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The Absolute Best Cigar Travel Cases in 2022

best cigar humidor travel case

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By: Rome / Last Updated August 18, 2022

There’s nothing better than a tasty cigar after a long day of work. Personally, I save them for days when I accomplish something big, but also have days where I just want to smoke in my spot at the back of my property and let the day wind down.

If you travel often, then you understand how hard it is to properly pack your cigars. They break easy and can dry out if you don’t store them properly. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting your heart set on smoking for a good hour and discovering your cigars have lost their life. The amount of time they stay fresh various from place to place, but you normally must put them in a humidor immediately or they will lose their spark.

If you spend money on quality cigars, you need to buy the best cigar travel case you can find to protect your investment. Why spend good money just to watch it dry up?

A great cigar travel case can do wonders for the health of your cigars. You also need a cigar lighter, cutter and other accessories that you can get all together in a handy cigar smoking kit.

This is Why You Need a Dependable Cigar Travel Case:

  1. They protect your cigars and accessories. 
  2. Cigar travel cases ensure you always have everything you need to enjoy your cigars in one place.
  3. They make it easy to travel with your best cigars. 

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Best Cigar Travel Case:

AMANCY Premium Leather Cigar Travel Case Humidor w/Cutter Lighter Set

Get it all in one easy package with the Amancy Leather Cigar Travel Case. The kit includes a classy crocodile pattern PU leather case, stainless steel cigar cutter with guillotine dual blades, removable cedar wood tray, transparent dropper, humidifier and 2 flames butane torch cigar lighter. This is the travel cigar case for the busy cigar smoker. 

This is the perfect cigar travel case for the person who needs the accessories also. The main part about this kit is the brown leather crocodile pattern case. Not only is it stylish enough to be seen at board meetings or in a classy bar; it’s also extremely functional.

You can fit all of your cigar smoking accessories neatly inside and it serves as a humidor to keep your cigars from drying out. So, not only is it a great looking cigar travel case, it is also a pretty good humidor that holds 4 cigars with a 52 ring gauge. That’s enough for a great smoking session with a friend or two.

Keep in mind, the lighter will be shipped to you empty due to postal regulation. You will need to fill it with fuel before lighting. You also don’t receive the cigars pictured and will have to go to your favorite cigar shop and pick out a few.

This is one of the best leather cigar travel cases with cutter and lighter set on the market in our opinion because it comes with everything you need to get started for a reasonable price. We also thoroughly enjoy the crocodile leather pattern.

A leather cigar case is more than just function, they look great and allow you to present your cigars with style. 

GALINER Cigar Humidor Travel Case

Made from soft leather that feels and looks great – this travel cigar humidor from Galiner is one you absolutely should check out. Spanish cedar wood lined humidor that has an excellent and thick aroma, excellent moisture retention and a cigar wood tray. If you’re looking for the best travel humidor, the Galiner cigar case is one to check out. 

You can put it in your drawer for safe keeping or display it on your desk. Perfect for those who like to take their cigars to go and often find themselves on the gold course, company retreats or the weekend trip to the camp. Store up to 6 cigars comfortably with the U-shaped wood tray. It has a leather strip to hold them steady, so they won’t get jumbled around. All you must do is put your favorite cigars in the humidor and add the enclosed humidification solution and you’re ready to travel! Comes in two colors: black and brown leather.

Here’s a list of the best cigar cutters for under $20. 

Wall St Smoker Travel Cigar Case (Leather)

The Wall St Smoker is made from genuine leather with metal accents and is one of the more attractive travel cigar cases on the market. It’s soft, yet rugged enough for hunting trips or the beach. The exterior hard shell keeps your cigars safe while you travel and it comes with a block cigar rest. 

This leather cigar travel case has a zipper and pockets for 8-10 cigars with up to 60 ring gauge. It also has room for zippo style lighters, cigar cutters, cigar accessories and a cigar rest. You can carry everything you need to smoke your favorite cigars.

We like this cigar case because it’s made from genuine leather and is tough enough for any trip and still looks classy. You can take it camping, road trips, weddings, birthdays and anywhere else you want to have a few cigars on hand.

AMANCY 3 Finger Brown Leather Cigar Case

If you’re looking for a cigar travel case that’s a little less bulky and can slip into a jacket pocket; the 3 Finger Cigar Case by Amancy is worth a look. It holds 3 cigars and has that classic brown leather style with cedar wood and it comes with a cigar cutter that stores neatly on the front of the case. The leather gives it a classy touch, so you can be confident when you pull it out to show people. You will be impressed with the craftsmanship of this cigar travel case. This is the pocket cigar case you can slip into your suit jacket pocket for easy access to your favorite smokes.

