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The Best Biometric Gun Safes of 2022

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By: Rome / Last Updated July 22, 2022

You need a dependable gun safe if you have guns. It’s part of being a responsible gun owner. Gun safes safeguard against unauthorized users accessing your guns as well as protecting against theft. The last thing you want is the wrong person getting control of your firearms and hurting themselves or using them against you and your family. Gun safes come in all shapes and sizes such as large, medium, handgun, desk, vehicle and more depending on what you need. You can even install hidden gun safes throughout your home or office. 

Biometric Gun Safes

Biometric gun safes alleviate many issues by giving you quick access to your firearms. High-resolution biometric scanners are one of the best ways to get your guns when you really need them and can store multiple fingerprints. This allows you to authorize certain household members to gain access to your guns in an emergency situation.  

Biometric Gun Safes Can Be Opened Multiple Ways

You can open a biometric gun safe 3 different ways:

  1. Fingerprint scanner
  2. Physical key
  3. Keypad

Most gun owners prefer having more than one way to open their biometric gun safe to give them peace of mind. The world is extremely unpredictable and you want to always be prepared. 

Here are 3 Reasons to Own a Biometric Gun Safe:

  1. You can access your firearms quickly in dangerous situations. 
  2. Biometric safes secure your firearms from unauthorized users in your household.
  3. You can access your firearms without fumbling with keys, codes or combinations.

Vaultek RS Series Biometric Gun Safe – Amazon 

The Vaultek Biometric Gun Safe is designed to store and protect rifles, handguns and shotguns. It can even safeguard gun accessories and other important valuables. It keeps 5-7 long rifles, 6-8 handguns and is the perfect gun safe for the office, bedroom, home or closet. It’s tough, well-built and rugged enough to keep hands off of your guns. Made from 14-gauge carbon steel with a durable powdercoat finish, the Vaultek biometric gun safe is protected from corrosion and will last forever. This is the type of gun safe you can pass on to your children. It’s dependable and one of the best long gun safes you can buy. 

Quick access to your guns is the name of the game and the Vaultek performs under pressure. The high-resolution biometric scanner is oversized so you can see it quickly and can store up to 20 unique fingerprints to give multiple users access to weapons. The auto-illuminating 8-digit keypad assists you in opening the gun safe. If you’re concerned with someone breaking into your home and stealing your entire gun safe, the Vaultek comes with 4 solid steel locking bolts, interior hinges, anti-pry bars and impact detection to give you the best protection against theft you will find. This biometric gun safe comes with an accessory starter kit that has a universal twin holster and 3 barrel mounts with adapters to give you the option to customize your gun safe. The Vaultek RS Series gun safe is one of the best biometric gun safes on the market.  

The Vaultek RS is also one of the best long gun safes for the money as they don’t cost a fortune and you get a ton of features. We highly recommend it to anyone that has rifles and shotguns they want to secure. It’s one of the most dependable high-tech gun safes you will find and has a multitude of positive reviews from users. 

This is by far one of the best biometric rifle safes due to cost, features and dependability. You can’t go wrong with the Vaultek RS Series Biometric Gun Safe. 

Moutec Biometric Rifle Gun Safe – Amazon

Moutec has a large offering of gun safes. This particular biometric gun safe is larger and deeper than other models so you can store more weapons and has a separate handgun lock box. Most gun owners have various size rifles, shotguns and handguns and this gun safe can accommodate all of them.

You can fit roughly 5-6 rifles with or without scopes – this is important as you don’t want to constantly remove your scopes. Included is a separate lockbox to keep important items such as handguns, extra bullets, documents and cash.

The door is tamper-resistant, rugged steel and pry-proof just in case someone tries to steal the contents. The electronic keypad has a silent mode and the biometric technology has the ability to retain 100 fingerprints. If you’re looking for the best gun safe to store a few rifles with scopes, the Moutec is one to check out. 

You have the option to give access to household members and keep others out. You can create your own passcode or use a spare key to access your guns. This biometric gun safe is sturdy and gives you super quick access to your firearms in case of emergency or evacuation. This biometric gun safe is easy to install and has 5 pre-punched mounting holes to ensure no one ever leaves with your gun safe. Attach the Moutec biometric gun safe to the floor or wall for maximum security.  

