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19 Best Casio G-Shock Watches of 2022

best g-shock watches for sale

Everyone needs a watch. Not only do they tell time, they’re also a fashion statement. In today’s society, time is increasingly important and you need to be precise. We have so many appointments, meetings and deadlines to keep that you can’t afford to not know what time it is. One could argue that you need a different watch for different functions such as; the office, boardroom and the gym. For example, you wouldn’t want to wear a gold watch to the gym or a cheap gym watch to court. However, there may be some middle ground.

G-Shock Watch

The Casio G-Shock Series bridges the gap between style and function. They may well be the perfect middle-ground for active lifestyles that also need to look classy for work. A G-Shock watch can withstand some of the toughest environments but are also perfect for the office. A dependable G-Shock watch makes a great travel watch when you don’t know what type of weather or conditions you should expect. 

If you’re looking for the best watch for outdoor adventures, but will also pair well with a business suit – there’s plenty for you to choose between in the Casio G-Shock Watch Series.

Are G-Shock Watches Good?

G-Shock watches are known for being some of the toughest digital and analog-digital watches you can buy. Used extensively by military personnel, law enforcement and outdoor enthusiasts because they know these watches won’t break under rough conditions and can take a beating. This is the watch you want if you lead an active lifestyle, but still want your watch to look nice.

Best G-Shock Watch

Now let’s talk about the best G-Shock watches on the market. Casio has been making these for over 30 years, so there are a ton of styles to choose from. Don’t worry, the perfect G-Shock watch is out there, you just need to research some of the best models to determine which one fits your style the best. If you’re looking for the best G-Shock watch, there’s a good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for on our list. 

G Shock Watches for Men

There are tons of men’s G-Shock watches for men. There are different variations, sizes and features that you can choose from. Many men like the large G-Shock watches or you can get a smaller watch depending on your style. 

G-Shock Watches for Women

Casio makes G-Shock watches for women also. Why should just the men have a nearly indestructible watch that also looks great? G-Shock watches for women are stylish enough to be worn with anything and are perfect for travel, camping, hiking or anything outdoor related. 

G-Shock Watches for Boys and Girls

Casio G-Shock makes smaller G-Shocks that can fit a younger boy or girl that wants a watch just like their parents. Kids break watches routinely through rough play and the fact that most watches for children are cheap and break easily. A G-Shock watch for boys or girls is tougher than you average watch. One issue you may encounter with a G-Shock watch for children is the size of the watches. They have to have a large enough wrist to wear one. 

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G-Shock Watch Bands

The Casio G-Shock watch bands are some of the toughest in the business. They’re comfortable and fit exactly to specifications. G-Shock watch bands are made of resin and are designed for heavy-duty use over long periods of time.

Occasionally, you may have to change out your G-Shock watch bands which you can do on your own. We suggest always buying the G-Shock watch band brand name to ensure it fits your particular watch. 

Battery for G-Shock Watch

Casio G-Shock watch batteries are known for their long-lasting abilities. They’re easy to change on your own or you can take your watch to a jeweler to assist you. Many G-Shock watches are solar-powered and will last even longer. 

How to Set G-Shock Watch

You can easily set the time on your Casio G-Shock watch yourself, but you may want to watch a video because the instructions are hard to understand. Your best bet is to search on YouTube for a video for “How to set G-Shock Watch” and learn by watching.

G-Shock Watch Price 

The great thing about Casio G-Shocks watches is their ruggedness, but also their affordability. No other watch brand offers a tougher watch for the price. You can find G-Shock watches ranging from $50 and up depending on the features you want. 

G-Shock Watch Sale

You can almost always find a good G-Shock watch sale. There are countless Casio G-Shock watches on the market and they are always going on sale. Your best bet to finding the best deals is to always check Amazon as there are tons of styles and models for sale. 

Here’s Why You Need a G-Shock Watch: 

  1. G-Shocks are tough and rugged enough for the outdoors.
  2. They have tons of features for the outdoors and office.
  3. You can customize your G-Shock watch based on your needs.
  4. Casio G-Shocks are known to last forever.
  5. They’re highly collectible.

Best G Shock Watches of 2022

G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400

The Rangeman series takes the Casio G-Shock to new heights and is probably the most popular Casio G-Shock watch currently. We believe this is one of the best G-Shock watches of 2021.

