The Self-Quarantine Shopping List

best food storage for long term

Social distancing due to the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Most countries have now implemented measures to protect against the spread of this fast-acting pandemic. Many businesses have either shut down or begun to limit their exposure to the public. Groups of ten or more have been banned and those who do not abide by the rules could face harsh consequences.

Whether or not you believe the hype or the severity of the Coronavirus pandemic – you will still find yourself affected on some level. You may have to miss work, work from home and do most of your shopping online. One thing we do know for sure – this will eventually blow over. However, it has given many of us insight as to how the world and your community will deal with a long-running pandemic. Maybe this was a test of sorts to prepare us for something larger. Who knows? What we do know is we all could have been a little more prepared.

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You should always be prepared for at least a two-week quarantine year-round. Were you prepared this time? Don’t worry, you will unfortunately get another shot one day in the near future.

You can have these essential quarantine items delivered straight to your door. 

Here are essential items you need for a quarantine:

best food storage for long term


Obviously, but you need to plan it out. Purchase a wide variety of foods and in various formats. You need to be prepared in the event you lose electricity and can no longer keep your food frozen. With that being said, you will want to have a healthy supply of frozen foods, canned foods, vegetables, dry goods, liquids and snacks. Be sure to stock up on electrolytes as water may not always be enough.

I would go a step further and keep a deep-freezer full of meats. A large deer can do wonders for your food prep. Or, you could visit a butcher and fill the freezer that way if you are not a hunter.

You can also stock up on MRE or Meals-Ready-To-Eat. Packed with essential nutrients and easy to store for years. 


Stock up on all medications you may need for the year. You don’t want to run out of a necessity such as blood pressure medication or diabetic supplies.

Household Goods

History classes will be talking about the run on toilet paper during the Coronavirus for years to come. People cleaned out stores within minutes of learning of the pandemic. While they were referred to as “nuts,” toilet paper is something you should have plenty of on hand. I would suggest stocking up year-round just in case. It’s not like you won’t eventually use it anyway.

Also, stock a 6-month supply of tooth-paste, soap, deodorant, tooth-brushes, trash bags, shaving cream (or just let the beard grow), and anything else you use on a daily basis. It’s easy to stock pile items you use every day and if a pandemic never were to strike again (it will), at least you didn’t waste your money on unnecessary items.

pandemic books


This isn’t spoken about enough – if you are quarantined for weeks at a time, you will need something to keep your brain occupied. You may think you will watch Netflix for days on end, but even that will get boring. Stock up on books, streaming services, podcasts, outdoor activities and things that don’t require electricity just in case you lose it.

Here’s a link to popular books based on category:




best whiskey for prepping


Hard liquor has multiple uses beyond the obvious. There’s nothing better than sipping a decent whiskey while sitting on the back porch listening to the world. It’s easy to stock up on and store. You’re not going to want to leave the house just for alcohol and it may not be safe to do so. I would suggest purchasing two bottles a paycheck; one to drink and one to store. You will have a nice stash before long. Remember, if things get really dire – you can trade hard liquor for other items you may need.


Always keep extra flashlights and check them periodically year-round. Batteries are hard to keep on hand, especially with children in the home, but you can easily stock up or buy a wind-up flashlight. You won’t get as much juice with them, but they don’t require batteries. Tactical flashlights produce higher concentrations of light and are usually made from durable materials which can also come in handy during a pandemic or quarantine.


Many daily items are powered by batteries. Start building a collection of various sizes so you will be prepared in case the lights go out. Many radios and flashlights can be powered other ways such as solar powered or wind-up.

First-Aid Kit

Don’t just grab a first-aid kit from the shelf and think you are done. Check out each item and make sure it covers what you and your family need to stay healthy. You can purchase the best first-aid kits online and ensure you have everything you need. Keep a first-aid kit for your car as well. You never know when you will need to travel or evacuate.

FosPower Emergency Solar Power Hand Crank Radio

We assume we will always have access to social media and the news to keep us updated on a pandemic. Phones and internet could easily go out in an instant and everyone would be left in the dark. An emergency radio can alleviate that issue and provide you with up to date news so you can keep up with what’s happening in your community. It is vital you know what’s going on around you in case you have to evacuate and find alternate shelter.

This radio gives you the best of both worlds with a solar power feature and hand crank. You won’t need batteries and will always have a way to power this radio.

Communication Radio

Keep in communications with a two-way radio. You can do more than just stay in touch with these ham two-way radios. Remember, communication is the key to your success during a pandemic or other natural disaster. Buy multiples for your family in case you need to separate.

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