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Pepperball VKS Launcher- The Best in Non-Lethal Self-Defense

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If you’re looking for the best in non-lethal self-defense, the Pepperball VKS Launcher is exactly what you want. This police grade non-lethal self-defense tool is perfect for home defense. PepperBall is widely known as one of the top manufacturers of non-lethal weapons and the VKS Launcher is Pepperball’s strongest to date.  

The Best in Non-Lethal Self-Defense 

Not every situation calls for lethal measures. You can’t take back a bullet and lethal should be saved for certain situations where your life or others are in danger. It’s a good idea to have a non-lethal option in your home arsenal as it can protect you both physically and legally.  -Check Price on Amazon

Adjustable Kinetic Impact 

The VKS Launcher is unique in that it allows the user to adjust the kinetic impact. You can choose between 10-28 Joules depending on your home defense needs. The VXR projectiles have an accurate distance of upwards of 150 feet and they are extremely effective. The Pepperball VKS Launcher utilizes .68 caliber projectiles that are a perfect deterrent for anyone looking to cause trouble. Don’t think for one second that this is a hyped-up paintball gun, it’s a solid defense tool that sends .68 caliber pepperballs exactly where they need to go. They can reach out and touch someone from a distance without using lethal means.The Pepperball VKS Launcher is the best non-lethal means of self-defense or home security on the market.  

High Magazine Capacity 

The Pepperball VKS Launcher has a large magazine capacity that can hold either 10 or 15 rounds. That should be plenty to ward off home intruders without resorting to lethal force. Equipped with a dual air source for maximum efficiency, the Pepperball VKS Launcher gets the job done. Keep in mind the air tank comes to you empty, so you will have to fill it up before using the VKS Launcher.  

Trusted by U.S. Army, Marines and Law Enforcement Agencies 

The Pepperball VKS Launcher is used extensively in many areas of law enforcement and military applications. It utilizes the most powerful non-lethal methods currently on the market. As you know, non-lethal force options are designed to be used before resorting to lethal methods. You can employ them sooner since there non-lethal before the situation escalates. You know a non-lethal product is top-level if the U.S. Army, Marines and Law Enforcement Agencies employ it in their arsenal.  

Not Just for Home Use 

Non-lethal self-defense options aren’t just for home use, they can also be used by law enforcement agencies and to protect businesses. If you own a business, you may have employees that need protection. It’s up to you to determine your state’s laws regarding non-lethal force as this website does not intend to give legal advice.  

Yellow Color to Alert Law Enforcement 

Don’t let the yellow color fool you, this non-lethal tool will get the job done. The bright yellow color alerts law enforcement that it is a non-lethal self-defense launcher. The last thing you want is for local law enforcement to respond to a situation at your home or business and think that you’re the aggressor at first glance. Law enforcement is provided with minimal details when responding to a complaint, the yellow color of the Pepperball VKS Launcher immediately identifies itself as a non-lethal apparatus.  

Various Ammo Choices 

You can launch various projectiles from your Pepperball VKS Launcher. The Live-X Police Grade Projectiles are an example of the companies most powerful concentration of PAVA pepper power. One shot of these are equal to 10 regular PepperBall LIVE rounds. You can get less potent projectiles as well. It’s good to have choices that you can easily stock for future use. PepperBall also makes a tactical compact pistol to add to your non-lethal arsenal. Your ammo will fit all launchers by PepperBall.  

Handle with Care

Don’t let the non-lethal attributes of the PepperBall VKS Launcher fool you, this is a dangerous self-defense item. Handle it as you would a rifle and keep away from small children. It can cause a great deal of damage if handled improperly. This is not a paintball gun, you can really hurt yourself with this launcher if you aren’t careful. Never point at anyone unless intended. 


The Pepperball VKS Launcher weighs 6.2 pounds which is an optimal weight for a non-lethal self-defense launcher. You can maneuver it easily and manipulate it to your needs. The barrel is rifled for magazine and the launcher itself is semi-auto. You can protect yourself and your home with non-lethal force.  

What You Get 

The Pepperball VKS Launcher bundle comes with the VKS Launcher (Variable Kinetic System), one 13 cubic inch air tank, a black hard case for storage and transporting your launcher and 2 15 round yellow magazines that will give you plenty of ammo for the job. You also get a user manual and tools. It’s important that you read the manual and familiarize yourself with the VKS (Variable Kinetic System) before using. As always, do a few practice rounds before you depend on any method of home security. You don’t want the first time you use your launcher to be during an intense situation with a home intruder.  

Our Take 

If you’re looking for non-lethal self-defense for your home or business – the Pepperball VKS Launcher is where it’s at. It has stopping power and can take care of business. Not every situation calls for lethal measures. There are times when a non-lethal approach is the best option. If you want the best-of-the-best in non-lethal self-defense, check out the Pepperball VKS Launcher. As always, familiarize yourself with your area’s laws to ensure full compliance.  

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