A tough and rugged watch for the adventurous type, the Rangeman employs a Shock Resistant Triple Senor that gives you direct readings at your fingertips.

Keep up with altitude readings, barometric pressure, temperature and direction with ease. Resistant to impact and water resistant to 200m or 660 feet – this watch is suitable for recreational scuba diving or any other adventure where you could get drenched.

Tough solar power keeps the G-Shock watch battery charged and ready to go. The case and buttons are mud resistant and sealed to prevent dirt, grime and mud from seeping into the watch and damaging it. This watch looks great, keeps time like a champ and is tough as hell. Not sure what else you would want in a watch. Still unsure? Just read some of the reviews because the Rangeman GW-9400 is one of the top rated G-Shock watches. 

This is one of the best G-Shock watches for military and police officers due to it’s tough design, easy to read dial and useful functions. The Rangeman is the best G-Shock watch for the outdoors. 

G-Shock GW2310 Atomic Solar

The GW2310 Atomic Solar G-Shock Watch not only looks great, but has a solar battery for continuous use. It’s also considered the best G-Shock under $200 by many users. 

You won’t run out of juice with this G-Shock watch battery. Fully charged, it can enter a power saving state and last for about 26 months.

You can program 4 daily alarms and 1 snooze with an hourly signal if you so desire. This is an accurate and rugged design that you can take to the gym, hiking or pair it with a nice business suit or business casual. It has a nice tactical look and isn’t quite as large and clunky as some of the other G-Shock watches.  If you spend time on the water, it’s water resistant up to 200m and G-Shock tough. 

If you’re looking for top G-Shock watches that can do it all, this is the model to check out.

This G-Shock watch has loads of extras including a countdown timer, 1/100 sec stopwatch, 41 world time zones and Japanese quartz movement with digital display, just to name a few.

The G-Shock GW2310 Atomic Solar Watch is one of the best G-Shock solar watches on the market and it looks amazing. 

G-Shock G-Rescue Series Red G-7900A

This bright red G-Shock G-Rescue is bold and eye-catching. It’s outgoing and makes a great sport watch that you can wear every day. The face is easy to read and isn’t cluttered. You can see the time, day, date, alarms and other important functions with a glance. Many G-Shocks are hard to read, but you won’t have that issue with this red G-Shock. 

Not only does this watch look amazing, but it’s also as tough as any G-Shock out there. You can use it on the water because it’s water-resistant up to 200 meters as well as shock-resistant. This red G-Shock G-Rescue is large and the case measures 50 mm and features a mineral dial window that’s tough as nails. 

This is one of the best red G-Shock watches you will find because it’s easy to use, easy to see and has tons of essential watch functions that come in handy in the woods or at the office. See the full list of the best red G-Shock watches

GA100 XL Ana-Digi G-Shock Watch

This is a more “blacked-out” version of G-Shock watches. The dial is a muted tone and only the clock hands are visible. This is perfect for someone who needs a dark dial with just enough light to see what time it is. It won’t pick up light or reflect and is perfect for law enforcement, military, SWAT because you don’t want a bright watch in many of those professions. Now, you don’t have to be a sniper to enjoy this watch – not only does it look mysterious and tactical, but it also would pair well with business casual for the office. Some have complained that it’s hard to see the watch dial unless you look directly at it, but that’s part of the allure of this watch. If you are going for a stealth watch, you don’t want it lighting up or catching light for concealment purposes. This Casio G-Shock Watch is also a great choice for those who wear business suits often and don’t want their watch to clash with your outfit. We think this type of watch pairs better with a suit than gold or silver watches because it’s muted and rugged.

This version of the blacked out G-Shock is one of the best men’s Casio G-Shock watches you will find. 

GD100-1BCR G-Shock X-Large

If you’re looking for a rugged watch that has a subtle stealth look- this is where you need to start. This is a simple black G-Shock watch that is the perfect size for a watch. The blueish white backlight allows you to easily see your watch in the dark. The LED light is strong and the resin band doesn’t absorb stains. Easy to clean and can take a beating. You can set up to five alarms for busy people who have multiple meetings to attend and you can set this watch to three different time zones. This watch feels nice on your wrist and has numerous functions that you will use every day. You can tell a lot about someone by the watch they wear and G-Shock watches tell me that you care about how you present yourself, but also enjoy adventure.

The Casio G-Shock GD100-1BCR is one of the best G-Shock digital watches of all time. 