Cigarism Ostrich Pattern Leather Travel Humidor with Cutter and Lighter

The Cigarism travel cigar case is one of the best cigar smoking sets on the market. Designed from genuine leather with an elegant ostrich pattern and Spanish cedar interior to hold your cigars in place. This cigar smoking gift set comes with the travel humidor case, lighter, cigar cutter, humidifier and a siphon to give you the best smoking experience possible. 

One thing that sets this cigar case apart from others is the perfect combination of class and function. It looks nice enough to bring to expensive parties as well as sitting on the back porch. 

Cigarism Leather Cigar Travel Case Alligator Pattern

The Cigarism Leather Cigar Travel Case is eye catching and has tons of features that cigar lovers need. It has a classy alligator pattern that gives it a nice look and is made from genuine leather. The interior is Spanish Cedar and can store up to 6 cigars total. Plenty for a weekend getaway or a road trip with some friends. Small enough to pack in your day bag, suitcase or to stash in your vehicle console for the open road. This travel cigar humidor comes with 2 trays, a humidifier, siphon, bag and comes in a nice gift box. Buy it for yourself or it can make the perfect give for the cigar lover in your life. 

AMANCY Cedar Wood Lined Travel Leather Cigar Humidor Case

If an elegant and modern design fits your style better; check out this classy cigar travel case by Amancy. PU leather on the exterior and cedar wood on the interior creates the perfect combination to keep your favorite cigars fresh and ready to smoke. Not only does this cigar case protect your cigars from breakage – it also includes a built-in Hygrometer, Dropper and Long Humidifier to take it a step further. With the ability to hold 5 cigars, this is the perfect cigar travel case for a weekend drive. This portable humidor does the job and looks pretty sleek and perfect for the office. This is the type of travel cigar tube you can take with you on any adventure.

If you’re looking for the best travel humidor that’s easy to stuff in your pocket, this is it. 

GALINER Cigar Case Travel Mini-Humidor

If you’re looking for a top-shelf cigar travel mini humidor – the Galiner Cigar Case may be exactly what you’re looking for. Designed from genuine leather with crocodile pattern, this is the classy and professional cigar case you are looking for. The cigar case is lined with Spanish Cedar that has a nice aroma and retains moisture to keep your favorite cigars fresh and ready to enjoy. This cigar case has something most others do not – a removable cover to fit various cigar lengths. You can’t find that feature in many other cigar cases. You never know what type of cigars you will be smoking on any particular day, so it’s good to have an adjustable option. This awesome cigar mini humidor costs less than $25 at the time of this article. 

Scotte Leather & Cedar Wood Cigar Canister

Let’s say you want to carry more than the usual 3-5 cigars, but you don’t want a large, bulky box. The Scotte Leather Cigar Canister may be right up your alley. This portable cigar humidor is designed with a “canister” look and is easy to carry and stores 12-16 cigars and is perfect for use at home, office settings or to grab for a weekend trip. This leather cigar travel case has an expensive look with an affordable price tag that won’t break the bank. With a leather look exterior and cedar interior – this is a handsome cigar travel canister. A high-end version of this design could cost you around $250, but you can get this cigar travel canister by Scotte for under $25. This is a steal for anyone looking for a large cigar travel case that is easy to pack and store when you travel.

Scotte Portable Travel Cigar Humidor Case

The Scotte Travel Cigar Case makes a great gift set because it comes equipped with everything you need to get started smoking cigars. Designed from ostrich pattern leather material and 100% cedar wood lining. This is a great portable premium cigar humidor/travel cigar case and can safely store 4 cigars, cigar cutter and cigar lighter. The zipper is constructed from stainless steel so it will last a long time. This cigar travel case protects your tobacco from damage, worms and has high humidity absorption capacity to ensure your cigars stay fresh and tasty. This is one of our top picks for a luxury cigar travel case that will not only impress, but is loaded with functionality. 

