The 5 Best RV Stabilizer Jack for RVs and Camper Trailers of 2022

Libra RV stabilizer jack

RV stabilizer jacks or scissor jacks are an essential tool to stabilize and level your RV or camper trailer. They not only keep your RV stabilized and prevent swaying, they also help protect your RV’s tires. Your RV or camper can decrease the life of your tires if you don’t use a sturdy RV stabilizer jack, especially during long-term camping or parking. 

The best RV stabilizer jacks are worth the investment and can help make your trailer’s tires last much longer and will make your camping trip comfortable, especially in windy weather. 

It should be noted that RV stabilizer jacks and RV leveling jacks are not the same thing and are used for different reasons. You don’t want to use your RV stabilizer jacks to “jack up” your RV, but instead to provide extra stability. In fact, you can damage your RV if you apply too much pressure underneath. An RV stabilizer jack should never be used to level an RV. You will want to stop cranking the moment you feel slight resistance with the ground or your RV stabilizer jack pads.

Leveling your RV or camper is important to protect the integrity of your trailer throughout the years. You can cause a great deal of damage if you don’t level properly. Many of your RV appliances must be level in order for them to work properly. 

RV stabilizer jacks do a great job at reducing movement and shaking inside your RV. You can feel the difference if you were to walk inside an RV that doesn’t have stabilizer jacks deployed. It can make you nauseated with every movement and is even more apparent during a storm. 

There are tons of RV stabilizer jack companies on the market, here are the best: 

Libra 7,500 LB RV Stabilizer Jack with Drill Sockets

The Libra RV stabilizer jack is one of the best on the market and comes with everything you need to properly install it. It comes as a set of 4 RV stabilizer jacks, a crank handle and a ¾” hex socket that attaches to a drill for easier use. 

Each RV stabilizer jack can hold 7,500 pounds which is more than the jacks that come with your RV or camper. They’re tough and made from 11ga steel that do a great job at keeping your RV stable and reducing rocking. This kit comes with everything you need to install stabilizer jacks to your RV or camper trailer such as 16 ⅜” mounting screws, a 9/16” socket, 11/36” mounting hole drill bit and a drilling guide sticker. If you’re unsure about installing it yourself you can go to an RV store and they will install it for you. 

We like the Libra RV stabilizer jack kit because they’re strong enough to hold 7,500 pounds each, they come with an installation kit and you get an RV stabilizer jack drill adapter that will save time and energy when deploying them. 

Weize RV Stabilizer Scissor Jacks

The Weize RV scissor jacks are a great product that’s made for heavy-duty use and will last a long time. Each RV stabilizer jack can hold 7,500 pounds and does a great job at keeping your trailer steady and reduces sway. These don’t cost a fortune and do a pretty good job at keeping your trailer secure while parked and camping. 

You get 4 RV scissor jacks rated at 7,500 pounds each and a crank handle. You can turn these by hand or attach an RV stabilizer jack drill adapter to your drill for quicker deployment. The tooth gear design of these RV stabilizers makes sure they extend and retract in a straight line and don’t cause any issues during use. They’re easy to crank and can be installed quickly. 

We like the Weize RV camper stabilizer scissor jacks because you get a lot for the price and they’re easy to use. 

Rockman RV Camper Stabilizer Scissor Jacks

The Rockman RV scissor jacks come in a set of 4 and are rated for 7,500 pounds each. They feature a wide bow-tie base that keeps your jacks stable and in place. You get 4 stabilizer jacks, a level and a ¾” hex magnetic socket that can be attached to your power drill for faster extension and retraction. 

This RV stabilizer jack can extend to 24” and retract to 4” and will tuck underneath your trailer. These are extremely easy to use and durable stabilizer jacks that can protect your tires and keep your trailer secure. 

Camco 48830 Eaz-Lift RV Stabilizing Scissor Jack 

The Camco Eaz-Lift RV scissor jacks come in a 2-pack and are rated at 7,500 pounds each. These are perfect for replacing your original jacks. In fact, the Camco RV scissor jacks are 2 to 3 times stronger than factory jacks that come with your RV or camper trailer. They’re powder coated to prevent rust which is a huge issue with factory jacks. 

You can easily install this RV stabilizer jack by bolting them onto your RV, camper, travel trailer or pop-up camper. These are adjustable from 4 ⅜” to 23 ¾” depending on the terrain. You get 2 RV scissor jacks and a scissor jack socket that can be attached to your drill for faster use. 

We like Camco RV products and the Eaz-Lift Rv stabilizer jack is one of the best. 

RecPro RV Stabilizer Scissor Jacks

The RecPro RV stabilizer jacks are a great addition to your RV and camping gear. You get 4 with this kit and each one can hold 5,000 pounds. These are stronger than factory RV jacks and are made from heavy-duty materials. They’re easy to use and powder-coated to prevent rust and other issues you may encounter. Each jack has steel support on the top that connects with your trailer to ensure you have a sturdy fit. The bottom features a bow-tie base to increase the amount of stabilization they provide to your camper. 

You can get the RecPro RV scissor jack kits in various sizes and amounts depending on what you need.

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