Freyja- The Valkyrie Queen

I’m inspired by my namesake Freyja—a Norse goddess and member of the Valkyrie, most often know for being the champion of love, sexuality, beauty and fertility…but she is so much more, she’s also a warrior and protector of those injured or slain in battle. Personally, my greatest strength comes from the powerful and fierce women I surround myself with. It’s in our togetherness that we all succeed.

Photo Credit: Greg Chapman @thegentlemangorilla

Like the goddess, I am passionate about promoting love and beauty in the world, giving women the chance to be powerful leaders who are hailed equally for their impressive minds as for their sensual and strong bodies. As Freyja would, I often work to protect and honor our nation’s warriors who have been slain or injured in battle so we can continue to the in the rare freedom we enjoy.

Photo Credit: Glenn Nelson @cm2p

Much of my warrior-wear is elf-made, but I am proud to be adorned with the works of other talented lady warriors like @mandieland and @ares_rising. I am always ready and honored to promote the works of other women designers, so please DM @demolitionfreyja if you have anything Freyja should be rocking!

Photo Credit: Greg Chapman @thegentlemangorilla
Photo Credit: Barry Mullins @mulling_it_over

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