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Historic Main Street- A Short Story by Margaret King

Your eyelids come down like the shutter of an old-time camera aperture: a blink. That’s all: one moment, and life, your life, everyone else’s life, the world, are forever changed. You will rub your eyes again and again, wondering whether you are dreaming, whether you have lost your mind, or…

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The Wrong Type of Apocalypse- a Short Story by Matthew Cormack

“What the fuck!” Jenny looked up from the chicken and mushroom instant noodle pot she had been stirring for the best part of five minutes, trying to muster up the merest hint of an appetite for the sorry looking mess that was meant to be her lunch. But with their…

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Trick or Treat- A short story by Jack Porteous

James adjusted his cheap plastic pig mask, the inside of it wet and uncomfortable with his own breath. Through the piss-poor eyeholes, he could just about make out the battered man slumped against the brick wall. The dark of the night didn’t help. “Why the fuck are we wearing these…

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