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Making sure your family and loved ones stay safe is always the most important aspect of gun ownership. I always look for effective ways to protect my family and others around my guns. I have three young children, and I’m well aware that accidents can always happen, no matter how much you discuss gun safety with your children. I chose two products from GoSafe to help keep my family safe from accidental firing: the Mobile Safe and Mobile Mag.

These intelligent products help keep guns safe from being used by young family members who may be around your guns. 

Being prepared for an intruder and mindful of gun safety is a catch-22. You always want to be ready to use your guns, but you also don’t want a tragedy to unfold should a child get ahold of a firearm in your home. I know a lot of people will say that children shouldn’t be around guns or shouldn’t know where you keep them, but children have a fantastic ability to find things they shouldn’t have. 

GoSafe Mobile Mag

See the difference here:

We use GoSafe locks in our home and RV to prevent accidents when we travel. I simply can’t risk an accident, even if it means I have one more step to have a weapon ready. Part of the responsibility of gun ownership is protecting others. However, I don’t use magazine locks when I’m carrying, only when I don’t want to put my handguns in my gun safe and want them close by. 

The Mobile Mag and Mobile Safe are two different products that have the same goal of providing additional protection but work differently. I use both types for different guns, but you may prefer one over the other. 

Here’s a breakdown of the key differences between the GoSafe Mobile Safe and Mobile Mag:


GoSafe Mobile Safe: Primarily designed as a lockable magazine, the GoSafe Mobile Safe acts as a secure storage unit for handguns. It prevents unauthorized access to the firearm, serving as a dedicated container for safekeeping the handgun. The Mobile Safe must be removed and replaced with another magazine before you can shoot it. This adds an extra layer of safety, knowing that your child or an unauthorized individual cannot simply pull the trigger. I use this option on a handgun that I keep close by but not loaded. 

Mobile Mag: The GoSafe Mobile Mag, on the other hand, is a lockable and loadable magazine. It secures the firearm and allows for quick loading and locking of the magazine, providing an additional layer of safety by ensuring that ammunition remains inaccessible without authorization. This faster option gives you access with the simple turn of a key. I use this option on a handgun that I keep in my reach at all times when we sleep and don’t have access to my gun safe. 


GoSafe Mobile Safe: Its design focuses on providing a secure and stationary storage solution for handguns. It offers protection against unauthorized handling or usage by locking the magazine altogether. It does not hold ammunition, so someone would have to insert a loaded magazine to shoot. This is an excellent option for handguns you want to store but also don’t want someone to be able to grab and shoot.

Mobile Mag: Designed to be compatible with various handgun models, the Mobile Mag resembles a regular magazine but integrates a locking mechanism. It allows for swift attachment to the firearm, ensuring the magazine and ammunition remain inaccessible until unlocked.

Use Cases:

GoSafe Mobile Safe: Ideal for situations where the primary concern is securing the entire firearm against unauthorized access. It’s suitable for storage in homes, RVs, or any stationary location where quick access to the handgun is needed while ensuring safety.

Mobile Mag: Suited for gun owners who require added security not only for the firearm but also for the ammunition. Its compatibility with different handguns makes it a versatile choice for those seeking both safety and convenience during regular firearm use.

gun safe for car


GoSafe Mobile Safe: Provides secure storage but might require additional steps to access the firearm in emergencies, as the entire gun is locked within the unit. You probably don’t want to use this option on a handgun you may need to grab quickly.

Mobile Mag: Offers a balance between security and accessibility. It allows for quick loading of the magazine and attachment to the firearm, ensuring ammunition remains inaccessible until unlocked while providing relatively rapid access to the loaded firearm. This option allows you to unlock quickly and use the gun on short notice. You can attach the high-security key to a retractable lanyard like this one from GoSafe. 

While the GoSafe Mobile Safe and Mobile Mag are designed to enhance firearm safety through locking mechanisms, their specific functionalities and designs cater to different needs. The GoSafe Mobile Safe prioritizes secure storage of the entire firearm, while the Mobile Mag focuses on securing the ammunition-loaded magazine, allowing quicker access to the gun in certain situations. The choice between the two would depend on individual preferences and the specific safety requirements of the gun owner.

Pros and Cons of Lockable Magazines

The GoSafe Mobile Safe and Mobile Mag boast several noteworthy advantages. Firstly, their secure locking mechanisms provide a robust barrier against unauthorized use, offering peace of mind in various settings. The ability to restrict access to handguns without impeding quick retrieval during emergencies is a testament to their thoughtful design.

Gun safes are great for storing guns, but keep a few handguns within reach in case something happens. There is a fine line between gun safety and readiness, and lockable gun magazines are great.

However, while lockable gun magazine products enhance safety, some users may find the additional steps required to access their firearms a potential drawback. The need to unlock the device in urgent situations could be a minor inconvenience.

Key Features of GoSafe Products

The standout features of the GoSafe Mobile Safe and Mobile Mag are undoubtedly their secure locking mechanisms. Both products employ robust locks, ensuring only authorized individuals can access the firearms. The sturdy construction and durable materials inspire confidence in their ability to withstand tampering or unauthorized attempts to open them.

Furthermore, the compatibility of the Mobile Mag with various handgun models makes it a versatile choice for gun owners. Its straightforward operation simplifies the loading and locking process, making it an efficient safety solution without compromising accessibility when needed urgently.

Patented Trigger Lock

The patented trigger lock technology integrated into the GoSafe Mobile Safe and Mobile Mag represents a groundbreaking advancement in firearm safety. This innovative mechanism provides an extra layer of security by effectively immobilizing the firearm’s trigger, ensuring that the gun remains inoperable until the lock is disengaged. This feature is a crucial deterrent against unauthorized use, significantly reducing the risk of accidents or misuse.

High-Security Key

Including a high-security key further fortifies the protective capabilities of these products. Designed with precision and reliability in mind, the high-security key offers peace of mind to firearm owners, knowing that only authorized individuals possessing the specific key can access the locked device. This added level of security bolsters confidence in safeguarding firearms, especially in environments where children or unauthorized users are a concern.

Stainless Steel Design

Stainless steel construction is the backbone of durability and resilience for the GoSafe Mobile Safe and Mobile Mag. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, these products are built to withstand the rigors of everyday use while maintaining their integrity. This robust construction ensures longevity and reinforces security measures, making it challenging for unauthorized individuals to compromise the device.

Safety Indicator

One of the standout features of the GoSafe system is its safety indicator, providing users with a visual cue regarding the lock status of the firearm. This intuitive indicator offers clear feedback, instantly informing users whether the gun is securely locked or accessible, enhancing ease of use and peace of mind.

Completely Mobile Security Solution

What sets the GoSafe system apart is its distinction as the only wholly mobile solution that grants users total control of their firearm without restricting accessibility. This mobility factor is a game-changer, allowing gun owners to maintain control over their firearms in various settings, whether in the home or while traveling in an RV, without compromising on safety. This unparalleled flexibility ensures that responsible firearm ownership extends beyond the confines of a fixed location, offering a comprehensive safety solution for those on the move.

My Recommendation

As I discussed previously, it’s hard to fully secure handguns while having them readily available at the same time. You can’t leave them out in the open if you have small children or a special needs child. There is always a danger of them playing with a firearm and doing something dumb. You should always practice firearm safety with your children, but they could bring friends over, and you don’t always know how other children will react. I highly recommend GoSafe mobile security products to keep your guns safe and out of the hands of children or other unauthorized users. You can’t take back a major accident once it happens.