We think the Moutec Biometric Gun Safe is one of the best small long gun safes to adequately protect your firearms.

Quicktec Large Biometric Gun Safe with Safe – Amazon

This gun safe by Quicktec is a large biometric gun safe that can hold rifles, shotguns and handguns. It’s large and deep so you can keep your scopes on your rifles and not worry about limited space. The biometric scanner can save up to 125 fingerprints and has a higher identify rate than other biometric gun safes. It features one-handed quick access so you can grab your guns at a moment’s notice. You never know when you will need firepower, so this is a great option to have on a gun safe. The Quicktec biometric gun safe is deeper than most biometric rifle gun safes and features a lockbox to store extra bullets, cash, a handgun, passports and other important documents that you need to keep safe. The safe itself has a 13.8” depth and measures 14” wide x 13.8 deep x 57.2 height and can safeguard 5-6 rifles or shotguns.  

What you get: The Quicktec biometric rifle gun safe comes with the gun cabinet, 2 emergency keys, 4 anchor bolts for added security, AA batteries and keys for the lockbox. Overall, it’s a great biometric gun safe that doesn’t break the bank and is one of the best gun safes on our list. 

Langger Large Biometric Rifle Safe – Amazon

Langger gun safes provide a higher level of security for your guns through tough 14-gauge carbon steel design with a thick door to prevent theft. Guns are expensive and you can’t have someone walking away with them.

The Langger biometric gun safe also keeps unauthorized household members from accessing dangerous weapons. The Langger gun safe is large and can easily fit 5-7 rifles with plenty of room for handguns. It comes with 5 solid steel locking bolts that increase effectiveness and anti-pry bars with interior hinges to keep people out. It’s larger than most biometric rifle safes and you can store your guns with or without attachments and scopes.

This biometric gun safe comes with a handgun lock box for extra storage options and it’s easy to install with pre-drilled mounting holes. Three ways of entry gives you options with the auto-illuminating keypad, 2 emergency keys and the Smart Align-Biometric Scanner. The Langger is one of the best biometric rifle safes on the market.  

Moutec Large Biometric Rifle Safe – Amazon 

Moutec makes great products and their large biometric rifle gun safe fits the bill. It can safeguard anywhere from 5 – 7 long rifles and a few handguns. You can get to your firearms quick in case of emergency with the biometric fingerprint or code. You never know when you will need your guns and it’s important to be able to reach them instantaneous. The Moutec large biometric rifle gun safe is designed from 14-gauge carbon steel housing with an 11-gauge door construction with a finish that will protect against corrosion. You can access your valuables with 3 different options: 

  1. Smart Align Biometric scanner 
  2. Auto-Illuminating 4-digit keypad with a proximity sensor 
  3. Spare keys in case you forget your code or want to give someone else access. 

 This is a relatively cheap biometric rifle gun safe made by a dependable company. Moutec makes some of the best gun safes you will find.  

Best Biometric Handgun Safes

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe – Amazon 

The Vaultek VT20i is one of the highest rated biometric handgun safes you can buy. Designed to hold 1 handgun with a magazine, cash, passport and other important documents. This is the perfect handgun safe that can mount or tether to your desk, closet, nightstand, office and even your vehicle. It’s compact and travels easily. Throw it in your car, bag or luggage and you’re ready to travel with your handgun. Don’t let the Vaultek’s small size fool you, it’s made from 16-gauge carbon steel that will keep your handguns safe. The Vaultek VT20i tops the list as the best biometric gun safe you will find. 

Grab your gun quickly with the high-resolution biometric scanner that can store up to 20 unique fingerprints. The keypad auto illuminates so you can see it. You can open this biometric handgun safe with the biometric scanner, keypad, manual keys or your smartphone. The Vaultek VT20i biometric handgun safe use Smart Safe Technology that allows you to open the safe with your smartphone. You can turn the Bluetooth feature on or off depending on how you prefer to access your handguns. The Vaultek VT20i is one of the best biometric handgun safes with Bluetooth technology. 

If you’re looking for the best biometric pistol safe, this one should be on your list. Vaultek makes awesome gun safes and there is something for everyone in their product line. 

