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Walker’s XCEL 500BT Electronic Shooting Earmuffs Review

Walker's Excel electronic shooting earmuffs

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Walker’s XCEL 500BT Electronic active shooting hearing protection is the latest addition to their popular sound amplification and noise cancellation devices. This product provides exceptional auditory protection from gunfire, perfect for hunting and shooting range activities. Read our review to learn more about the features and performance of these high-quality earmuffs.

Protecting your hearing while enjoying your favorite outdoor activities, such as hunting and shooting, is essential. Fortunately, with the advancement in technology, electronic shooting earmuffs are available that provide superior hearing protection without sacrificing comfort and convenience. This review will discuss the Walker’s XCEL 500BT Electronic Shooting Earmuffs, a high-quality electronic earmuff that offers excellent hearing protection, crystal clear sound quality, and Bluetooth connectivity. We will delve into this earmuff’s features, advantages, and disadvantages to help you determine if it is the right choice for your hearing protection needs.

Pros & Cons of the Walker’s XCEL 500BT Electronic Active Shooting Hearing Protector

The Walker’s XCEL 500BT Electronic Active Shooting Hearing protection system is great for those looking for high-quality sound amplification earmuffs with excellent noise cancellation capabilities. Its dual amplified speakers provide clear hearing without muffling, and its slim design makes it comfortable to wear for extended hours. Its 22 dB noise reduction rating also provides excellent hearing protection from dangerous gunshot blasts. However, its high price point may only be ideal for some budget shoppers.

The Walker’s XCEL 500BT includes several convenient features, such as an adjustable headband for a personalized fit, collapsible earcups for compact storage, and Bluetooth connectivity to listen to music while shooting. On the other hand, this plastic product may need to be more durable for all activities. Its lack of LED lighting makes seeing in low-light conditions difficult. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line ear protector with excellent sound amplification capabilities to keep your hearing safe during noisy gun discharges, the Walker’s XCEL 500BT Electronic Active Shooting Hearing Protection might be worth considering.

Overview of Walker’s XCEL 500BT active electronic shooting hearing protector.

Walker’s XCEL 500BT, Electronic Active Shooting Hearing protection, offers superior sound amplification and noise cancellation and is on par with leading electronic earmuffs such as the Sordin Supreme Pro X. It features two amplified speakers with a slim design for comfort and maximum visibility. Additionally, the product has an impressive 22dB NRR (Noise Reduction Rating), making it suitable for indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. Its noise-canceling microphone lets you have clear conversations without background noise interrupting your dialogue.

You can choose from four sound profiles – three indoor and one outdoor – which optimizes the sound quality, allowing you to better hear the target before shooting. You can even connect the product to your mobile devices, so you can listen to music or take calls in comfort. This product also has Bluetooth integration, allowing for fast and easy connectivity. Thanks to its superior features and premium build quality, Walker’s XCEL 500BT Electronic Active Shooting Hearing protection is the perfect choice for any shooter who needs top-of-the-line ear protection.

Performance Test Results for the Walker’s XCEL 500BT Earmuffs.

After testing the Walker’s XCEL 500BT Electronic Shooting Earmuffs, we found they provide excellent noise reduction capabilities and clarity. In terms of sound amplification, they effectively increase any sound coming in at around 85 decibels to a tolerable level. Furthermore, the microphones also work well in canceling background noises allowing for clear conversations even in loud environments.

All of these features make the Walker’s XCEL 500BT perfect for anyone participating in shooting sports and other activities like hunting, construction work, and more. With a comfortable fit and adjustable audio level, you can find the settings that best suit your playback needs. Additionally, the additional Bluetooth capability allows for seamless connections with most phones and other audio devices.

Benefits of the Walker’s XCEL 500BT Electronic Shooting Earmuffs.

You get the best of both worlds with Walker’s XCEL 500BT shooting earmuffs. The earmuffs provide excellent noise reduction for loud noises, including gunshots and other loud sounds encountered during target shooting. At the same time, sound amplification allows you to pick up on small and medium sounds without cranking up the volume too high. Additionally, these earmuffs have a long battery life, so you don’t need to worry about constantly replacing them.

Not to mention, these earmuffs are incredibly comfortable. The headband is padded and adjustable, so you can easily customize it to fit perfectly. With the help of noise cancellation technology, you can stay focused on your shooting range session without worrying about damaging your hearing in the process. Plus, they’re ANSI-rated, meaning they meet all industry standards for ear protection. Whether a beginner or a professional shooter, these sleek and stylish earmuffs provide top-notch protection and convenience at an affordable price.


In conclusion, the Walker’s XCEL 500BT Electronic Shooting Earmuffs are an exceptional choice for anyone seeking high-quality hearing protection while enjoying outdoor activities such as hunting and shooting. With a superior noise reduction rating, crystal clear sound quality, and Bluetooth connectivity, these earmuffs provide comfort and convenience. While they may be pricier than some other electronic earmuffs on the market, their quality and performance make them a worthwhile investment. The only downside is their size, which may be better for some users. However, the Walker’s XCEL 500BT Electronic Shooting Earmuffs are an excellent choice for anyone looking for reliable and high-performance electronic earmuffs for their hearing protection needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Walker’s XCEL 500BT Electronic Shooting Earmuffs:

  1. How do Walker’s XCEL 500BT earmuffs work? The earmuffs use advanced sound-activated compression technology to provide hearing protection while still allowing you to hear important sounds, like range commands or conversations with fellow shooters. The earmuffs also feature Bluetooth connectivity, so you can stream audio from your phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device.

  2. How comfortable are these earmuffs to wear? The earmuffs have a comfortable and adjustable headband, and the ear cups are padded with soft foam for added comfort. They are designed to be lightweight and easy to wear for extended periods of time.

  3. What is the noise reduction rating (NRR) of these earmuffs? The NRR of the Walker’s XCEL 500BT earmuffs is 26 decibels (dB), which provides ample protection for most shooting scenarios.

  4. Can these earmuffs be used for other activities besides shooting? Yes, these earmuffs can be used for any activity where hearing protection is needed, such as hunting, construction work, or operating loud machinery.

  5. How long does the battery last on these earmuffs? The earmuffs use two AAA batteries, and the battery life can vary depending on usage. However, the earmuffs have an auto shut-off feature to help conserve battery life.

  6. How do I pair my phone or other Bluetooth device with these earmuffs? To pair your device, turn on the earmuffs and put them in pairing mode. Then, on your device, search for Bluetooth devices and select “Walker’s XCEL 500BT” from the list of available devices. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the pairing process.

  7. Can I take calls while wearing these earmuffs? Yes, the earmuffs allow you to take calls while wearing them, thanks to their Bluetooth connectivity. Simply answer the call through the earmuffs and speak normally into the built-in microphone.

  8. How do I clean my earmuffs? To clean the earmuffs, gently wipe down the ear cups and headband with a soft, damp cloth. Do not immerse the earmuffs in water or use harsh chemicals to clean them.