G-Shock Rangeman GPR-B1000-1JR Solar-Assisted GPS Navigation

The Rangeman is part of an elite series of watches called “Master of G” and are made to hold up under the harshest conditions imaginable. You get all of the benefits of the G-Shock brand plus a little extra. The Rangeman utilizes Triple Sensor which allows you to adequately measure atmospheric pressure and altitude, compass bearing and temperature. It is a true survivalist watch that can get you through some tough challenges. Not only does it come equipped with Triple Sensor, it can also handle GPS navigation by collection location date from GPS satellites. This is huge for a watch! You also get wireless and solar charging systems to keep the juice flowing to the G-Shock Rangeman. There isn’t much you can’t do with this watch.

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G-Shock Mudman Compass G9300

This is normally a $200+ watch, but you can find them on sale for around $146.00. The G-Shock Mudman is worth every penny as it is a tough solar powered watch with a digital compass, thermometer, moon graph and more. You can literally explore the world with this tough G-Shock watch. The case and buttons are specially sealed to keep out mud, dirt and dust and to keep your watch working even in the harshest environments. The solar power keeps you powered up and not having to worry about the G-Shock watch battery as you explore and see the world. Water resistant up to 200m and shock resistant, you won’t have to take this watch off during excursions. The digital compass is pretty rad and measures direction as one of 16 points and will help you find your way. It provides moon data such as moon age of specific date and moon phase graph. Not sure of many other watches that can do that! It also comes equipped with 4 daily alarms and 1 snooze alarm with a 1/100 second stopwatch. If you’re looking for a solar powered watch that can take a beating and shrug it off – the G-Shock Mudman is a great place to begin your search.

The G-Shock Mudman Compass G9300 is one of the best G-Shock watches for everyday use due to it’s ruggedness and features. 

G-Shock Mudmaster Watch Orange GGB100-1A9

You’ve heard a lot about the G-Shock Mudmaster, now check out this version! The Mudmaster is part of the series of amazing watches called “Master of G” that have all been designed to survive in the roughest environments known to man.

If you’re looking for a workhorse watch that also has a “sporty” look, the orange G-Shock Mudmaster is a good choice. Designed with a tough carbon core guard structure case to protect against shock because they know watches are dropped often. It makes no sense to invest in a watch that can’t take a fall.

A watch couldn’t honestly be called Mudmaster if it wasn’t mud resistant. The metal buttons make a tight seal on the case to keep things out and to give extra protection. The bezel even has three layers of resin. You get even more with the Quad Sensors such as a compass, thermometer, altitude/barometer and accelerometer that allows you to keep up with your steps. If that wasn’t enough, this watch is Bluetooth compatible.

The Mudmaster is the coolest G-Shock we’ve reviewed and is packed with loads of features. 

We think the orange G-Shock Mudmaster is one of the best looking G-Shock watches currently on the market. It’s easy to see, but not too flashy. 

Casio G-Shock GD-120CM Camo Sport Watch

The Casio G-Shock GD-120CM Camouflage series is one of the toughest camo G-Shocks you will find. It’s the perfect everyday watch that can handle the rigorous chores of the day. It’s great for hunting, fishing, working in the yard and even to the office. It will last forever and blend into your environment. It’s not flashy and the face is super easy to read. 

You can take one quick glance at this camo G-Shock watch and see that it’s a workhorse. It’s not jumbled with useless information like many watches these days are. It clearly displays the time, day, date and other essential functions. The LED light makes it easy to read your watch at any time and you get 5 daily alarms to keep you on schedule. 

If you’re looking for the best camouflage G-Shock watch, we think this is one you should check out. Here’s an entire list of the best camouflage G-Shock watches. 

Casio G-Shock GA100B White and Blue 

White G-Shocks look fresh and will get compliments all day long. It’s bright white with blue accents and black dial make an attractive combination that turns heads. It’s a comfortable fit that you can wear all day long. It has features that make it perfect for outdoor use as well as an everyday watch that goes with any outfit. The hands are bright and easy to read. 

The white G-Shock series are all water-resistant and shock-resistant. You can literally wear them anywhere due to their rugged design. The GA100B-7A is a great choice for any activity. Here’s the entire list of the best white G-Shock watches.

