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The Top Reasons Why Electric Skateboards are Becoming So Popular

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The world is going through a transportation revolution. There are more clean transportation options today than ever before. Consequently, personal electric vehicles are slowly but surely coming into mainstream functionality these days. One of such personal electric vehicles is the electric skateboard. It has, these days, found its place in city streets, college and university campuses, around the parking lot, etc.

It suggests the growing popularity of e-boards. But why are electric skateboards becoming so popular? The probable causes behind the popularity of electric skateboards include their easy learning curve, faster mobility, eco-friendliness, fun ride, and budget-friendliness.

Why Electric Skateboards Are Becoming So Popular

It is estimated that the global electric skateboard market was at a staggering $35.10 billion in 2017. Also, it is expected to see a growth of 8.4% for the next 10 years until 2027. This data simply shows the growth in popularity of e-skateboards. But, what are the reasons behind its popularity?

Easy to Ride and Learn:

The key advantage of e-skateboard is its easy learning procedure. You can learn the riding technique of an e-board within a few days with a few practice sessions. Most electric skateboards have different riding modes that include learner, standard, and pro modes. So, beginners can set the riding mode at learner and ride the e-board with ease.

The learner model will provide you with limited speed and acceleration that ensures the safety of the riders. As you advance through the learning techniques, you can choose the standard and professional riding mode to increase the speed and acceleration of the e-board. This control of the electric skateboard makes it so popular.

Fun Riding Experience:

Many teenagers and youngsters choose electric skateboards for fun and adventure. Undoubtedly, skating is among the top adventure and joyful activities out there. The continuous innovation and research for e-board mean it has seen massive development in terms of controls, performance, speed, acceleration, and longevity.

Henceforth, riding the e-board has become greater fun. Many riders will modify its control and speed for increased fun. Also, it has emerged as a top recreational activity in many countries worldwide. So, there’s no doubt why people are going mad about the e-board.

Budget-Friendly Transportation:

Electric skateboards run on battery. Moreover, their battery capacity has improved superbly. Thus, it has become a budget-friendly riding option. What’s more, you can get an e-board at a pretty minimal cost as its pricing starts at $200 or even lesser at times.

In fact, you can get budget e-boards for around $300 to $500 with most essential features. It is exceptionally budget-friendly compared to electric bikes, and electric scooters are priced way higher. Thus, the affordable budgeting of the electric skateboard has made it more popular among teenagers.

Millennial Preference:

The 21st century has already seen its 1st millennial generation, who has grown up entirely in the internet age. And this generation truly likes minimalistic materials, and vehicles aren’t any exception. They prefer personal utility vehicles and also like eco-friendliness.

The electric skateboard fulfills both criteria perfectly. Thus, millennial people opt for electric skateboards as their fun ride and daily driver options. It has ushered new milestones for electric skateboards. Also, millennial people aren’t gym-goers. Thus, they opt for the e-board as a fun ride for their exercises. Isn’t it amazing to see how the 1st internet generation is turning towards the e-boards instead of those big daddy SUVs and sports cars?

User and Eco-Friendly:

The 21st century has also seen great changes in people’s minds about the environment. Hence, the environmental movement has come to the forefront of us. Therefore, more and more people are opting for eco-friendly means of living. The best effect of environmentalism is seen in the transportation sector. There’s been a surge in the development of eco-friendly vehicles, and most of them have also seen massive popularity. So, it is natural that an e-skateboard with such eco-friendliness has emerged as the leading personal-use vehicle among many people.

On top of the eco-friendliness, electric skateboards are easy to ride too. Its design focuses on maximum user convenience. So, people find it as a great medium of transportation.

Faster Acceleration:

An electric skateboard can reach its top speed pretty quickly. Also, at 18MPH to 30MPH of average top-speed, it is almost as fast e-bikes are. Naturally, its faster speed has become a good reason for many people to choose it. Plus, improved speed means you can travel faster to your destination. Isn’t it a good advantage of the skateboard for being so popular?

Final Words

The last decade has seen a massive boom in the popularity of electric skateboards. Previously, it was only thought to be a fun-ride vehicle. However, it has become almost a mainstream medium of commuting in cities these days. Thanks to its improved controls, battery performance, and speed, its future seems to be pretty shiny too. So, what’s your thought one-board?

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