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The Best Quiet Air Compressors of 2022

best ultra quiet air compressor

Air compressors are essential tools around the home and workshop. They handle a lot of tasks such as powering pneumatic tools ranging from air hammers, air drill, air impact wrench, air sander, paint sprayers, etc. They can also air up tires on vehicles, ATV, off-road vehicles, golf carts and other inflatables. You can use them for camping equipment, sports balls, cleaning surfaces, filling high pressure air tanks and much more. 

If you’ve done a fair amount of home improvement type work, you’ve likely used an air compressor or could have used one to save time and energy. Air compressors truly are a great tool to have at your disposal. 

As you may have guessed, there are numerous types and sizes of air compressors. The quiet air compressors we will be discussing in this article are primarily for home or worksite use and are mid-range in price. We’ve researched and reviewed the best quiet air compressors and put them into an easy to read format to help you choose the best ultra quiet air compressor for your next project. Here are the best quiet air compressor reviews.

Best Quiet Air Compressors of 2021:

Makita MAC210Q Quiet Series – Best Quiet Air Compressor

Makita has made their name in the air compressor business. They’re extremely reliable and powerful air compressors that you can always count on to get the job done. We think this is the best quiet air compressor of 2021 due to multiple factors which we will discuss. 

The Makita Quiet Series air compressor is an oil-free, 1 HP, 2 gallon air compressor that’s perfect for home, worksite or garage. It can handle a variety of worksite jobs such as powering air tools, inflating tires and other inflatables and cleaning work stations. The oil-free dual-piston pump is made to operate without maintenance. It also won’t leave an oil stain on your concrete. 

The Makita Quiet Series air compressor operates at only 60 dB and is quiet enough for indoor use. It runs at substantially lower RPMs which extends the life of the motor and pump. These air compressors last a long time and continue working longer than most home use air compressors. Not only is the Makita MAC210Q quiet, but it’s also lightweight and weighs only 44 pounds. You can easily transport it to different workstations without breaking your back. Plus, the roll-cage construction makes it harder to break or damage while performing heavy-duty work or transporting the air compressor. 

The 1 HP motor is extremely efficient and can provide up to 135 PSI which is great for most home improvement projects. It also has a relatively low AMP draw and won’t trip your breaker when you crank it up as often. 

We like the Makita Quiet Series air compressors because they’re reliable, lightweight, oil-free and aren’t as loud as competitors. It’s also quite powerful and gets the job done without costing a fortune. This is a midsize Makita Quiet Series air compressor, they make a 1 gallon model as well as a 3 gallon if you need a different size.

Metabo HPT – The Powerful Ultra-Quiet Air Compressor

Metabo makes great power tools and was once known as Hitachi Power Tools. The Metabo Ultra-Quiet air compressor operates at only 59 dB’s and is one of the quietest air compressors currently on the market. In fact, you can hold a normal conversation while cycling the air compressor. It’s perfect for indoor use or enclosed workshops where you still need to communicate and tops our list of the best quiet portable air compressors of 2021.  

The steel roll-cage design is great for rough use and the rubber grips on the bottom keeps it in place and protects your air compressor during transport.

You will likely have to move your air compressor from various work stations, so it’s good to have one that’s easy to carry. It only weighs 25.2 pounds and has a comfortable rubber handle that is easy to grip. The oil-free pump lasts a long time and is virtually maintenance free which saves time. 

The 2.8 Amp motor is designed to last longer than other air compressor motors and is protected from overload and will cut off power in the event that happens. The Metabo Ultra Quiet air compressor can be used straight out of the box and it doesn’t require any additional work before using. 

The Metabo HPT Ultra Quiet is one of the best low-noise air compressors we’ve reviewed. It’s powerful, reliable and designed to last a long time through many jobs and is a great quiet air compressor for your home garage. 

California Air Tools 8010 – Best 8 Gallon Quiet Air Compressor

California Air Tools makes a wide assortment of high-quality air compressors with different sizes, configurations and designs.