Awesafe Biometric Fingerprint for 2 Handguns – Amazon

Awesafe makes high-quality biometric handgun safes and this addition to the lineup is a must-have. Most gun owners have more than one handgun, but you may not want to buy a large rifle gun safe to store a couple of handguns. The Awesafe biometric handgun safe XL can safeguard two standard size handguns plus extra ammo. This is a great gun safe for those who want to arm another household member during an emergency. Made from solid steel with a pry-resistant door, this is a highly reliable biometric gun safe that’s nearly impossible to pry open. You have 3 easy ways to access your guns:  

  1. Biometric fingerprint scanner 
  2. Keypad  
  3. Manual keys 

You want to ensure you have multiple ways to access your handguns because you never know what state of mind you will be in when you need them. You don’t want to fumble with keys or trying to remember a code during an extreme emergency. Overall, the Awesafe 2 Handgun Biometric Gun Safe is a great addition to your collection.  

Vaultek MX Series Multiple Handgun Safe – Amazon

Vaultek does it again with this high-capacity smart handgun safe. You can store multiple handguns in this smart safe and have quick access to your firearms.

The Vaultek MX Biometric Handgun Safe can store 8 handguns, cash, passports, foreign currency, extra ammo and other valuables and still have plenty of room. Designed from 14-gauge carbon steel with a 12-gauge steel door, this handgun safe is nearly impossible to break into. It has anti-pry bars and dual anti-impact latches to give maximum safekeeping and has an alarm if the impact detection system detects an impact or bump.

The high-resolution biometric fingerprint scanner can store up to 20 fingertips and the 8-digit keypad gives you multiple ways to access your handguns. It also has manual keys or Smart Key Nano in case you prefer the old-fashioned way. This biometric handgun safe is Wi-Fi compatible and allows you access to live safe data from your smart phone or computer. You can check it while at work or driving around town to ensure your firearms are safe and secure. The sensors also alert you in the event your gun safe experiences impact, tampering attempts, opening and more. The Vaultek MX Multiple Pistol Storage is one of the best biometric handgun safes for those who have multiple handguns.  

Awesafe Biometric One or Two Handgun Capacity – Amazon

If you’re looking for a biometric gun safe for a 1-2 handguns, Awesafe has you covered. This biometric handgun safe is designed to hold either one large pistol or 2 standard handguns plus extra ammunition.

It’s good to have options because you never know when you will decide to buy a new handgun. The Awesafe biometric handgun safe is made with solid steel and features a pry-resistant door to keep your guns secure from unauthorized users. The precise fittings, locking mechanisms, solid construction and anti-pry door makes this gun safe impossible to crack.

The Awesafe biometric gun safe comes equipped with LED lighting and a gas strut to give you silent opening and is perfect for a bedside safe. You don’t want an intruder to know you’re reaching for a weapon. You can carry this gun safe anywhere due to its compact size and design. Carry it in your vehicle, office, trunk or other places. Awesafe makes some of the best biometric gun safes in this price point and will serve you for years to come.  

RPNB Quick-Access Biometric Handgun Safe – Amazon

RPNB is another heavy-hitter in the gun safe business. This biometric gun safe is designed for a handgun and gives you 3 ways to grab your gun in a hurry such as, biometric fingerprint scanner, backlit keypad and physical keys. This biometric gun safe is perfect for a firearm, passports, important documents, cash and more. These gun safes are designed to last forever and can take a lot of damage. It has pre-drilled holes for floor mounting that will adequately secure your gun safe. You don’t want someone just grabbing your gun safe and running. The pry-resistant door and steel housing prevents attempted smash-and-grabs. 

MAXSafes Biometric Gun Safe – Amazon

The MAXSafes biometric gun safe features biometric finger vein recognition that gives you super-fast access to your firearms. Biometric gun safes are more secure than basic keypad locks and you can grab your gun in a hurry with one hand. The MAXSafe holds up to 2 large handguns plus money, passports, magazines and other important items you may want to have on hand in case of an emergency. 

This fingerprint gun safe is constructed from heavy-duty 14 gauge carbon steel housing that will keep your firearms safe. The door is 14 gauge and pry resistant so a thief cannot simply jam something in there and attempt to pry it open. The locking mechanism is in fact so strong that you cannot use hand tools to open it. 