G-Shock Connected GMW-B5000D-1JF Radio Solar Watch

The GMW-B5000D-1JF G-Shock is a timepiece to show off. Not only is it a keeper, most people had no idea Casio made a G-Shock this stylish. When you hear G-Shock, you immediately think of a large watch made from rubberized material. Not this G-Shock. The design is high-profile and the stainless steel provides a true rugged feel on your wrist. It doesn’t weight you down even though it’s all metal. This watch could easily pair with a nice business suit. It comes equipped with Bluetooth, backlight, timer, stopwatch and a clean look. You’ll grab attention with this G-Shock.

Casio G8900A-1CR G-Shock Blue and Black 

This is one of the best-looking G-Shocks out there in many people’s eyes. It’s dark-colored with blue accents that match well with anything. It’s extremely comfortable and can be worn for rough work or at the office. The good thing about this G-Shock model is you can see the dial extremely well. Visibility has always been an issue with dark G-Shock watches, but you won’t have that problem with this one. 

Blue G-Shock watches are extremely popular as they’re eye-catching and go with basically any outfit. They’re perfect for the jobsite, campsite or around town. Even the screen has a blue tent that’s appealing. This model G-Shock is shock-resistant, water-resistant up to 200m and features the super illuminator LED light. 

Overall, this is one of the most functional and popular G-Shocks out there today.

Casio G-Shock GA110-1B

If you want an everyday watch that can take one heck of a beating – look no further than this Casio G-Shock. You can watch videos of people trying to break these watches and you can see just how tough they really are. It comes with a chronograph, light, stop-watch, world time, dual time display and is water resistant up to 660 feet. You can take this watch anywhere and it dresses up nice with a business suit or business casual.

This model is one of the best looking G-Shock watches for those who prefer an almost blacked out design for their wristwear. 

Casio G-Rescue Solar Atomic Classic

This is a great solar powered watch that’s perfect for formal events as well as outdoor adventures. Perfect for time keeping with world time in 48 major cities and it comes equipped with multiple essential functions that are too many to list. It has a resin band with buckle and Japanese quartz movement with digital display. If you enjoy water sports, it’s water resistant up to 200m or 660 feet. Great for professional marine jobs, but you may not want to take it scuba diving. This is the type of watch you buy if you want an everyday watch that can take bruises and bumps and keep ticking. It won’t break the bank either, you can pick one of these up for far less than other comparable timepieces.

Casio G-Shock Master of G Frogman GWF-D1000B-1JF

The legendary Frogman G-Shock! One look at this watch and you can tell it’s something special. The Frogman is armed with triple sensors and is designed to handle the harshest underwater tasks. Tough, rugged, shock-resistant and water-resistant up to 200 meters. They knew what they were doing when they designed the G-Shock Frogman watch! It even has a unique asymmetric shape to allow unrestricted wrist movement, which is important for active tasks. This watch has sensors that can measure temperature, compass bearing and water depth in case you were wondering. It has been used in underwater search and rescue activities so we’re sure it will handle anything you can throw at it. Also comes equipped with tide graph that displays high and low tides and you can track diving activities all on this watch. You can record things such as water temperature, depth, your diving time and it has an excessive ascent rate alarm. You can’t do that on a regular watch. The G-Shock Frogman is expensive, but worth every single penny if you use the functions provided.

Casio G-Shock G-Steel Stainless Steel Watch GSTB200D-1A

Made from stainless steel and resin while incorporating carbon fiber into the design – this G-Shock is extremely durable, tough and light weight. Light up the dial with LCD lights to read your watch in the dark. You can use Bluetooth on this watch with wireless linking. You can locate your phone with the push of a button. Take it to the gun range or wear it to business meetings – it can easily do both. You get all the functions other G-Shocks have, so we won’t list them here. The stainless-steel bracelet and foldover clasp makes for a comfortable wear that will not leave your wrist. This is one of the toughest, yet stylish G-Shocks out there.

Casio G-Steel by G-Shock Stainless-Steel with Bluetooth GST-B100D-1ACR

Speaking of stainless-steel G-Shock watches – this model more than delivers what you’re looking for. It’s more than just a classy rugged design; it has smartphone capacities. This is the type of watch you want peeking from your sleeve during an important meeting. It’s eye-catching. Made from high-quality materials that are scratch-resistant and has a protective casing to keep your watch looking nice throughout the years. The G-Steel has a layered guard structure that gives a double-layer bezel construction that makes this watch even tougher and harder to break. It has a tough solar panel that can convert any illumination from fluorescent lighting to power the battery. You won’t have to ever worry about running out of juice. It also comes equipped with a super illuminator and its shock resistant to protect against scrapes, drops and falls. You just may feel like James Bond when putting this watch on.

