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Wincent Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols

Wincent car gun safe

The Wincent biometric gun safe for pistols is one of the best small safes you can buy. It’s perfect for your home, auto, office, workshop or anywhere that you need a dependable pistol safe. Biometric or fingerprint pistol safes are one of the best ways to keep your pistols secured and ready for action at a moment’s notice. 

We recently tested the Wincent biometric gun safe to see if it met our specifications for heavy-duty use and it absolutely exceeded our expectations. Here are a few keynotes that we loved about this pistol gun safe. 

Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols

If you’ve done any amount of research on pistol gun safes you’ve definitely heard of biometric or fingerprint gun safes. These give you immediate access to your pistols by using your fingerprint. You can add additional users if you want to give other family members, employees or friends access to your pistols in the event you’re unable to. 

The Wincent biometric pistol safe utilizes the best technology on the market to produce their biometric gun safes. A quick access gun safe is great to have if you’re concerned about personal safety. You don’t want to get caught fumbling around with a key or keypad in an emergency situation. Most people freeze when faced with danger and may not make the best decisions, but a biometric handgun safe minimizes the time needed to get your hands on your handgun.

Multiple Ways to Access Your Pistols

The Wincent fingerprint pistol safe gives you 3 ways to access your guns: fingerprint pad, backup keys and keypad. You can program up to 100 individual fingerprints and choose your own keypad code. It’s good to have multiple ways to open your gun safe just in case. 

Quick Access Gun Safe

You can open this gun safe in a matter of seconds simply by using your fingerprint. The great thing about having a fingerprint gun safe by your bedside if you can roll over and pop it open if an intruder crosses your threshold. You can even open it while taking cover instead of using a physical key that can lose precious seconds. 

It has built-in LED lights that allow you to see just enough to grab what you need in the dark. You don’t want to fumble around when searching for your gun. 

Wincent biometric gun safe for multiple pistols

Extremely Heavy-Duty Construction

One thing we always look for in a pistol safe is heavy-duty construction. You want a gun safe that will last for years and can’t simply be broken into. The Wincent biometric pistol safe is made with heavy-duty steel that’s extremely durable and will serve you for years. I was surprised at how sturdy this gun safe was and could tell it was tough the second I picked it up. 

Wincent uses high-pressure die casting when building their gun safes to make them resistant to impact and drops. 

Anti-Theft Capabilities

A thief would not be able to open this gun safe with regular tools due to the built-in hinges and anti-impact latches. They could even try using a pry bar and it wouldn’t work due to the construction process that Wincent employs when developing their gun safes.

Another failsafe that we liked was the alarm and lockdown that the Wincent gun safe employs if the wrong password is used 5 times in a row. This is a great feature to have especially if you have children. You will know when they play with it and hit the wrong keys. 

This gun safe came to us with a safety cable that can be secured to other items. This makes it even harder for a criminal to grab your safe and run. 

Large Biometric Pistol Safe

The Wincent gun safe can hold more than one pistol. In fact, it can secure two regular pistols or a large pistol and a small pistol plus ammo and other important items. Many people secure a pistol, clip, ammo, cash and a passport just in case they have to grab and go. 

Emergency USB Type-C Port

This pistol gun safe by Wincent has a feature I had never even considered, but would not purchase a biometric gun safe without it. The emergency USB Type-C port allows you to provide power to your gun safe in the event your batteries die so that you can still open your safe. It’s a great feature to have and can keep you from accidentally forgetting to change your batteries and getting locked out of your gun safe. 

Gun Safe for the Office

The Wincent pistol safe is large enough for 2 pistols and the perfect size for your desk. You can put it in your bottom drawer just in case of emergency and you can use the cable to secure it to furniture where no one can see it. 

Gun Safe for Home

I recommend having multiple biometric pistol safes throughout your home because you never know what room you will be in if someone breaks into your home. You can put one on your nightstand, bathroom, home office or anywhere that you spend a good amount of time and want extra protection. 

Gun Safe for Vehicle

You need to secure your pistols when you travel. The last thing you want to happen is for a child to grab your gun from the glove box or from under the seat and hurt themselves or someone else. Vehicle gun safes also deter people from taking your gun. You can still use the included cable to further secure it to your vehicle. 

Gun Safe Shipping

Wincent took great care in making sure I received this gun safe in perfect condition. They packaged it correctly and included buffers to prevent damage while shipping. I received my package quickly and had zero issues.


The Wincent biometric pistol safe exceeded our expectations and has become a staple in my home. I know where my firearms are at all times and I can relax knowing that unauthorized users can’t just grab my guns. I also love the fact that I can access a pistol within a matter of seconds in the event of an emergency. 

This is an affordable biometric pistol safe that can hold 2 pistols and extra ammo. 

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