Olight Obulb Pro Multicolor Light with App Control

Olight Obulb Pro ambient light

The Obulb Pro Multicolor Light with Bluetooth App Control is a great way to illuminate indoor or outdoor settings. 

The Obulb Pro is a new product from Olight that provides you with an app-controlled light source that can change between multiple colors and is perfect for outdoor lighting or when the power goes out. We tested one of these to see exactly how good the Olight Obulb Pro worked and we were satisfied with the results. 

You may have seen Olight products before, but just in case, they make all types of light sources such as tactical lights, weapon lights, headlamps, everyday carry flashlights and ambient lights. The Obulb is a color-changing light that has a calming effect and is perfect for lighting up rooms or being used outside. We used it at an RV campsite and it fully illuminated our outside area with a nice warm glow and we were able to control it with the Olight app. 
Olight Obulb Pro Bluetooth light

What is the Olight Obulb Pro?

This is a cutting-edge magnetic light orb that gives users 7 variable light modes that you can control with the app. It measures 2.56” and can easily fit into a backpack pocket or in a drawer. It can fade, flash and cycle between all 7 colors. You can press the button and choose your preferred mode and use it as ambient light or put it on a picnic table so you can see at the campsite. The Obulb Pro comes with an adhesive metal batch that can be attached anywhere around the home, RV or camp and you can use multiple bulbs to illuminate a path. 

Powerful Battery

The battery is a built-in 1650mAh that’s rechargeable with the included USB magnetic charging cable and can run for 84 hours. It charges fast and provides you with days of warm, ambient light. Don’t think for a second the Obulb Pro is too delicate to take camping, it’s actually IPX7 waterproof and 1.5m impact resistance. It’s durable and has become a camping staple in our household. The 240 Lumens output is plenty for indoor and outdoor activities.  

Techies will love the Olight Obulb Pro. Connect it to your smartphone with Bluetooth and you will have the ability to change the color, brightness, mode type and more. You can even share the QR code to give others control of your Obulb Pro. 

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the Olight Obulb Pro. It made a great addition to our most recent RV adventure and I will be ordering more Obulbs for additional lighting.