The 9 Best Credit Card Multitools of 2022

best credit card multitools for everyday carry

Who wouldn’t want a handful of tools that tucks neatly into your wallet? If you’re like me, you’re always searching for tools throughout the day. Doesn’t matter if I’m in the office or on the road – I’m using tools on some level. You don’t always have access to a tool box, so the next best option is credit card multitools.

Don’t get me wrong – even the best credit card multitools can’t replace a tool box full of large tools, but that’s not the point. Multitools are designed so that you can always have the tools you use the most in your pocket when you need them. Each one is specifically designed to give you the maximum number of useful tools that can fit neatly in your wallet.

How to Choose a Credit Card Multi-Tool

It may feel like a daunting task to choose the best credit card multi tool – but there’s an easy way to find the perfect one for you. Take note to which tools you use every day. For example; you probably use screw drivers more than anything. I know I do. A knife would be my second most used tool with hex wrenches next. When shopping for credit card multi tools – read the fine print to make sure they have everything you’ve used or needed in the past month. Most good credit card multi tools have the basics covered, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Here are the Best Credit Card Sized Multitools

Wallet Ninja – 18 in 1 Credit Card Multitool (Best Selling in the World)

Harness the power of 18 essential tools with the Wallet Ninja! Not only are the tools included functional – they’re tools you will use every day of your life. Best part is they fit in you wallet and are the size of a credit card. This is one of the best-selling credit card multiools in the world. Designed from 4x heat treated steel; these are great for anyone that uses tools often, but also great for “just in case.” Used often by mechanics, repairmen, hikers, backpackers and RVing – this credit card multitool has so many uses it would also be great for survival prep. Tools included with the Wallet Ninja: 6 Hex wrenches, bottle opener, letter opener, can opener, fruit peeler, box opener, eyeglass screwdriver, ruler with standard and metric markings, phone stand, flat head screwdriver and Philips screwdriver. You couldn’t fit much more onto a multitool the size of a credit card in my opinion. The Wallet Ninja makes a great gift for anyone who could use a few tools to keep handy or for the person in your life who always forgets where they put their most used tools. They come in multiple colors including: black, mutant purple, baby blue and white. Not just for the guys.

37-in-1 Black Wallet Multitool Credit Card Gift Set

37 tools in 1 may sound like overkill – but can you really have too many tools? It’s still the size of a credit card and fits neatly into your pocket, but this set comes with even more goodies and makes the perfect gift for both men and women. Here’s what comes with this credit card multi tool gift set: 37-in-1 Wallet Tool Card, Firestarter, Money Clip, Emergency Whistle, Sleeve Cover, Carabiner, Key Ring and Gift Box. This is the perfect Survival Card Set that makes perfect gifts for hikers, backpackers, college students that travel, campers, Father’s Day gifts, birthday gifts for both men and women – pretty much anyone can get use out of these. Let’s go over the tools included: Knife edge, saw blade, 2 rulers and right triangle, can and bottle opener, cable bender and peeler, lanyard, nail file, fruit and vegetable peeler, letter opener, box opener, smartphone stand and nail puller. The extras you get with this set make this one of the best credit card multi tools on the market.

MRF Credit Card Multitool 60+ Tools with Leather Case

Speaking of overkill – the MRF Credit Card Multitool is equipped with 60+ tools AND comes with a leather case! That puts it a step above the rest and it makes the list of best credit card multi tools. You would have a hard time finding a tougher credit card tool. Designed from 2mm water and rust resistant heavy duty 440c stainless steel. This thing is tough! Made to last and to give you access to the tool you need, when you need them. These Tool Cards by MRF are great for survivalists, hunters, preppers, hikers, campers, backpackers, college students who may not have tools and pretty much anyone who likes to have tools on hand. You can actually use this credit card tool as an Axe, Shovel, Cord Cutter, Wrenches, Ruler, Screwdriver, ¼” Bit Driver, Bottle Opener, Protractor and believe it or not – Sundial. This is a credit card tool you have to check out!

Lever Gear Toolcard Pro 40-in-1 Credit Card Multitool

If you’re a minimalist and enjoy simple tools – the Lever Gear Toolcard is a great place to start. Sleek, minimalist and stainless steel; the perfect ingredients for the perfect credit card multitool. Weighing at only 1 ounce, this tool card comes equipped with 40 tools and has a money clip that snaps on/off in a matter of seconds. This credit card multitool complies with TSA carry-on rules so you can fly with it. Many of these tool cards have blades and you cannot fly with them. The Lever Gear Toolcard is perfect for EDC or “everyday carry.” You will easily find a use for this tool every day. This item is 100% Made in the USA. It’s rare that you can find a Toolcard that provides 40 tools in one ounce. Easy to carry, easy to use. If you’re looking for one of the best credit card multitools on the market that looks nice – the Lever Gear Toolcard is one you should check out. The company provides a lifetime warranty on this product.

