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PepperBall Tactical Compact Pistol – Police Grade Less Lethal Self-Defense

the best non-lethal pistol

The PepperBall Pistol is the ultimate in non-lethal self-defense. The police grade tactical compact pistol allows you to defend yourself and your home without resorting to lethal options. While some situations require lethal measures, not every situation you will encounter requires a gun. -Check Price on Amazon

Smallest PepperBall Launcher 

The Tactical Compact Pistol (TCP) by PepperBall is the smallest launcher the company makes. You can easily carry it on your belt with a holster. The TCP gives you access to non-lethal measures with multi-shot capabilities that you can use for practice, home defense or in the field. You can use either the VXR projectiles with long-range capabilities or the original round projectiles allowing you to keep a safe distance from the threat.  

Fits on Standard Duty Belt 

The PepperBall Tactical Compact Pistol has a lightweight design that’s perfect for carrying on your belt. PepperBall non-lethal or less-lethal measures are meant to be deployed quicker in an adverse situation as a safer alternative to other forceful means. The compact pistol makes it easy to deploy less lethal measures quickly and efficiently.  

Why PepperBall? 

PepperBall is a non-lethal defense measure that can save lives and keep you safe. You can use the non-lethal system in the field, on duty, home defense and more. It basically gives you options while in the field. As you know, not every situation you encounter in your daily grind will result in the need for lethal force. The PepperBall non-lethal defense system of launchers gives you potentially life-saving options that can protect you both physically and legally. PepperBall gives you the tools to complete your job more efficiently while keeping you safe.  

Trusted by Law Enforcement and Military 

The PepperBall non-lethal self-defense system is utilized by the U.S. Army, Marines and local law enforcement agencies to provide safer alternatives to lethal force. You know you’re in good hands when the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement purchases a product. That means it has been tested extensively along with multiple other companies and the PepperBall line of products surpassed the competition. The U.S. Military takes their training seriously and only uses the best on the market. Local law enforcement agencies have begun stocking up on non-lethal launchers to use when a firearm is not warranted, but they still need protection.  

PepperBall ammo for non-lethal launcher
PepperBall ammo

Variable Ammo Options 

The Tactical Compact Pistol uses long-range VXR projectiles or the original round projectiles to give you plenty of options. You can stock up on ammo and test to see which type works best for you. It’s important to test your launcher before expecting to use it in a real-world scenario. You don’t want to walk into a situation without fully understanding how your Tactical Compact Pistol performs and the range it can hit.  

Not Just For Law Enforcement 

While many law enforcement agencies purchase the TCP, civilians are able to use these as well. There are many reasons why civilians would want to arm themselves with PepperBall non-lethal launchers. Some people don’t like keeping firearms around the home due to small children or other reasons.  

Treat the PepperBall Like a Lethal Option 

The PepperBall may be non-lethal or less-lethal, but it can still cause damage if not utilized in a safe manner. It should be kept away from small children and other unauthorized users. PepperBall non-lethal launchers should be treated the same as a firearm because it can do substantial damage in close quarters. These are listed as non-lethal or less-lethal, but can still kill. They’re not toys or paintball guns, but a serious product for self-defense.  

Your Kit Includes: 

The PepperBall Tactical Compact Pistol (TCP) comes with 2 black six shot magazines for ammo, a sling and a manual. Be sure to read the user manual thoroughly so you will understand how to use your new PepperBall TCP Launcher and will familiarize yourself with safety protocol.  

Built in the USA 

PepperBall non-lethal launchers are machined and assembled in the USA and is the most versatile non-lethal measures in the world. They have an entire line of products dedicated to non-lethal force that will make great additions to your home arsenal or your police station if you are a buyer for your office.  

Tactical Compact Pistol Features: 

  • Compact size that’s perfect for duty belt 
  • Super lightweight design for quick access  
  • .68 caliber rounds  
  • Long-range VXR projectiles available 
  • Undermount rail 
  • Comes with 2 six shot magazines for quick reload 

TCP Specifications 

The PepperBall TCP weights 1.71 pounds/ .77kg and measures 8” or 20cm. It has a height of 6.5”/16.5cm and utilizes a .68 caliber shot which is semi-auto. The PepperBall TCP is powered by 8g CO2. 

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Our Take 

If you’re looking for non-lethal or less-lethal means to eliminate a threat, the PepperBall Tactical Compact Pistol is exactly what you’re looking for. This brand is used and trusted by the U.S. Military, which says a ton about the quality and craftsmanship of this product. We all understand that not every single threat will require lethal force and it’s good to have non-lethal options readily available. These are great not only for local law enforcement agencies looking to stock up on non-lethal pistols, but also for those wanting to protect their home and business.  

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