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Xifei Waterproof Travel Cigar Humidor

best portable cigar humidor

The Xifei travel cigar humidor is designed to protect your cigars and is built like a tank. Made from heavy-duty plastic materials, this travel humidor can take some abuse and still keep your cigars fresh and tasty. It has two latches to keep environmental factors out and the flexible gasket seals the lid.  

While the exterior of the Xifei travel cigar humidor is made from tough plastic, the interior is lined with cedar wood to give your cigars a nice environment to keep fresh and stay moist for your enjoyment.  -CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Holds 4 Large Cigars 

The Xifei travel humidor holds 4 cigars comfortably and has a cigar tray that keeps your cigars from rolling around inside. Keeping your cigars secure is the best way to ensure they are safe and protected. The cedar tray is made to fit large cigars and is molded to keep them in place. The travel humidor measures 8 x 4.8 x 1.65 inches and is the perfect size for the office, business trips, extended weekends on the road, golfing, cruises and more.  

Travel Humidors Keep Your Cigars Fresh 

Many cigar cases are simply for transporting cigars, but the Xifei travel humidor goes a few steps further. You need a good humidor to keep your cigars fresh and healthy. Cigars tend to dry out and get stale if you don’t place them in a humidor for safe-keeping. Travel cigar humidors are perfect for the road, vacation or at home if you keep cigars for a few days before smoking them. You don’t want to have to make a run to the store every time you want to smoke a cigar.  

Travel Cigar Humidors Aren’t Just For Traveling 

You already know you need a humidor to keep your cigars crisp and fresh, but travel humidors aren’t just for the road. Many people use travel humidors as their main home or office humidor since they’re cost effective and don’t take up much space. You can set them on your desk with 4 of your favorite cigars or keep them at home close to your bourbon.  

Waterproof Travel Humidor 

The Xifei travel cigar humidor is designed to be tough and keep out unwanted environmental factors such as rain and water. While it’s not advised to fully submerge your cigar case, it will deflect rain and the occasional spill. You never know when a rain storm will hit your area and you could be caught outdoors with expensive cigars. Simply latch the top and protect your investment. The sturdy snap enclosure creates a tight fit and the buckle doubles as a cigar stand for when you’re outdoors and need to lay your cigar down for a brief moment. Flexible gaskets help keep the lid secure and sealed.  

Nice Aroma 

This small travel humidor is built with real cedar wood. As you know, cedar smells nice and gives off a nice aroma. Cigar smoking can smell bad to some people, but the cedar gives your cigars a nice scent and masks some unpleasant smells.  


This travel cigar humidor measures 8” x 4.8” x 1.65” and is lightweight enough to carry easily in your hiking pack, camping supplies, briefcase, etc.  

What You Get 

You will receive the Xifei travel cigar humidor, the small humidifier, cedar tray that is not removable and the confidence of knowing your smokes are safe and sound.  

Our Take 

The Xifei travel cigar humidor is a widely reviewed cigar case that has been put to the test by many users and has exceeded expectations. It easily holds up to 4 large cigars in a watertight case that functions as a humidor. The size and lightweight construction make it easy to take on any trip or stash in your bag for safekeeping. We always recommend keeping your cigars in a hard case for protection, but it’s also nice to know this case has a humidor. There’s nothing worse than trying to smoke a dry and stale cigar and the Xifei travel cigar humidor ensures that you have the best cigar smoking experience possible.  

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