SOG MacV Tool – 12 Tools for Everyday Carry

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Maximize your everyday carry with the SOG MacV Tool. It fits on your keychain and gives you access to a plethora of tools. Things you need and use every day for minor repairs and basic necessity. You carry tools in your truck, why not have the perfect keychain tool in your front pocket? It makes a pretty solid survival multi-tool. These make great gifts for those who like to fix things on their own. Obviously, even the best keychain tools on the market won’t replace a full tool box, but hey, they’re fun and they are quite useful!


The SOG MacV Tool is made from 3Cr13 stainless steel in hardcased black construction. So yeah, it’s tough! You can use this beauty all day long and it will hold up.

12 Tools

You get twelve tools total. These include: large flathead driver, small flathead driver, line cutter, blade sharpener, bottle opener, small Phillips driver, ¼” wrench, 5/16” wrench, 3/8” wrench and ¼”hex bit driver, sharpener and pry bar. All in the shape of a skull! This is the perfect keychain tool for everyday carry. It has a lanyard/keychain hole for multiple ways to carry this bad boy.

Tighten a screw, pop open a bottle of beer, cut a fishing line in a hurry, or pry – the MacV Tool by SOG is there when you need it.


You won’t find many tools with this many features at this size. Measuring at 2.5” x 1.5” and weighs only 0.6 ounces – you won’t even notice it on your keychain until you need it. Not only that, but it looks cool!


Everyone knows the SOG quality and commitment to their users. They make great gear and stand by their products. This is a cool little gadget that offers a wide variety of tools and can help fill in any gaps you may have with your everyday carry (EDC). It’s so affordable, it’s offered as an add-on item. SOG is well used by military, law enforcement and industrial consumers who need their tools to work at all times, no matter what. They’ve come to respect and trust the SOG brand and we do too.


SOG offers a limited lifetime warranty on the MacV Tool.

Where to Buy

The SOG MacV Tool is a key chain tool that is usually offered as an add-on product to other items since it only costs a few dollars. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the sharpening tool work?

You may be surprised that this little tool would have a knife sharpener that actually works, but it does. You can easily touch up a blade in a jiffy. Run a dull blade through the sharpener a few times and it will put an edge on it. Now, it may not be razor sharp because it was designed mainly for touch-ups. It is definitely nice to have when you need it.

Is this keychain tool good for everyday carry (EDC)?

The exposed edges are not sharp, so you won’t have any trouble carrying it in your front pocket. You won’t cut your pants or your legs. It easily adds an additional 12 tools to your everyday carry, so it is perfect for those who want more from their gear. Pocket tools or keychain tools are perfect for everyday carry. Remember, they aren’t designed to replace an entire tool box, but can save you some time and energy from locating tools when all you need is a screwdriver.

Will the screwdriver work on glasses? I have to tighten mine regularly.

No, the screwdriver is too big for glasses. You will need a separate tool for that.

Is the MacV Tool TSA approved?

It is TSA approved according to SOG. You won’t have trouble with security according to their website. We do not offer legal advice on our website, so do your homework to make sure you are up to date on TSA laws and know what you can and cannot bring on an airplane.

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