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Best Hiking Flasks of 2022

best hiking flask

Escape the stress of work and relationships and go on your own little adventure! One of the best ways to do that is camping after a long day of exploring. Walk a trail, build a cozy fire and sip something a little stronger than the filtered water in your hydration pack. There is nothing more relaxing than turning the phone off and listening to the creatures of the night with only the fire and your best bottle of bourbon to keep you company.

You’re going to need a tough little flask to accomplish your goal.

Here Are the Best Hiking and Camping Flasks We Found:

Glacier Stainless Hip Flask for Backpacking

You won’t miss a drop with this wide mouth design. I’m sure you’ve had issues with previous flasks having too small of an opening and not giving you an adequate pull. Not a problem with this hiking flask. Compact and built like a tank with a screw down top that won’t spill or leak.  Hold 6 ounces of your favorite beverage in your back pocket with ease. This is the hiking flask you are looking for.

best hiking and backpacking flask

Stanley Master Series Hip Flask 8 oz.

This is one of the strongest hiking flasks you will ever find. Rust proof and dishwasher safe; this sturdy little flask opens wide so you can easily fill it with your favorite beverage and it is easy to clean. Most flasks are tough to clean and can grow mold inside, not this flask – the lid opens all the way for easy access. Easy to pack either in your hiking bag or jacket pocket, this stainless-steel flask will work hard for you.

Snow Peak Titanium Curve Flask

When your taste in drinks is on the expensive side, you definitely don’t want your flask to ruin the flavor. You won’t have that problem with this titanium flask from Snow Peak. Sure, it costs a pretty penny, but so does your rare bourbon or expensive wine. This is not your ordinary, everyday hiking flask – it takes things to the next level with superior design and craftsmanship. Lightweight and damn near bullet proof (probably is, but we don’t want that responsibility on our shoulders). It comes with a carrying case and a funnel for refills.

Stanley Classic Flask

Knife, fire starter, water filter ….flask – be sure to cover all of your bases! This wide mouth flask by Stanley is one of the best you will find on the market. We all know Stanley’s prowess in making coffee mugs, they are just as good at designing tough little flasks that will last a lifetime. Be the talk of the camp with one of these bad boys. This one also has a wide mouth so you can take a quick sip and shove it back into your pocket without spilling a drop. The opening is one of the largest of all flasks that we have ever used. You won’t have to use a funnel to refill with your favorite drink. This isn’t a cheaply made flask and won’t leak like other brands.

iBasingo Titanium Hip Flask

Most titanium flasks on the market cost much more than this one. That’s the main reason it made it to this list of the best hiking and camping flasks. Titanium is the perfect material for flasks because it doesn’t transfer odor and allows your whiskey or wine to keep its natural flavor. While plastic hiking flasks are lightweight, they tend to tarnish the taste of your liquor. Not the same with titanium flasks – they do a much better job at preserving the taste of your favorite drink. You can easily conceal this little hiking flask in your front pocket or stuff it in your bag and hit the trail.

Future Hydrate Stainless Steel Explorer Hiking Flask

Easy and simple, this stainless-steel flask gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Eco-friendly and BPA-free, this flask is manufactures from high quality food grade stainless steel and won’t rust. This flask makes the perfect gift for any outdoorsman due to the workmanship and respectable price. It comes with a funnel for easy pour. You can use this flask over and over and it won’t show any signs of corrosion or scaling. Many people store whiskey for days at a time and don’t notice a change in the taste. Best practices tell us to pour the drink you are going to consume that day to avoid it getting stale.

How to Choose a Flask and Care for it:

What Size Flask Should I Get?

You can get flasks in just about any size you want. They range from one shot all the way up to flasks that can hold over a liter of liquor. The most common size that most people carry are 8 ounces. This is the perfect size because it is roughly 5 shots – plenty for a night by the fire or hanging out with friends.

What Type of Top for My Flask?

Flasks come with various types tops. The hinged top is regarded as the best because it keeps the cap attached to the flask. Tops are super easy to misplace or lose on a trail, which renders the flask pretty much useless. Many popular flasks have screw tops that may look nice, but if you are prone to losing things, you may want to get one that is attached.

How Long Can I Store My Drink in a Flask?

It is not recommended that you store liquor in a flask for more than a few days. The flask itself may change the taste of the drink depending on the material it is made from. Best practices are to pour your drink for use the same day to ensure freshness. Flasks are not meant for storage, but a convenient way to carry it on your person.

What is the Best Material for Flasks?

You can find flasks made from various types of materials such as titanium, plastic and stainless steel. You get more for your money with a stainless-steel hiking flask due to it being durable, cheap and it doesn’t affect taste.

How to Care for Your New Flask?

Only use straight liquor – no mixers.

Don’t sit on your flask.

Don’t store sugary drinks in it.

Don’t store liquor for long periods of time.

Rinse with water after every use.

Empty as soon as you are finished with your drink.


Escape the concrete jungle occasionally and strike out for adventure often. Please drink responsibly.

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