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FTC Disclosure and Relationships

Apocalypse Guys does not receive compensation for paid reviews of products. We believe in providing an unbiased review of items we personally use. The reason for this is the nature of some of the products and gear we review could theoretically save your life. That’s not something you want a talking head to give a positive review because of payment. However, we are routinely given free products to try in the field and we are under no obligations to give positive reviews. There are times in which we review a product or survival gear and we do not like it.

We faithfully review products to give our readers insight to the effectiveness of the product. We will include what’s known as affiliate links in many posts. What this means is if a visitor to Apocalypse Guys clicks a link and decides to purchase a product, our site makes money.

For example, let’s say we review a tomahawk and put it through a series of tests. We will then write a review to let our readers know how we liked it. There will be a link to the product on Amazon where you can read other reviews and see the specs and prices of the tomahawk. If a reader purchases, then we make a small amount of money. We will update our list of affiliates as we add them.

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