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The Best Straight Razors of 2021

best straight razors

A straight razor can give you the cleanest, closest shave of your life. You’ve probably seen your grandfather shave with them and old-school photos of men using them nearly 100 years ago. There’s a good reason – straight razors give a superior shave compared to today’s throw-away razors and they’re making a come-back.  

While it may take some practice at first, you will be shaving with your new straight razor in no time. Not just for those who prefer the clean shave look, straight razors are also great putting a finishing touch on the perfect beard. Beard lines are hard to get perfect with a triple blade disposable razor, but a straight razor puts a perfect line if you know what you’re doing.  

Straight razors last a long time if you take care of them. In fact, you can probably pass them down to your children if you buy quality straight razors. You can get them with various handles including wood, plastic and metal and different types of blade material. While there may be hundreds of choices, you can’t go wrong if you read reviews and research the best straight razors on the market. Keep in mind: You need to learn how to use a straight razor as they are different than what you’re probably used to. Watch a video or have someone teach you and you will pick it up quickly. 

Here are the Best Straight Razors You Can Buy:

Utopia Care Professional Barber Straight Edge Razor  

The Utopia Care Straight Edge Razor has a nice black matte finish covering a sturdy stainless-steel body. It not only looks great, but helps deter rust for years of quality use. It comes with 100 derby blades that will last a super long time and each blade is wrapped in wax paper to increase longevity and to ensure they don’t rust. Put them in a dry place so they don’t get wet and they will stay sharp. The Utopia Straight Edge Razor is designed with a flip-able blade cover so you can get the best shave possible and stay safe. Shaving with a straight edge razor takes patience, but is worth it once you master the skill. It has an ergonomic design that makes shaving substantially easier. The Utopia Straight Edge Razor is a great razor to begin with and it has thousands of positive reviews that you can read to help make your decision.  

BRV Men Straight Razor

The BRV Men Straight Razor is one of the best razors on the market. Made from stainless-steel that’s designed to last and an ergonomic handle that gives you total control over the blade. It has a classy feel with some major upgrades. Black matte finish never goes out of style and will last for around 200 or more shaves. It comes with 100 blades to keep you shaving and will outlast those cheap throw away razors that cost a fortune. Shaving with a straight razor takes patience, commitment and practice, but there’s no better razor to start with than this one. 

Facon Professional Vintage Straight Edge Barber Razor 

This vintage straight edge razor is perfect for beginners as well as professionals. It’s designed from stainless-steel and has an ergonomic design that assists with your shave. It’s perfectly weighted and has a nice black powder coating that increases longevity of the blade. This blade will never rust and you will be able to use it for years. This lightweight razor is comfortable, has a nice grip and is handmade to give you a unique shave every time. We all know that cheap razors don’t last long, but this straight edge razor will keep cutting. This straight edge razor is also perfect for beardsmen that want clean lines on their cheeks and under their neck.  

Feather Black SS Japanese Straight Razor 

The Feather Artist Club SS Razor gives you the ultimate shaving experience. Designed with a stainless-steel body that provides heat resistance and is razor sharp. It has a rounded shaving head with the perfect amount of blade exposure for the best cut. The handle is made of silicone resin with gives you a great grip with maximum control over the razor. You don’t want your handle to slip while shaving, especially around your neck. You can easily replace the blade by pinching the razor head to force the blade out. This is an easy-to-use straight razor that gives you the best shave possible.  

Feather Black SS Folding Handle Razor 

The Feather Artist Club SS Straight Razors are known for quality and dependability. Designed with an ergonomic body and perfect blade exposure for the best shave of your life. The body is comprised of stainless-steel and will last forever. These razors are well balanced and designed to cut. Super sharp, so you will need to have patience when shaving. The dynamics of this straight razor will help you polish up your beard or take off your 5 o’clock shadow for an important meeting.  

Parker SRX Heavy Duty Professional Straight Edge Barber Razor 

This is the heavy-duty straight razor you’ve been looking for. Used by professionals and built to last. The Parker SRX Straight Edge Razor has a rounded exposure that helps minimize nicks and cuts and it has security measures to ensure proper blade insertion. You get 5 Sharp Super Stainless Half Blades that will keep you shaving for quite a while. Parker has been around for over 40 years and has accumulated a large following. A quick google search for the best straight razors will always turn up a few Parker straight edge razors. You will never buy cartridge razors again after using one of these.  

Equinox Straight Edge Razor  

If you’re looking to get into shaving with straight razors, but don’t want to break the bank, the Equinox straight edge razor is a great place to start. You can get this high-quality straight razor for less than $15 and it comes with 100 single edge Derby Blades. That’s much more than a pack of those 3-blade razors that you buy at Target or Walmart. These razors are made from high-quality and sturdy stainless-steel that will never rust or tarnish. Designed with an easy-to-use blade guard that allows you to easily change out the blades when they dull. You can normally get around 2-3 shaves from each blade and this razor comes with 100 blades. That’s roughly 200 – 300 shaves! You can’t beat it for the price. Beardsmen will get even more shaves because you’re mainly putting a nice, finishing touch on your beard lines.  

Facon Professional Wooden Straight Edge Barber Razor 

If you prefer a more classic look for your straight razor, the Facon Wooden Handle Straight Razor is where you want to look. It’s made with a stainless-steel razor covered in black coating for long-lasting quality shaves. The wooden handle has a nice feel and the grip is perfect for a quick shave. The swing lock blade insert is designed for a better shaving experience and the blade is exposed 25% higher to give you more usable blade. If you’ve ever had a barber use a straight razor then you know exactly how precise they are! Many men have issues with razor bumps, but a straight razor usually gets rid of them if used properly. These straight razors make perfect gifts for Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas and just because. You get 100 blades included which can equal up to 300 or more shaves depending on the thickness of your hair and how you use the blade. Those with a beard may just need to straight up here and there and the blades will last longer than those who require a full-face shave.  

Black Widow Professional Barber Straight Edge Razor 

Black Widow makes one of the best straight edge razors you will find for under or around $25. It has a comfortable and ergonomic grip and a balanced blade that weights 2.6 ounces total. You can easily maneuver this blade and it gives you maximum dexterity when shaving in those sensitive areas on your face, throat and cheeks. Designed from stainless-steel, this blade will last a long time and give you crisp lines or a fresh shave. The matte black looks great with the 24k gold plated gold accents. This is an interesting take on a classic design. The razor features 1.5mm blade exposure which is perfect for precise cuts.  

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