The 5 Best RV Portable Waste Tanks of 2022

RV honey wagon

Camping in an RV or trailer is a great way to see different places and spend time with your friends and family. However, you have to be sure you have the right tools before you book a camping spot. RV portable waste holding tanks are a necessity if you need to transport waste from your RV or camper trailer to a dump station. 

Portable Waste Tank for RV

A portable waste tank for your RV is an important item to have, especially if you camp in the woods. You won’t always have sewage hookups at your campsite and will have to drive your RV to a dump station or use a portable waste holding tank, a.k.a. RV honey wagon. Portable RV camper waste holding tanks are made from durable molded HDPE that’s tough and will get the job done. They’re easy to use and an invaluable tool to have with you on a camping trip. 

A good RV portable waste tank is a great investment because you never know if you need to park your camper in an area that doesn’t have sewage hookups. It’s good to be prepared for anything when you’re on the road. 

RV Honey Wagon

An RV honey wagon is a vehicle such as a truck or a trailer that is used to empty your RV’s holding tank and discard your waste. Many campsites have these if they don’t have sewer hookups. Many people refer to an RV portable waste tank as a honey wagon. RV honey wagons are basically portable waste tanks with wheels that you can use to empty your camper or RV of waste and water. They’re easy to use and can be stored on the back of your RV or in the back of your truck.

The last thing you want to happen is for your waste tank to fill up and have no way to dump it. These portable holding tanks are perfect for RVs, campers and travel trailers and can roll similar to how a suitcase works. You don’t always want to drive to dump when you can quickly roll one of these honey wagons and get it done quicker without connecting your truck. 

Here are 3 Reasons To Own an RV/Camper Honey Wagon:

  1. It makes removing waste easy and efficient.
  2. You never know when you will need one. 
  3. They’re great to have in case the RV park doesn’t have sewage hookups.

Here are the best portable waste holding tanks for RVs and campers:

Camco Rhino Heavy Duty 4 Wheels Portable Waste Holding Tank

The Camco Rhino camper portable waste holding tank has 4 wheels and is steerable. It’s super easy to use and comes with everything you need to hook up and transport your waste from your RV to the dumpsite. The 2-front wheels make it easy to maneuver across a campsite while transporting waste from your RV or camper. It has 6”, no-flat front wheels that work great in all types of terrain. They also distribute the weight evenly so you don’t have to lift it. The back wheels are 12” and are super heavy-duty and can handle a lot of weight. 

This heavy-duty RV honey wagon features a 24” tow bar that lets you roll it with ease. You can even tow it behind your vehicle, ATV or golf cart. It’s easy to clean and empty with the integrated tank rinser and you can purchase an optional ladder hook so you can attach it to your camper when you’re not using it. 

You get a 3’ sewer hose, a 15” water hose rinse adapter, a clear elbow with a 4-in-1 adapter, clear double bayonet elbow, multiple storage caps and a 24” tow bar. Basically, this RV honey wagon kit comes with everything you need for the campsite. 

Camco Rhino Heavy Duty 36 Gallon Portable Waste Holding Tank

The Camco Rhino 36 gallon honey wagon is one of the best ones you will find. It’s made from extremely tough, UV stabilized HDPE. This kit comes with everything you need to remove waste from your RV or camper and haul it to the dumpsite. 

Some of the best campsites don’t have a sewage connection close by and the Camco Rhino honey wagon will make it extremely easy to remove waste. It’s easy to clean and will last for years of camping trips. The wheels are large, heavy-duty and “no-flat” to keep you rolling with no issues. You can use the handle to roll it like luggage. 

This camper portable waste holding tank measures 15.5”L x 25”W x 46”H and only weighs 34 pounds. The Camco Rhino honey wagon comes in 15, 21, 28 and 36 gallon options and two models come with 4 wheels for increased maneuverability. 

We like the Camco Rhino RV honey wagon because it’s made from tough materials and will last a long time. 

Barker 4-Wheeler Tote Tank

Barker Manufacturing makes a great lineup of portable holding tanks for RVs and campers. This particular tank holds either 25, 32 or 42 gallons and has a handle for easy use. It’s made from blow-molded polyethylene materials that’s incredibly tough and won’t warp when left in the sun. The steel brackets are zinc plated and can withstand environmental factors. 

The wheels are extra large and rated for heavy-duty use. The front wheels are front-mounted and double wheel-swivel for additional maneuverability. You can use this tote tank on all terrain and it’s easy to pull. The 3” conventional waste valve is easy to use and allows you to empty the tote tank without lifting it. Simply open the valve and it does the work for you. 

This tote tank weighs around 37 pounds depending on the size you buy. You get the tote tank, 5-foot sewer hose, tow handle and everything you need to go camping. 

Tote-N-Store Portable Waste Transport 32 Gallons

The Tote-N-Store provides an easy way to dispose of waste while at the campsite. It holds 32 gallons and is easy to pull with the steel tow bracket. You can even tow it behind your RV, vehicle, ATV or other vehicles. It’s tough and made from rugged materials that will last a long time. It has a storage compartment to store accessories and the rubber wheels can roll on all types of terrain. 

