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Everyday Carry (EDC) for the Office

best fire starter necklace for everyday carry

An adventurer by heart – you work in a cubicle, but relish the idea of leaving early and exploring your town. Would you even have time after the drive home to retrieve your gear? Everyday carry or EDC are items that you carry with you everywhere you go. These everyday carry items are intended to keep you prepared and able to arise to any opportunity life presents to you.

Everyday carry gear also helps you overcome dangerous situations. You need to put some serious thought into what you carry and how you carry to ensure you are prepared for just about any situation life throws at you. You only have so many pockets, so you have to get creative.

Remember, everyday carry isn’t just about guns and knives and weapons, it’s about items that help you overcome situations or make your life easier and more organized.

Here are the Best Everyday Carry (EDC) Items We Found for the Office:

Garmin Instinct GPS Watch

Stylish for board meetings, rugged for your adventurous lifestyle – the Garmin Instinct is an outdoor watch with GPS that can withstand the toughest environments. Constructed to be in tandem with U.S. Military standards for water, thermal and shock resistance, you can go anywhere you want with this watch. It also has 3 axis compass and barometric altimeter should you need it. This boosts it’s tracking capability in tougher environments than just GPS. You can also use the awesome Tracback feature that allows you to go back to your starting point using the same route.

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Tactical Pen by Atomic Bear

Office professionals carry pens anyway – may as well be one that has some additional functions. Tactical pens have been around for a long time and they’re here to stay. Used by law enforcement and military the world over – they’re a proven staple in anyone’s everyday carry (EDC). Not only a superb writing utensil, tactical pens can also be used for breaking glass and self-defense. It’s easy to see how you could use a good tactical pen to defend against an aggressor due to their sleek design and military grade aluminum construction. Stuff this pen in your front pocket and you are good to go!

Tactical Pens make great gifts for any occupation. 

Grid-It Wrap for your Laptop

Carry all of your office everyday carry essentials in this handy wrap for your MacBook/laptop. Organize endless gadgets such as headphones, cords, phone chargers, pens, sunglasses and breath mints for those endless office meetings. Endless options and configurations will leave you with plenty of room for more gadgets and gear. Organization on this level will make your life easier.

Messenger Bag 

Carrying a bag of this caliber will have you looking like upper management in no time. A serious bag for a serious career driven individual – it has plenty of room to transport everything you need to complete the day and then some.

Kershaw Leek Knife

A simple, no-nonsense knife is exactly what you need for your office everyday carry (EDC). Check your employer’s rules about knives first. Razor sharp right out of the box, you won’t need to work on this blade before using. Slim and versatile, you will be able to handle both small and large cutting jobs with the Kershaw Leek Knife. Equipped with a three-inch blade with the SpeedSafe Assisted Opening so you can open quickly with just one hand. Extremely helpful when you have your hands full or need to access a blade quickly.

Gerber Dime Mini Multi-Tool

Keychain multi-tools are designed to be clipped on your keychain and forgotten – until you need it. Light-weight with a stainless-steel construction, this compact super tool fits easily in your pocket to round out your everyday carry (EDC) and ensure that you are covered. Ten tools that will satisfy most gear nuts, as well as those who just need the occasional screwdriver.

Hatori Super Small Tactical Flashlight Pocket Torch

Hopefully, your boss doesn’t keep you at work so long that you need a flashlight to get to your car, but it’s good planning to include a flashlight in your everyday carry (EDC). Super bright and super small, you can’t find a tactical flashlight of this caliber this size. Easily stuff this torch in your pants pocket or dress shirt pocket. Even if your job doesn’t require you to climb into tight spots where the light doesn’t shine, you should still have a flashlight on your person in case of emergency. You can buy the four pack and save money and be the hero of your office when the lights go out and you can supply your coworkers with light.

Firestarter Necklace by Uberleben Leicht

While not a normal office “accessory,” it doesn’t matter because it’s cool and has a purpose and therefore should be a part of your everyday carry for the office. No one will even have to know you are sporting a fire starter necklace unless you want them to. Tuck it in your shirt for concealment or let it hang and make a fashion statement. How often will you need to make a fire and not have access to a lighter? Probably not often – but you will be happy you had it the one time you needed it. Could be the difference between life and death. This is also a great conversation starter. You may discover you’re not the only one in the office that enjoys planning and carrying useful gear.

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Field Notes Notebook

You should always stay in the habit of taking notes of ideas or journaling. You may have a great business idea or an idea for a new screenplay while you’re at your day job. Keep all of those award winning ideas in one place in a notebook that you know is just for that with a field notes notebook. If you jot down ideas and thoughts into a work notebook – it will be lost forever and you will lose valuable information. Take it with you on your lunch break and you will have a host of ideas before you know it. This is the perfect notebook for everyday carry. You get three with this pack with each notebook at 3.5” x 5.5” memo style size. Perfect to slip into your back pocket and carry everywhere you go.

Trayvax Element Wallet

Slim down your bulky wallet with the Trayvax Element Wallet. Large, bulky wallets have been known to cause back issues by causing you to lean to one side when you sit down. Since most office jobs require you to sit for extended hours a day, it makes since to get a sleek wallet that can still carry what you need. While there are multiple ways to carry a wallet, thieves are deterred by carrying in your front pocket and not your back pocket. Made from top-grain oil-tanned leather and a rugged stainless-steel frame, this wallet can carry 3-10 cards and roughly 1-5 bills. You shouldn’t be carrying much more than that in your wallet. Driver’s license, employment card, credit card, debit card and gym card are the basics – anything more is probably too much.

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