Mantello Reserve Cigar Travel Humidor w/Cutters Gift Set

This cigar gift set by Mantello Cigars is nice! It has been updated to include the travel humidor, V-Cut cutter, cigar punch, 58 ring gauge cutter and an 80 ring gauge cutter. Multiple cutters for various types of cigars and cuts. The box itself is interesting in that it doesn’t look like most cigar travel humidors on the market. It has a sleek, yet sophisticated design and almost reminds me of more tactical design. More of an “incognito” design for your cigar travel humidor.

We think this is the best travel cigar case design for those who want a simple, yet effective cigar case. 

The Mantello Reserve can hold up to 5 cigars 52 Ring Gauge up to 7” long. It has an airtight built-in humidifier that’s also waterproof and crush-proof. This is a great travel cigar case for those who need more than average protection and who like to bring their cigars on adventures.

The box also has locking clasps to keep your cigars safe and fresh. The assortment of cigar cutters is worth the price of the kit. It would be hard to find another cigar travel humidor with that many accessories for under $25.

If you’re looking for the best waterproof cigar case at this price point, this is where you need to start your search.

Mrs. Brog Waterproof Travel Cigar Humidor Case

Waterproof, shockproof and it floats in water! The Mrs. Brog Cigar Humidor Case is rugged and will protect your investment. With the ability to hold up to 5 of your favorite 8” cigars, it is a great choice for those who want to take their cigars to the great outdoors, but like to have that extra protection the case affords. Drop it in the water while fishing and the day is not ruined. The outer shell of this travel cigar humidor is constructed from rugged ABS+GF material and the interior has soft urethane foam inside to give your cigars ultimate protection. You also get a built in humidifier to keep your smokes fresh and ready to burn. This is one of the best Waterproof Cigar Travel Humidor Cases for under $20. If you did a search for the best cigar travel humidor of 2020, the Mrs. Brog will be at the top of that list.

What is the Best Travel Cigar Humidor?

The best travel cigar humidor for you, may not be the best for someone else. You have a few deciding factors to consider when choosing your travel humidor. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you have to decide roughly how many cigars you want to carry at one time. You may want a pocket cigar case that can hold a handful of cigars for a weekend drive and a larger box for longer trips and to keep a few cigars at the office. The best travel cigar humidor for you is out there, you just have to do some research to find the one that fits your needs. 

How Long Will Cigars Last In a Travel Case?

If you purchase a basic cigar travel case without a humidor aspect, your cigars will stay fresh roughly 2-3 days. We’re talking about the ones that are just leather and only serve to hold your cigars. However, if you purchase a cigar travel humidor, you can keep your cigars in mint condition for up to several months on average. You want to make sure you do a little research to ensure you choose the best cigar travel humidor you can find or else you will waste money on your cigars. 

How Do You Keep Cigars Fresh While Traveling?

Since this article is all about the best cigar travel humidors on the market, our advice is to purchase a travel humidor to protect your favorite cigars. Read as many reviews as you need to make your decision, but go ahead and do it before you end up with stale cigars on vacation. There may not be a quality cigar shop close by and you will have missed out on some interesting smoking opportunities. There are endless ways you can protect your cigars while traveling, but none can compete with storing them in a high-quality travel humidor.

How Much Do Travel Cigar Cases Cost?

Depending on the type, quality and size; a travel cigar case can cost anywhere from $20 all the way up to a few hundred dollars. You don’t necessarily need to spend that much to get a quality case. There are plenty of cigar cases on the market for under $50 that will safely store enough cigars for a long weekend or a night out with friends.

How to Choose a Cigar Travel Case

Think about how often you smoke and how long you want to go in between runs to the cigar shop. For example, if you only smoke once a month, a small case would probably work. If you smoke a few cigars every weekend, then you may want a cigar travel case that can hold 5 to 7 cigars. If you smoke with friends and smoke more than one at a time, then you may want to spring for a large case. One thing you don’t want to happen is running out of cigars because you couldn’t fit them in your cigar travel case.

Also, you will have to make a choice on design. As you can see, there are premium leather options and more tactical looking designs. There are also small cases that can fit in your jacket pocket, box designs and cannisters. It all depends on your personal style as they all protect your cigars from the elements and droppage.

Will a Travel Cigar Case Work as Good as a Full-Size Humidor?

Short answer: No, but it depends on your intended usage. While a travel cigar humidor does a great job at keeping your cigars safe from damage and fresh short term; it’s our opinion that it shouldn’t be a long-term option. While they may keep your cigars in pristine condition for a long time, we’re talking about months and months of storage. Then you may need to invest in a larger, permanent box to store your cigars.

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