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Vaultek LifePod Cigar Humidor – The Toughest Cigar Box on the Planet

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You know Vaultek from their amazing gun safes and lock boxes. They make some of the toughest products on the planet that will secure and help you safely transport your most valued possessions. The Vaultek LifePod Cigar Humidor is the best way to carry your cigars if you truly want to protect them. 

If you’re like most people, your cigars get thrown around during a trip. Cigars are expensive, especially high-end brands, so it makes sense that you want to protect them from accidental damage that can happen on a road trip. This portable humidor is built like a tank and has a built-in lock system that will keep the elements out of your cigar box.

The LifePod cigar humidor is equipped with an anti-impact latch design to give you an extra level of security for your favorite cigars. I can remember every single time I damaged a cigar by being careless and throwing them in the console of my truck. The LifePod humidor is easy to stash in your car, office, boat or luggage and can hold up to 6 cigars with a ring size of 50 and 6” long. Keep in mind, you may be able to store more cigars depending on their size. 

AKA The Portable Bluetooth Humidor

You probably never thought you would see a bluetooth humidor built quite like this, but here we are with one of the most sophisticated portable humidors on the market. Vaultek has successfully integrated their tough engineered safe box with cigar smokers. The Bluetooth wireless technology is integrated into this case to give you access to temperature and humidity with the use of your smartphone. All you have to do is download the app and define your desired settings for your cigars. The device will send you an alarm if there are any changes outside of your pre-programmed settings that you create. 

Airtight, Water resistant and Dust Proof Cigar Travel Humidor

If you’ve ever used a LifePod gun case, you know they’re tough. The same can be said about the LIfePod. It has dual side compression latches that secure the case airtight and the inner rubber gasket keeps out all environmental factors. Cigars are easily ruined by temperature changes, humidity, water or other outside factors. The Vaultek Lifepod is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast or anyone who likes to travel with their cigars handy. Not only is this portable cigar humidor water resistant, but it’s also dust proof, airtight and can float on water. You can drop it from your boat and pick it up before water gets inside due to the rugged construction of this cigar box. 

Touch Activated Keypad

The Vaultek LifePod portable cigar humidor has a backlit LED keypad that you can customize and put in your code. This gives you an extra level of security and to keep people out of your cigars. All it takes is for someone to get handsy with your cigars and suddenly you don’t have any left. 

Classy Interior

The inside of a cigar box is where the best boxes outperform all the rest. The Vaultek LifePod has a Spanish cedar cigar tray that has real leather accents for those who prefer high-quality interiors. It comes with a genuine leather lid organizer for your cigar cutter, cigar lighter and important documents that you want to protect. The leather strap keeps your cigars in place and the interior pockets have room for plenty of cigar smoking accessories. You can even put a few dollars, an ID and credit cards that you want to lock up as this cigar humidor can also double as a lock box. 

Rustic Exterior

Vaultek products are well known for their tough outer shells. The LifePod has a nice rustic exterior that not only turns heads, but serves a function. The hand finished brass-painted housings look nice and keep your cigars safe and secure. The LED capacitive keypad is a nice touch that keeps unwanted guests out. You can create a unique 4-8 digit code to easily access your cigars and other important items that you store in the case. You can even disable the front keyway to keep someone from picking the lock. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to portable cigar humidors and the LifePod is ahead of competitors. 

Perfect for Hiking, Camping, Hunting and RVing

You never know what you’ll encounter while in the woods. Cigars are fragile and need special care. They’re easy to break due to bumps and drops, but you also require a certain environment or they will grow stale and dry. The best portable cigar humidors provide the perfect interior to keep your cigars fresh and ready to smoke. The Vaultek Lifepod goes a step further by providing a tough outer shell along with interior rubber gaskets that protects your cigars from even the toughest hiking trail or campsite. Many people stuff their cigars in their front shirt pocket during cold weather, but your gear straps will cut through them or squish them so that you can’t smoke. The LifePod is easy to stash in your bag or even your gun case. This is one of the best portable cigar humidors for hiking, camping and even hunting trips. 

One of the Best Portable Cigar Humidors on the Market

The LifePod humidor gives you a multitude of features that not only protect your cigars from outside factors, but also provides the best interior to keep your cigars fresh. The Bluetooth system is icing on the cake and the fact that you get a notification when the interior environment changes is all the more reason to consider adding this cigar box to your wishlist. It’s tough, classy and fits the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and travelers. 

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