Casio G-Shock Black Stainless Steel GST-S100G-1BCR

If you have the extra cash to spend – do it! This is a great stainless-steel watch for someone that prefers blacked-out G-Shocks. You still get the benefits of a rugged stainless-steel watch with a classy approach to design. Not only is it shock resistant like all other G-Shock watches, but it’s also solar powered which means you won’t have to worry about changing the G-Shock watch battery. Similar to other G-Shock watches in its class, this watch is water resistant to 220m or 660 feet which means its perfect for water sports and fishing, but you wouldn’t want to go scuba diving in it. You can set up this watch relatively easy just by following the manual. Power up your watch with sunlight, indoor light sources, campfire or any other light source. This G-Steel G-Shock is definitely worth the money as you get a sturdy, solar powered watch that goes great with outdoor apparel as well as professional settings.

This is the type of G-Shock that easily pairs with an expensive business suit or business casual. You can wear it to the office and it’s tough enough for hard work in the yard. The Stainless Steel GST-S100G-1BCR is one of the more stylish G-Shock watches for those that prefer a classy design. It’s also one of the best solar power G-Shocks they make and the battery will charge while you carry out your day. 

If you’re looking for one of the best high-end G-Shock watches on the market, this one has everything you could possibly want in a rugged watch. 

Casio G-Shock GD350-1B Black Watch

This G-Shock was designed for special missions in the dark. It has a muted design and doesn’t have any flashy parts, which is great for those trying to keep a low profile and not be noticed. It has all of the G-Shock amenities including shock resistant, water resistant up to 200m, multiple alarms, auto LED backlight, countdown timer and much more than we can list. It has vibration alert to keep from making any more noise than you need to. The buttons are specially designed to be large so you can easily locate them without looking. It comes with a special shock absorber on the back of the watch so you can feel the vibration without hesitation. This is a great G-Shock watch for under $100.

What is the Best Casio G-Shock Watch?

With literally hundreds of models of the G-Shock brand, it’s impossible to choose just one best model. There are more popular models that many people flock to. A quick Google search will show you models that most people buy, but even then, you need to do some research to determine which Casio G-Shock watch is the best for you. Trust me, there’s a G-Shock for just about anything you want to do.

You can find good G-Shock watches at local stores, but they may only have a few to choose from. You can find every single G-Shock model on Amazon. 

Are G-Shocks Worth the Money? 

You can buy a G-Shock from around $50 to upwards of thousands of dollars. There’s a G-Shock for everyone. They are absolutely worth the money. G-Shocks are some of the most affordable watches that excel in durability, precision and options. If you can’t afford a model such as the Rangeman or Mudmaster – you can get a great G-Shock for under $100. G-Shocks last for years of abuse and are amazing timepieces.  

G-Shock Watch Protection

Casio G-Shocks are designed to give you the toughest watch on the planet. They’ve proven themselves for decades as being one of the best choices for those who want a tougher watch that can handle anything. G-Shock watch protection is their main concern when designing these watches. They want to ensure that your G-Shock watch will survive anything you throw at it. 

Can You Wear G-Shocks to the Office? 

The G-Shock line is designed for both indoor and outdoor activities. Don’t let the rugged shell fool you; these watches are perfect for everyday use and excel in an office setting. Sure, they’re tough, durable and loaded with tons of features that assist you in the pursuit of adventure – but they are also geared towards daily life. They look great paired with business casual and can even be worn with a dark business suit at formal occasions. Don’t feel like you need to buy an expensive “dress” watch to fit in; a classy G-Shock is all you need. If you feel you need to tone it down, you can find a black G-Shock that doesn’t have reflective material and looks classy.  

Can You Work Out With a G-Shock? 

Casio G-Shocks are tough enough for any workout. They can take the bumps, scrapes and drops that you may encounter in a gym setting with no issue. You can even take your workout outside and you won’t have to remove your G-Shock. Worried about sweating on your G-Shock? Don’t be. They are water-resistant and sweat won’t hurt them. You may want to rinse it with water for a few seconds afterwards to clean it. G-Shocks can help you reach your fitness goals faster. There’s an entire line of G-Shocks dedicated to fitness.  

