Apocalypse Guys

Q & A Series

One of the things we love to do here at ApocalypseGuys.com is to interview individuals in the Post-Apocalyptic Genre! We’ve sat down with a number of talented individuals who share a passion for anything post-apocalyptic from preppers to artists and everything in between. If you’re an author, actor/actress, game designer, artist, prepper or just have a special place in your heart for zombie or post-apocalyptic interests, reach out to us and tell us your story!


post-apocalyptic, zombie, author
J.J. Shurte
post-apocalyptic author Jeff DeMarco
Jeff DeMarco
post-apocalyptic australia novel
S.T. Campitelli
post-apocalyptic author promo
David Dubrow
post-apocalyptic author john l. davis iv
John L. Davis IV
actor Patrick Constantine Bertsgnolli Jr.
Patrick Bertagnolli, Jr.