The MAXSafe makes a great nightstand gun safe, vehicle gun safe, desk gun safe because you can easily mount it to a desk or inside your vehicle to protect your guns and valuable anywhere you go. Many people have a biometric gun safe in their home, vehicle and at the office as you never truly know when you will need access to a firearm.

Vaultek Barikade Series 2 Compact Pistol Safe – Amazon

Vaultek makes some of the best biometric pistol safes for your home, business or vehicle. The Vaultek Barikade Series 2 is their new lineup of compact biometric fingerprint gun safes for handguns. It’s compact enough to hide your handguns anywhere and can secure guns up to 10.875” in total length as well as cash, jewelry and important documents. 

You can store up to 20 fingerprints on the Vaultek Barikade which is plenty for a family or group of friends that may need to access your firearms. The gun safe itself is made with 14-gauge steel that’s impossible to pry into thanks to the anti-pry reinforcement. It also has tamper detection and comes with a security cable to keep it in place. 

We like the lid organizer that helps keep your cash, cards, passports and important documents organized and in one place so you don’t have to fumble looking for them. You have 3 modes of accessing your biometric gun safe: manual keys, smart sense digital keypad and the biometric scanner. 

This biometric pistol safe gives you alerts for low battery and has a tamper indication. You get 2 keys, mounting hardware and a 4-foot long steel security cable that will help you install your gun safe right out of the box. 

One thing you will notice about the Vaultek Barikade Series versus previous models is that it has a heavier steel gauge. Also, the fingerprint scanner is easier to use and more reliable than other models.

XDeer Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols – Amazon

The XDeer has everything you need for a high-quality biometric gun safe for pistols. It’s designed with a semiconductor fingerprint scanner that reads super fast within 0.1 seconds and will give you immediate access to your firearms. It’s small enough to secure on your nightstand, vehicle or other locations where you want to protect your firearms and have quick access to them. 

This biometric fingerprint pistol safe is made tough and is designed from hardened carbon steel that’s impossible to break into. It has a pry-resistant door that stops thieves from cracking your gun safe with a crowbar or other tool. The entire body is welded and pry-proof with a double-layer steel housing to protect your firearms. 

You have 3 ways to open this biometric pistol safe: fingerprint, physical key and PIN code. This is a great way to keep your firearms ready at all times with the press of a button. You can store up to 20 different fingerprints on this fingerprint gun safe in the event you want other members of your household or friends to have access to your pistols. 

We like the XDeer biometric gun safe for pistols because it’s made incredibly tough, pry-resistant and the fingerprint scanner works great.

Stealth Biometric Handgun Hanger Safe – Amazon

The Stealth Biometric Handgun Hanger Safe is different than most other gun safes. The hanger design allows you to safeguard 5 handguns, 3 at the ready and 2 handguns laid flat. This is great for emergency events where you need to arm household members quickly. The 3/8” solid steel door has anti-pry tabs that keep people from accessing your guns without your permission. It’s also straw and pick proof and is DOJ approved. You have 3 ways to access your handguns: biometric fingerprint scanner, laser cut override key and electronic code. This is a top-tier hanger style handgun safe that can compete with the best on the market.  

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Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe Buyers Guide + FAQ

The Best Biometric Gun Safes

The best biometric gun safes come with multiple features that make securing your guns easy. Whether you have handguns, rifles, shotguns or an assortment of various types, there is a biometric gun safe with your name on it.  

Biometric Gun Safes vs. Combination Gun Safes

Biometric gun safes are fast, efficient and allow you quick access to your firearms. They use cutting-edge technology to secure your valuables. Biometric gun safes use your fingerprint to give you access. The scanner recognizes your fingerprint and can store different fingerprints to allow you to give other users access with your permission. 

A combination or lock gun safe requires a key or knowledge of the combination and anyone can access them. There’s no record of who opened your safe like there are on some biometric gun safes that store fingerprints. Plus, it can be cumbersome to open a combination safe in an emergency where you can simply press your fingerprint to a biometric gun safe and have immediate access to your firearms. 

Biometric gun safes may cost more, they offer many features that you simply cannot get on a combination gun safe. While anyone can crack a combination gun safe, only registered users who scanned their fingerprints with your permission can access a biometric gun safe. 

