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How to Find Water in the Wilderness

Water is one of the most important resources you will have in nearly any scenario, from a survival standpoint to every day business. With that being said, you must know how to find water in the wilderness.  Our bodies are made of roughly 60-70 percent water, that alone lets you…

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The Survival Library

Written by John L. Davis IV Knowledge is power, especially in a survival situation. The more knowledge you have, from the multiple ways to make fire, to shelter-building, to water acquisition and sustenance, the better off you and your group will be. Without those most basic abilities, survival just becomes a…

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Zombies, Halloween, and You

Guest post by David Dubrow For children, Halloween ranks right up there with Christmas as the best time of year.  For the informed adult concerned about the coming Zombie Apocalypse, Halloween can be a definite gut check.  It doesn’t mean, however, that you have to dread it entirely; costumes, free candy,…

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