The Ultra Quiet 8010 model is perfect for light to medium jobs around the worksite or for home improvement projects. The oil-free pump has less maintenance and lasts longer. It can power air tools, inflate tires and other functions that can make your projects easier and more efficient. 

The 8 gallon steel air tank is easy to transport with the wheel kit. It weighs 48 pounds and can be easily rolled from one site to another or loaded in the back of a truck.

It produces a noise level of 60 dB’s which means it can be used indoors. With a continuous run time of 30-60 minutes, it can handle multiple tasks and power up to a max pressure of 120 PSI. 

The California Air Tools 8010 is a great choice for a quiet air compressor for a shop or home garage. 

Stealth Ultra Quiet Air Compressor 4.5 Gallon

The Stealth Ultra Quiet has features that make it one of the best quiet air compressors you will find. It produces 64 decibels, which is much less than other air compressors on this list. You can use it indoors and still hold a conversation.

The 1.3 HP motor can push up to a maximum of 150 PSI which is great for many small to medium tasks around the worksite or garage. The pump is oil-free which means less maintenance will be required. 

You can use air power tools such as pneumatic nail guns, wrenches, sanders, painters and more with this quiet air compressor. 

It only takes 70 seconds to go from an empty tank to full which means you can get more accomplished. The 6” rubber wheels and upright roller design make this air compressor easy to move around the garage or worksite. Just kick it back and roll from one spot to another. Plus, you won’t have any trouble starting this quiet air compressor even in cold weather or low voltage. It will definitely make your day easier. 

The Stealth Ultra Quiet air compressor received top reviews and is one of the best selling ultra-quiet air compressors for home and garage use. 

California Air Tools CAT-1P1060S Ultra Quiet 56 Decibels

The California Air Tools Quiet portable air compressor produces only 56 decibels and is one of the quietest air compressors of this size. It’s lightweight and super easy to transport at only 29.5 pounds.

The 1 gallon steel tank and oil-free motor is made for high performance and is a great size for small to medium projects.

The piston pump has a life cycle of 3000 plus hours which is substantially longer than other leading air compressor brands. The 1.2 CFM at 90 PSI allows use of finish nail guns, airbrushes, blow guns, brad nail and staple guns. It has a maximum pressure of 120 PSI with low amp draw. You can fill the tank from empty to full in around 50 seconds. 

This air compressor definitely pulls its weight in the garage and can be used inside or other work places where noise noise can be an issue. 

Stealth Portable Ultra Quiet Air Compressor

If you’re looking for a quiet air compressor that still has enough power for home improvement projects, the Stealth portable ultra quiet air compressor is a great choice to consider.

It operates with a noise level less than 65 dB which is quieter than most air compressors this size. It has a maximum tank storage of 150 PSI that allows it to be used longer and recover faster so you don’t have to stop.

The 1.0 HP motor gets the job done and the low amp 120V motor always starts even in cold weather. 

Not only is the Stealth Ultra Quiet Portable Air Compressor quiet and powerful, it also has an oil-free pump which means less maintenance and a longer working life. It weighs 44 pounds and is relatively easy to move around the shop.

The roll cage design allows rough use and tough jobs that other air compressors can’t handle and the rubber pads reduce vibration while using the compressor.

The large regulator knob makes it easy to adjust the air pressure on the fly and the quick connect coupler makes your life much easier. 

Overall, the Stealth 3 gallon ultra quiet air compressor is a great buy and perfect for home renovations, small jobs and worksite usage. 

Quiet Air Compressor Buyer’s Guide + FAQ

What are the Best Quiet Air Compressors?

We reviewed, researched and tested the top names and compiled them into an easy to read list to assist your purchasing decision. Here is a quick list of the best quiet air compressors we reviewed:

  1. Makita MAC210Q Quiet Series
  2. Metabo HPT
  3. California Air Tools 8010
  4. Stealth Ultra Quiet Air Compressor
  5. California Air Tools CAT
  6. Stealth Portable


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