12 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Outdoorsmen

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Dad has always been there for you – he changed your diaper, taught you how to ride your bike and helped you move into your college dorms. He’s not the easiest person to buy. He buys what he needs, when he needs it. You can drop hints to figure out what he wants, but he says, “Just save your money.”

You’re not going to save your money; you are going to buy him the coolest Father’s Day gifts you can get your hands on this year.

WYNEX Molle Visor Panel Organizer

If your dad is like most dads; he carries everything he needs in his vehicle “Just in case.” I’m sure you heard his voice when you read that, I know I did. The Wynex Molle Visor Panel Organizer gives him extra slots and pockets to carry his essentials. Made from super rugged 1000D nylon material and extra stitching to make sure it can handle what he needs. Easy to install and fits most vehicles. You get three transparent pouches to put ID cards and park permits, plus a larger side document pocket to put things like maps, licenses and other important documents. The 3 rows of rugged Molle webbing should be enough for his gear such as tactical pens and flashlights, you know, “Just in case.” It’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it, as he always used to say.

Tacticool Car Seat Back Organizer

Your dad drives a lot and probably has tools all over the passenger seat and back seat of his vehicle. The Tacticool car and truck seat organizer is designed to help him organize his stuff and keep it within arm’s reach for when he really needs it. This tactical molle vehicle panel is made tough and has enough pockets to satisfy even the biggest pack-rat. This tactical truck organizer has 6 rows of mole panels so you can add molle pouches, EMT bags, guns, bullets, fishing gear, emergency kits, tools, books, you name it and there’s probably a space for it. It also comes equipped with two inner pockets that secure with Velcro, a middle pocket in the upper area and a larger pocket in the lower area. He can pack enough gear for a family vacation. You also get a US flag patch and can choose between black and tan to match his vehicle’s interior.

KUSONKEY Magnetic Wristband Tool Belt

Ever hear your dad yell profanities as he drops screws and bolts into impossible to reach crevices? The Kusonkey Magnetic Wristband has come up with a solution to end your suffering. It has a large magnetic area that will secure screws, drill bits, nails, washers and anything else he’s working with directly around his wrist. This will save him more time in the shop and working on small projects than you can imagine! Perfect for woodworking, DIY projects, home improvements, vehicle maintenance, pool maintenance and pretty much anything else he could dream of. This isn’t a gag gift, he can actually use this in his garage.

Outback Trading Oilskin River Hat

A good hat can instantly add style and protection to a man. Keep your dad looking good with the Outback Trading Oilskin River Hat. This is an all-weather oil canvas hat that is great for around the house, campsite and even a day out in town. Amazing sun protection with the wide brim and it can be shaped and will hold in various positions. It not only keeps your head and face protected from harmful UV rays, but is also fabulous in winter weather as it helps retain body heat. Trust me, he will like this hat.

Bossman Beard Kit

NEWSFLASH: Beards are in and they aren’t going anywhere soon, if ever. You dad has probably grown a beard a time or two in his time – but doubt he had access to the numerous beard products on the market today. The resurgence of beards in society has prompted many beard product companies to create the best formulas for beards and Bossman Brands is at the pinnacle of those companies. They make a specially formulated beard jelly that is thicker than beard oil and stays with you longer. It smells amazing too! I personally use this brand and it works on my large beard. You can purchase the Bossman Beard products individually, or get a kit such as this one. You get an intense beard conditioner, jelly beard oil, relaxing beard balm for extra hold, MUDstache to tame those moustache fly-aways and a metal beard and moustache comb. Pretty much everything he needs to start growing the best beard of his life.

Rightline Gear Truck Tent

If your dad loves camping on the fly – a truck tent may be in his future. The Rightline Gear Truck Tent allows you to experience the great outdoors in the back of your truck bed. Always there and always ready for an adventure. He won’t have to worry about using stakes, tarps to keep him off the ground, guy lines and other frustrating elements of a ground tent. This truck tent has a floorless design that lets you build it around your gear. He won’t have to continually remove gear from the back of his truck each time he sets it up. Plenty of gear pockets, glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls for nights when he doesn’t get an early start and a sky view vent so he can see the moon in all it’s glory. You will need to have him measure the inside of his truck bed to get the correct size.

RAK Universal Socket Grip Multi-Function Ratchet Wrench Power Drill Adapter

This universal socket wrench adapter attachment for power drills and ratchet wrenches will save your dad time in the shop searching for tools. This beast instantly adjusts to grip various hex nuts, screws, bolts and other objects that need to be tightened or loosened. It self-adjusts and covers a wide range of sizes from ¼” to ¾” and metric measurements from 7mm to 19mm. That covers quite a bit of ground! Designed from stainless steel and has 54 individual hardened steel spring pins that form to the shape of most objects he will need to work on. You also receive a power drill adaptor whose purpose is to turn any drill or power screwdriver into a power socket driver. Sound cool? I’m sure you dad will think so too.

Kootek Camping Hammock with 2 Tree Straps

Get the man what he wants for Father’s Day with this super lightweight hammock. He can take a break from yard work and drink a cold one or take it to the camp. Either way, he will enjoy relaxing under the sway of the breeze. These are durable hammocks that are made from parachute fabric material – it has anti-fraying, anti-tearing and is dirt resistant. He can clean and dry it easily after taking it to the camp for a weekend. They say the best sleep you can get is in a hammock. I think you owe it to him after all he’s done for you.

ESEE Laser Strike Fixed Blade Knife

No Father’s Day Gift List would be complete without at least one knife. The ESEE Laser Strike Knife is one of the best knives you will find on the market. With a blade length of 4.75” and a total length of 10”, this fixed blade can handle both large and small tasks with ease. The Micarta handle and Kydex sheath are icing on the cake. He can use this knife around the house, camping, hiking, bushcrafting and even at the office if allowed. This is the knife he will be passing on to you one day, so choose carefully.

Cool Muscle Shirt

“I Flexed and The Sleeves Fell Off” tank top. If this sounds like your dad, then you’ve had a childhood similar to 99% of all children. I personally have this shirt and it’s a great fit and true to size. It gets laughs and people mention it often. Your dad can now make the same fashion statement as I do. Just look at the user submitted photos – dads love this design. It comes in 8 colors.

Amancy Premium Brown Leather Cigar Travel Case with Humidor, Cutter and Lighter Set

If your dad enjoys the occasional stogie, this is a great kit for him. You get a leather travel case that holds 4 cigars, stainless steel cigar cutter with dual guillotine blades, transparent dropper, humidifier, 2 flames butane torch cigar lighter and a removable cedar wood tray. This is more comprehensive than most cigar smoking kits. If he buys multiple cigars at a time, he needs a humidor to keep his cigars from drying out. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting ready to smoke your favorite cigars, only to learn they’ve dried out. This kit has everything you need to start smoking cigars except for the cigars themselves. The classic Crocodile pattern gives it a classy look and the thick cedar wood liner inside makes it sturdy and functional.

Wazoo The Bushcraft Fire Starter Necklace

If your dad’s an outdoorsman, he’s probably started plenty of fires in his time. The Wazoo Fire Starter Necklace is perfect for those who like to wear their survival gear. Not only does it look pretty cool, it’s functional and works! It comes with a pure white Zirconia Ceramic “Scraper” that you scrape against a black chamfered Ferrocerium barrel toggle. If that sounds confusing, just know it starts fires when a lighter or matches may not be available.

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