Can You Wear a G-Shock to a Formal Occasion? 

You can wear a G-Shock to any formal occasion without ridicule. I wear them to court all the time and no one bats an eye. A nice black G-Shock goes great with a business suit and tie. If you feel you need to dress it up, take a look at the G-Shock G-Steel line of stainless-steel watches. You can get a black model that would look great with any business suit or tuxedo.  

Why Should I Buy a Casio G-Shock Watch?

G-Shock watches are designed to last a long time. Think of the 1990s Nissan Pickup as a watch. Not only do they have a reputation for being indestructible, but you get a ton of features. Armed forces all around the world use G-Shock due to their toughness and essential features they come with. These days, you can get G-Shocks with Bluetooth, compass, world timers, altimeters and diving sensors. They could technically be considered a survival watch due to the tools and features they come equipped with. Need to know how deep your diving, the temperature outside, how high or how fast – there’s a G-Shock that can do that for you. G-Shock watches are also made to keep out mud, dirt and other liquids that could damage your watch. Did we mention they’re shock resistant? People all over the world collect G-Shock watches and build their collections. There are tons of styles, colors and features that make each one unique and worth checking out.

Where Can You Buy G-Shock Watches?

Many stores carry them and you can purchase from online stores or Amazon. The only issue with buying in a store is that you may be limited to the available styles. You can find anything you want online, but I’ve yet to see a well-stocked store that carried enough G-Shocks to really make an educated decision. Sure, you can find basic models, but you may have difficulty finding a specialty model and there’s a good chance you won’t get the best price. The great thing about purchasing Casio G-Shocks online is you can easily compare models and shop for the cheapest G-Shock watches without sacrificing quality.

Which G-Shock Watches Are Best for Hiking?

After looking through literally hundreds of Casio G-Shock watches, we’ve made a number of conclusions about them and their effectiveness when it comes to outdoor activities. Most G-Shocks have an adequate number of functions to get you through just about anything. They’re tough, dependable and are built to keep out dirt, dust and mud from corrupting their inner parts. As you can see after reading the specs on just a few G-Shock models, they all have similar functions and are versatile enough to get through whatever you encounter on your hike. Basically, it all boils down to which Casio G-Shock style you prefer because even the cheaper models are perfect for backpacking, hiking and camping. If you’re looking for the best G Shock for an outdoorsman, you can start from the base model and work your way up depending on how much you want to spend. All G-Shocks are shock proof, water resistant and most are mud proof as well. 

Are Casio G-Shock Military Watches?

Casio G-Shock watches are extremely popular among military service members. You can find high-quality G-Shocks for under $100 that are rugged, solar powered and full of useful features. It’s no wonder service members routinely wear them. Any G-Shock watch can handle the difficulties of military life, so don’t feel you need to spend a fortune to get a great watch. The minimum G-Shock features are almost always adequate for outdoor activities, but be sure to read the specs before settling on a model. People ask us all the time which is the best G-Shock watch for military. There are literally hundreds of Casio G-Shock models to look through, but we are absolutely sure you will find one to match your taste. Most military personnel wear black G-Shocks. We wrote an entire article on the best black G-Shocks you can own. 

How Can I Tell If My G-Shock is Real?

As with anything of value, there are people trying to take advantage. There are fake G-Shocks out there, unfortunately. You have to be careful when purchasing anything these days. However, there are a few ways to ensure your G-Shock is real and not a knock-off. You should purchase your G-Shock through an authorized dealer or from a reputable online 3rd party such as Amazon where you can dispute a sale. You can also take your watch to an authorized dealer to test it to be sure it is a real G-Shock. Here are a few ways to check to see if a G-Shock is real:  

  • Fake G-Shocks may have a painted dial. It may be shinier than normal or have a glittery appearance.  
  • Fake G-Shocks will weigh less than the original due to cheap materials.  
  • You can easily push the buttons versus a real G-Shock buttons giving more push-back.  
  • Fake G-Shocks use cheap plastics.  
  • Most fake G-Shocks don’t have the stainless-steel backing.  
  • Many of the buttons won’t work. Test them all to be sure.  

How Long Do G-Shock Batteries Last?