You can get the Tote-N-Store in 5 sizes: 6, 11, 15, 25 and 32 gallons. It’s fitted with 2 wheels and measures 45.75” long x 24” wide x 11.625” tall. This RV waste transport tote can help you store extra wastewater for long trips where you don’t want to move your RV to dump

Tote-N-Store Portable Waste Transport 4 Wheeler

The Tote-N-Store 4 wheeler RV waste transporter makes it easier to camp for long periods of time without moving your RV or camper trailer. You get plenty of wastewater storage for your RV and it’s easy to transport. The Tote-N-Store has a built-in storage area for parts and the accessory kit comes with everything your RV needs. The tow bracket is designed so that it doesn’t touch the ground to stay clean and the rubber wheels are quiet. 

This RV portable waste transporter comes with a ¾” garden hose cap, 15” garden hose, 3” straight hose adapter, 3” garden hose cap and a 3 x 36” waste drain hose with clamps. We like this camping waste transport by Tote-N-Stor because it’s tough, easy to use and comes with plenty of extras. 

What Exactly is an RV Portable Waste Tank? 

An RV portable waste tank is a handy tool that can help you empty out your RV’s waste tank without having to leave your campsite. You’ve probably noticed how not all RV campsites have sewage hookups. This means you either have to haul your waste back home with you or use an RV portable waste tank to cart your waste to the dumpsite. 

RV portable waste tanks, a.k.a. “Honey wagons” or “blue boy” is an RV camping tool that you need to have if you plan on camping at spots that don’t have a sewage hookup. Some of the best campsites don’t have sewage hookups and they’re also cheaper to camp. You can actually save a ton of money by choosing RV campsites that don’t have every amenity such as sewage hookups.

Do I Need an RV Portable Waste Tank?

While not every camper or RVer will need a portable RV dump tank, they are incredibly handy to have. They’re convenient and make it easy to camp anywhere, especially off-grid or at national parks. You may think you have a large enough holding tank to get through any camping trip, but things happen and plans may change for reasons out of your control. It’s best to have one on hand just in case you get stuck at a campsite that doesn’t have sewer hookups. 

How Big of a Portable RV Waste Tank Do I Need? 

You will want to find a portable RV waste tank or “Honey-Wagon” that can hold your camper’s entire holding tank. You want to be able to empty your tank’s entire contents into your portable RV waste tank to ensure you have enough space. The last thing you want to do is have an RV honey wagon that’s too small and causes you to spill liquid as you’re emptying your tank. 

For example: if your RV holding tank is 42 gallons, then you should buy an RV portable waste tank that can hold 42 gallons. Keep in mind you will have to store your portable tank somewhere, so keep that in mind when deciding how large of a tank you should buy. Many RVs and campers have extra storage space, but you can also throw them in the back of your truck if you don’t have extra space. 

How to Transport a Portable RV Waste Tank with Ease

How you transport your portable RV waste tank depends a little on the size of your RV or camper and what you’re transporting. If you’re using it for your grey tank then you can store it inside your RV in one of the storage compartments. However, if you’re using it for black water from the waste tank, then you will want to store it away from yourself and your family. Here are a few places you can store your portable RV waste tank: 

  1. In the back of your truck
  2. Attach it to the rear ladder of your RV or camper
  3. Extra storage space under your RV or camper
  4. On the back of your trailer 

The larger RVs and campers have plenty of storage spaces underneath that will provide you with plenty of options. If you have a smaller camper, you may want to secure it in the back of your truck. 

How Do You Use an RV Portable Waste Tank?

RV portable waste tanks or honey wagons are extremely easy to use. Simply connect your RV honey wagon to your RV via your sewer hose and attachments to fill up your portable tank. The attachments are easy to connect to your RV waste tank. Most portable RV tanks feature a clear elbow piece so you can check the progress. You will want to open the vent cap on your portable tank to ensure you let air out while filling with your waste. You will then either attach it to your truck or roll it to the dumpsite by hand to dump. 

The great thing about RV portable waste tanks is that you don’t have to pack up camp or even move your truck if you don’t want to. Simply fill your portable tank with your waste and roll it to the dumpsite. 

How to Clean an RV Portable Waste Tank

Cleaning your portable waste tank is easier than it looks and should be done after each use. Most tanks come equipped with easy clean connections. All you have to do is fill the tank with water through the sewer port. You can fill it up multiple times and empty it via the sewer drain connections. 

Another way to clean your RV honey wagon is by partially filling the tank with an RV tank treatment and simply driving. The sloshing back and forth during your travel will clean anything left after rinsing. 

Where to Store Your RV Portable Waste Tank

RV honey wagons can take up a good deal of room. They’re not entirely clean so you will want to keep them away from other gear so you don’t accidentally contaminate other items. You can attach them to your RV or camper roof, back or throw them into the back of your truck. 

Here’s Why You Need an RV Portable Waste Tank:

Not All Camping Sites Have Sewage Hookup for RVs and Campers

You will find that many camping sites do not have sewage hookups and you will have to either take your waste to the next site or use a portable RV waste tank to haul your waste when your RV or camper is full. You never know when you will need to stay for a night at a campsite that doesn’t have hookups and honey wagons are great to have. 

You Can Stay Places Longer

You may have heard of boondocking campsites. There are some truly great camping areas that don’t have all the amenities you need for sewage hookups. An RV honey wagon allows you to stay in your spot longer without having to move. You risk losing your spot if you have to pack up camp every few days to empty your RV wastewater and sewage tanks. 

They Extend Your Waste Water Storage Capacity

It’s easy to fill up your RV waste water tanks, especially if you have a large family or children. You need to be able to dispose of waste periodically or you could run into some issues. A large RV portable waste tank can hold anywhere from 36 – 40 gallons easily. This will buy you more time to camp without having to empty your tanks.

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