Armour Supply RFID Blocking Wallet Gift Set with Credit Card Multitool

A little different than other entries on this list because it’s an RFID blocking wallet that comes with a credit card multitool, but it’s one of the best on the market. You get a top-of-the-line RFID blocking wallet that’s ultra-light, compact and allows you to store up to 12 cards and 5 folded bills. Perfect for front carry, which we believe to be safer anyway and eliminates most wallet theft. Each Armour Wallet purchase gets you a free tactical multitool card. Made from aircraft grade aluminum and rust-free stainless-steel hardware. They’re tough, compact and have many essential uses. The tactical multitool credit card gives you hex keys, screwdrivers, bottle opener, ruler and more. We like this product because you get a high-quality RFID blocking wallet, key holder and a tactical multitool card. You can’t ask for more than that! Perfect gift for the minimalist in your family.

Bar None Xinja 50-in-1 Wallet Multitool

Packed with 50 tools that can fit in your wallet and made from heat treated stainless steel – this wallet tool will last a long time! Take it anywhere and have the tools you need in a pinch. You truly never know when or what tools you will need, so it’s a good idea to stuff you wallet with a quality credit card multitool. You get screw drivers, dividers, hex bit driver, rulers, smartphone stand, letter opener, wrenches, nail puller, spoke keys, can opener, protractor, bottle opener, conversion charts and much more with this wallet multitool. Great for parties and the Bar None Xinja makes a great gift for that hard to shop for outdoorsy person.

S & T Pocket Tool Wallet 46-in-1 Credit Card Size Multi Tool

You get 46 tools with this beast of a wallet tool and it’s one of the cheapest on the list. Remember, just because a tool is cheap doesn’t mean it doesn’t perform. While this wallet multitool may not be as tough as the MRF Credit Card Multitool, it’s still one to consider and can still last just as long if you take care of it. This tool card provides many essential tools that you use daily without even thinking about it. Great for fishermen, repairment, plumbers, carpenters, bicyclists, runners and hikers due to its lightweight design and many tool options. You can even use it as a slim wallet and hold your credit cards, IDs and bills.

DOLLAR Multitool Card

Another cheaper option that is packed with quality tools by DOLLAR. This credit card multitool comes equipped with 21 functions such as: box opener, bottle opener, cord cutter, metric and inch ruler, pry bar, nail puller, screwdriver, ¼” Hex bit holder, speed square, circle drawing template, wrenches and straight edge, etc. This is a handy tool that everyone should have in their wallet just in case. I personally use these tools all the time and can never have enough!

TAC9ER 22-in-1 Wallet Multitool Credit Card Sized Survival Tool

A survival tool that fits neatly in your wallet and has 22 tools? Sounds like a tool everyone could use! The Tac9er wallet multitool is compact, durable and easy to carry. Designed from heat-treated stainless steel and weighs less than 1 oz. Perfect for survival applications, as well as everyday carry and those who just want a few extra tools in their pocket. It comes equipped with a screwdriver, cable bender, letter/box opener, straight edge ruler, nail file, nail puller, eyeglass screwdriver, Hex wrench, slide blade, can opener, lanyard hole, keyring hole, peeler, smartphone stand, bottle opener, right triangle, ruler and more. It’s amazing how many tools they are able to fit in these!

Credit Card Multitools or Wallet Toolcards can be an effective way to add more tools to your everyday carry “EDC,” without adding too much weight. Most of them weight an ounce and add 20 + tools to your arsenal. While they can’t compete with a toolbox full of tools, they can be a nice little addition to what you already have. Plus, they’re always on your person and ready to use. What good is a toolbox if you don’t have it with you. Many times, you just need to unscrew a screw or turn a bolt and don’t need much more than a quality tool card. The best credit card multitools on the market also make great gifts for the hard to shop for person.

Can You Fly With a Credit Card Multi Tool?

It depends on the type of credit card multi tool you purchase. Check with the TSA guidelines to be sure you can board a plane with your credit card multi tool. The manufacturers of each item can usually tell you, but double check the guidelines to be sure. We do not offer legal advise, nor do we claim to ensure you can board a plane with a credit card multi tool. 

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