It largely depends on the model. Your G-Shock watch battery could literally last between two and fifteen years. You could expect to get around five or six years from a well-maintained watch. A tough solar G-Shock will last much longer than a base model because of the solar-power charging abilities. Also, the frequency that you use your backlight will determine just how long your battery will last. Let’s say you rarely use your backlight and don’t set multiple alarms throughout the day – you could possibly get a good ten years from your battery.  

How to Tell if You need to Change My G-Shock’s Battery 

Your G-Shock watch probably has a battery level indicator that will alert you that the battery is getting low. If you purchased a G-Shock model that does not have a battery level indicator, there are a few things to look for to see that your G-Shock watch battery is running low:  

  1. Numbers on the LCD screen begin to dim. 
  2. Display starts to fade even if your backlight is on. 
  3. The lights occasionally disappear when you turn the backlight on and then reappear when you turn it back off. 

Either way, G-Shock watch batteries on average outlast your normal, everyday watch battery.  

How Water Affects Your Casio G-Shock 

When you buy a G-Shock, you expect a certain level of toughness and dependability. You’re the type of person that expects a lot from your watch and you don’t always have time to take it off before getting your hands dirty. G-Shocks are built tough and can handle what life throws at you. They each have varying degrees of water resistance, depending on which model G-Shock you choose. Some models are water resistant up to 100 meters, others up to 200 meters and there are some that are rated for scuba diving. Even base model G-Shocks are water resistant 100 meters and can handle different types of water conditions.  

What does that mean? You can wear your G-Shock in water, but keep in mind that water conditions may determine what you need to do once you get out of the water.  

Can You Swim with a Casio G-Shock Watch? 

You can swim with a G-Shock under most conditions. As you know, most base model G-Shocks are water resistant up to 100 meters and high-end models are water resistant up to 200 meters. You likely won’t be swimming that deep anyway. Keep in mind your movement through water may increase the amount of water pressure exerted on your G-Shock, but it shouldn’t be enough to cause concern. If you’re swimming in a lake or river, you will want to wash the dirty water from your G-Shock to clean it. You won’t have to take the watch apart to do a basic cleaning.  

Will Salt Water Affect a G-Shock? 

You can swim in the ocean with a G-Shock without any issues. Short term. If you find yourself in saltwater often, there is a slight possibility that it could cause adverse long-term effects on the outside of the watch. It is doubtful that saltwater will enter the watch, but you may notice some corrosive effects on the resin watch band and watch case after many hours in saltwater. We suggest cleaning your G-Shock after swimming in the ocean to remove any excess saltwater and to prolong the life of your watch. Some users claim that saltwater doesn’t affect their watches, but there could always be issues that come up years later that shorten the life of your G-Shock. Just splash some clean water on it after swimming in saltwater and you should be fine. 

Can Chlorine From a Pool Damage a G-Shock? 

Chlorine won’t immediately damage your G-Shock, but it could have long term effects on your watch and G-Shock watch band. You can swim in a chlorinated pool while wearing your G-Shock, but we advise cleaning it with fresh water to make sure the chlorine doesn’t corrode the watch case and band. G-Shocks are water resistant up to 100 meters for base models and 200 meters or more on more expensive G-Shocks, so you can swim in a pool with no issues. Just be sure to give your watch a decent cleaning afterwards.  

Can I Go Scuba Diving with a G-Shock? 

It depends on the model you purchase. As we’ve said before, base model G-Shocks are water resistant – but that doesn’t mean they are rated for scuba diving. You can swim in them, but scuba diving is not advised unless your G-Shock has a water resistance rating that states, “Divers Watch 200M.” There are plenty of G-Shock watches for scuba diving, just make sure the one you purchase is rated for that type of activity. Obviously, you can take a regular G-Shock watch scuba diving, but it is not recommended as it may damage the watch. You could do it and be ok, but there is no guarantee. Check out the G-Shock Frogman Series for the best scuba diving watches. They are ISO certified up to 200 meters and designed to be used underwater. The G-Shock Frogman is also solar-powered and features all of the toughness of the G-Shock brand while delivering one of the best scuba diving watches on the market.  

Is it Safe to Shower with a G-Shock? 

According to Casio, you can shower with a 200-meter water resistant model G-Shock without any issues. However, keep in mind that there’s more to a shower than just water pressure. You lather up with shampoo, soap and hot water. While your G-Shock can probably sustain the abuse without issue, you may want to just take your watch off when showering too keep the mixture of hot water and soap suds from damaging your G-Shock in the long term.  

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