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Top 10 Best Cigar Cutters under $20 and Buyer’s Guide

best cigar cutter under $15

You can spend a small fortune on premium cigar cutters; but do you really need to? The sky is the limit when it comes to premium cigar accessories because there is a market for people who like to show off their cigar accessories. Nothing wrong with that at all, but let’s be honest, all you really need is a cigar cutter that will do what it was intended to do – cut the tip of your cigar so you can enjoy a few moments of tobacco bliss. If you’re more into the utility of cigar cutters and less concerned with spending extra money to buy a show piece; then here are a few quality cigar cutters that won’t break the bank. Heck, some of these are so cheap, you can buy a pack of them for when you misplace or lose them.

If you don’t care about bragging rights to how much you spent, here are ten of the best cigar cutters for under $20 that will still get the job done.

Here are the Best Cigar Cutters on a Budget

Alaska Bear Guillotine Double Cut Blade Cigar Cutter

Constructed from brushed stainless steel; this custom design by Alaska Bear brands gets the job done! Solid construction meets superb craftsmanship to give you one of the best cigar cutters for under $10. You can’t beat that price without substituting quality. This is a self-sharpening double blade that slices through cigars with precision cuts and can fit cigars up to 60 gauge. This is the utility cigar cutter you’ve been searching for. It also comes in a gift bag that helps protect your new cigar cutters. This cigar cutter will easily cut rounded, torpedoes, capped and any other cigar type that will fit the opening.

Galiner Wood Stainless Steel Double Cut Guillotine Cigar Cutter

If you’re looking for a stylish cigar cutter for under $10, the Galiner zebra wood is a great place to start. 100% stainless steel design with double cut blades and smooth finished cutting edge that is razor sharp. Precise cuts that will have you puffing away at your favorite cigar in no time. The zebra wood gives it a luxury look and superb craftsmanship makes this one of the best wood cigar cutters for under $10. With a shape specifically designed to give you the best grip and an easy open spring-loaded system allows you to close it with one hand. You get a cigar cutter, cigar cutter box and a 30-day money back guarantee. This is one of the more attractive cigar cutters in its price range.

Anntuk Guillotine Cigar Cutter

A solid cigar cutter with sharp blades that provides consistent cuts on your favorite cigars for around $7 – what else could you ask for? This is the perfect utility cigar cutter. No frills, no expensive materials; just solid craftsmanship that will hold up and do what it is intended to do. Self-sharpening brushed stainless steel blades will exact precise cuts up to 60 ring gauged cigars. Cheap and easy to carry – you can buy two and put one in your cigar box and the other with your everyday carry for $7 each.

Blinken Cigar Cutter Double Blade Guillotine

Not a bad cigar cutter for under $20 if I must say so myself. Polished stainless steel construction gives it a handsome appearance and the cut and lock system gives a more comfortable hold while still allowing it to cut cigars easily. Razor sharp guillotine double blades make cutting cigars easy and effective. The hole diameter is 0.892 inches or 22.66 mm to be exact and will cut most cigars. You get a customized velvet pouch to store your new cigar cutter in which also protects it from bumps and bruises.

Zertone Guillotine Cigar Cutter

Looking for a quality cigar cutter for under $15? The stainless steel Zertone cigar cutter fits the bill. Self-sharpening guillotine dual blades makes a clean cigar cut and fits cigar diameters of 23mm. You need to always have a few good cigar cutters on hand for when you’re ready to smoke. You never know when the urge to grab a cigar and walk the back property will hit, so do yourself a favor and pick up a few extras to have lying around. This is one of the best cigar cutters you will find at this price point at around $15.

Mantello Cherry Wood & Stainless-Steel Cigar Cutter

This under $10 cigar cutter by Mantello has a stylish design with the cherry wood & stainless-steel construction. Guillotine dual blades cuts up to 58-gauge cigars. We like the look of this cigar cutter. Not only is it cheap, but also looks nice enough to show around. Sturdy, durable and classy – this is a great cigar cutter for under 10 bucks.

Mrs. Brog Cigar Cutter with Back Protector and Leather Pouch

We like Mrs. Brog cigar accessories and this cutter is no different. Barely costs $7 and it comes with a cool leather pouch to give your cigar cutter a little extra protection. Constructed from high-grade stainless-steel, these self-sharpening double guillotine blades are perfect for cutting your cigars up to 60 gauge. The brushed steel looks pretty good with the leather carrying pouch. I wouldn’t be embarrassed to whip this $7 cigar cutter out at any cigar smoking gathering. You’ll also enjoy the ergonomic handles if you smoke often.

Mantello V-Cut Cigar Cutter

Mantello Cigars did a fine job at designing this under $15 cigar cutter. It not only looks interesting; but also does a great job at cutting cigars. Easily fits up to 60 ring gauge cigars and the V-Cut blade is made from stainless-steel. You can’t go wrong with this affordable cigar cutter, especially at this price point. You get a 1-year warranty and a cool gift box on top of it. Not a bad deal for a cheap cigar cutter that actually holds up to numerous uses. Save the money by buying a low cost cigar cutter and put that money towards more cigars or a nice cigar travel humidor.

Mantello Zebra Wood Cut & Lock System Cigar Cutter

The teardrop body on this Mantello cigar cutter gives your fingers something to grip while cutting your favorite cigar. The dual guillotine blades make a clean cut that won’t fry edges that end up in your mouth or beard. The spring-loaded apparatus does the work for you and is made from high-quality materials. Plus, it looks nice! You get a lifetime warranty with this cigar cutter for under $10.

Roygra 2-in-1 Cigar Cutter 5 Pack

Yes, you actually get a 5 pack of these Roygra cigar cutters for $7. Let’s break it down: they’re 2-in-1 cigar cutters which means you get a guillotine and V-cut – perfect for multiple uses. You get 5 in the pack, which means you could keep a few and hand the others out to friends. That comes up to just over 1$ for each cigar cutter. You may also be pleasantly surprised at the quality of these cigar cutters and the fact that they cut up to 60 ring gauge cigars. The V-cut gives your cigar a nice draw and less flaky tobacco bits in your teeth. We recommend these because you get so many of them and we tend to misplace our cigar cutters often.

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