Biometric Gun Safes are Easy to Open

One reason that gun owners love biometric gun safes is that they’re extremely easy to open. All you have to do is press your fingertip and they give you immediate access to your guns. You may find yourself in a situation where you need a quick-access gun safe to defend yourself against intruders. Some gun owners simply enjoy being able to open their biometric gun safes without using a key or having to punch in a code on the keypad. 

Biometric Gun Safes and Self Defense

Biometric gun safes are perfect for self-defense because they allow you to grab a gun in a split second. They also make it easier to access your gun if you find yourself in an emergency situation. This is why many people use biometric gun safes in their bedrooms. You can quickly grab a firearm if you hear someone in you home without fumbling with keypads, combinations or keys. Biometric gun safes are the best way to defend yourself during the night and still keep your firearms locked for unauthorized users. 

Gun Safe Fingerprint

You may have heard people talk about their fingerprint gun safe and wondered what they were talking about. The technology on fingerprint gun safes has improved drastically over the years. They’ve added additional safety measures and made the fingerprint scanners more reliable and able to hold more fingerprints. You can add more users on your fingerprint gun safe than ever before. 

Pros and Cons of Biometric Gun Safes

Biometric fingerprint gun safes are hot right now. You have more choices than ever and the quality is incredibly high. You can get tons of features depending on your gun safe needs and they make them for pistols and long rifles. However, as with everything, there are pros and cons to buying biometric fingerprint safes. 

First, the Pros of Biometric Fingerprint Safes

The main reason gun owners buy fingerprint gun safes is convenience and quick access to your firearms. You don’t have to fumble with a combination or key and you can allow multiple people to access by registering their fingerprints. No one can take your keys or crack the combination. 

Quick Access

You can access your firearms faster with a biometric fingerprint gun safe. They’re great for real emergencies because you won’t have to rely on remembering your combination or finding your key, simply use your fingertips and gain access to guns. 

You Can Give Access to Multiple Trusted Users

Most, if not all biometric fingerprint gun safes allow you to register multiple fingerprints to grant access to other people that you trust. It makes sense that you would want family and certain friends to be able to access your guns in case of an emergency. You could get shot and others need to grab a firearm to protect themselves. If they’re fingerprints are registered with your biometric gun safe, they can easily open your gun safe. 

Biometric Gun Safes Are More Secure

Human fingerprints are extremely unique. Biometric scanners use the newest technology to scan fingerprints and they don’t make mistakes. They’re far more secure than keypad safes because someone could get your code. Combination safes can be cracked and key lock safes can be opened with the key. No other type of gun safe gives as much security to your firearms and valuables as a biometric gun safe. 

Next, the Cons of Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safes

No product is designed perfectly and biometric gun safes also have disadvantages to combination gun safes. 

Sometimes They Fail to Recognize a Fingerprint

While rare, we have heard it happens occasionally. A non-scan is when a biometric gun safe doesn’t recognize a recorded fingerprint and fails to open. This can be an issue if you need your firearm in an emergency. This happened a lot with older models and has almost been completely rectified, but it can still happen. Also, older individuals may have less defined fingerprints and may have trouble using the scanner. It’s a rare event, but has happened before. Keep in mind, no gun safe is perfect and has flaws. 

You Need Power

Electronic scanners require power to scan fingerprints. The best biometric fingerprint gun safes will alert you once the battery power is low, but your scanner could stop working if you don’t pay attention to it. 

They Can Be Expensive

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best biometric fingerprint gun safes on the market. They’re more affordable now than they were in the past. Keep in mind, cheap biometric fingerprint gun safes can have problems and can end up costing you more in the long run. Biometric gun safes usually cost more than their combination or key counterparts due to the added technology and convenience. You get what you pay for and biometric gun safes can be a worthy investment to secure your firearms and other valuables. 

Biometric Gun Safes Are a Great Investment

While there are always pros and cons, we believe biometric fingerprint gun safes to be a worthy investment. They’re easy to use, give you quick access to firearms in emergencies and allow you to grant access to multiple people. It’s worth a little extra money to get a high-quality biometric gun safe to secure your valuables. 


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