comfort. The Kazoo lightweight tent has two doors and vents to improve ventilation and keep it breezy.  

Are Pop Up Tents Good For Camping? 

Pop up tents or instant tents are great for a number of reasons:  

  1. They’re easy to setup. Perfect for beginners or those who don’t want to waste time setting up a tent. There’s a good chance you won’t spend much time in your tent anyway, so why spend a lot of time setting it up? Pop up tents can be set up in less than a minute and taken down in less than a minute. They save time and allow you to spend quality time doing other things.  
  2. They’re reliable. Pop up tents are just as good as regular tents as they are also water-resistant, made from tough material and can sleep multiple people. Pop up tents are lightweight and easy to carry which makes them perfect for backpacking and hiking. Their set up is so easy, you don’t need to practice and you have less parts to lose.  
  3. Perfect for backyard camping. You can decide to camp in the backyard at 5:00 p.m. and have your tent setup and ready to go at 5:01 p.m. They’re perfect for quick setup and those last-minute camping decisions.  
  4. Great for events. If you’ve ever camped out at a festival or while waiting for the next hot technology to come out, you know how much fun it is to set up a tent and make a night of it. Pop up tents are perfect for these types of events because anyone can set them up and they are super easy to move to the next location. 
  5. Easy for kids. Pop up tents are perfect for kids learning how to camp because they can set them up themselves and get a feel for personal responsibility. There’s no greater feeling than accomplishing something on your own and a pop up tent can give your child that first accomplishment.  
  6. Great for beginner campers. Not everyone went camping as a child and learned how to setup a tent. Pop up tents can be setup by anyone regardless of your experience level. 
  7. Pop up tents are easy to setup in bad weather. You never know what the weather will be like when you arrive at the campsite. If you’ve ever setup a tent in the rain, you know what we’re talking about. Pop up tents or instant tents can provide shelter in a matter of seconds. 

How Much Do Pop Up Tents Cost? 

You can easily find a quality pop up tent for under $100 and some even around $50 if you search hard enough. It’s always important to read user reviews to make sure you’re getting the best tent in that price range. Pop up tents for 4-6 people may cost a little over $100, but you can find some really great deals if you buy off-season.  

How Many People Can Fit In a Pop Up Tent? 

They make solo pop up tents all the way up to 10-person pop up tents. It all depends on which one you buy. Always be sure to read the fine print to ensure they are talking about adults and not children. There are quite a few pop up tents that are rated for 3-4 people, but upon further reading you will see they mean 3 adults and 1 child. Make sure you get the right size.  

What is the Easiest Tent to Set Up? 

Most pop up tents are super easy to set up. The larger tents may have a few extra steps, especially when there are multiple rooms. For example, you will spend more time putting together a 10-person pop up tent versus a 2-person tent, but not much more. You will be able to setup the larger tents in under 10 minutes with a little practice.  

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