Everyday Carry Items to Make Your Life Easier

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Think you have everything you need packed and ready for your next adventure? You may want to check your gear one more time.  

Whether it be a day hike with some friends, an off-road adventure or canoe trip that somehow turned into an overnight camping trip on a sandbar …you may want to check out these cool everyday carry essential items.  

Basic gear can get you through the jungle, but why stop there when you can adventure in style. Level up your everyday carry habits now.

Stanley Classic Wide Mouth Flask

Your grandfather likely carried the Stanley Classic Legend to work day in and day out until he gave it to your dad the day he retired. You’re probably still hoping you get it in the will.

These coffee tanks were bullet proof and meant to last for generations. But, you’re not interested in coffee at the moment. A nice shot of whiskey would help with that sprained ankle you endured when you tried to pee out of the canoe and it tipped over. Amateur. We get it.

This flask has a wide mouth like you. Raise your hand if you have tried to sip from a regular flask only to have an air bubble stop the flow of whiskey? We’ve all been there. You won’t have that problem with this flask.

Made from 18/18 stainless steel; it won’t rust and has a lifetime guarantee. Who knows, maybe you will be able to pass this down to your children. Doubt it, seeing as you haven’t mastered the skill of peeing from a canoe without capsizing. You’ll get there, we have faith in you.

If you want to be half as cool as your gramps, grab your own original bullet stopping coffee transporter on your way out.

SOG Wood Folding Pocket Knife

This is a capable gentleman’s knife that you need in your everyday carry. The wood handle is just icing on the cake. Three and a half inches of stainless-steel blade with the SOG for life guarantee; this lightweight workhorse is exactly what you need in your EDC. Stylish, tough and an affordable price that can accommodate even the most frugal outdoorsmen.

Rite in the Rain Weatherproof Metal Clicker Pen

What good is an epic adventure if you don’t jot down the details while they are fresh in your mind? You’re going to get your gear wet …we know about the canoe incident.

Pencil in your notes by campfire with this weatherproof writing utensil before the details get hazy.

You can now write through water, rain, camp grease and darn near anything else with permanent ink. This is a vast improvement from our forefathers having to scribble down their conquests with a regular pen you find in stores.

Don’t forget the Rite in the Rain Journal. Write down your stories. You’ll want to revisit your trips when you’re old and feeble. These are also great for field notes, tracking, shooting accuracy, football games, you name it.

They come in spiral, stapled, soft cover, hard cover, loose leaf, etc.  Your choice

Garmin Instinct Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS

Who said you have to follow the herd and wear an Apple Watch? This rugged GPS watch was built for the toughest of us. Able to withstand the harshest environments you can find.

This is the watch you want.

Multiple global navigation satellite systems to help track you in tough terrain. Better than GPS alone and it can monitor your heart rate! You’ll know exactly how fast your heart is beating when trying to outsmart that Grizzly Bear that’s been hunting you for the past three days.

Did we mention it can navigate you back to your starting point using the Tracback feature? Just set it and go. Although, we wouldn’t entirely throw caution to the wind. You should always take certain precautions when disappearing into the wilderness like have someone erase your internet browsing history.

Dagner Poker Corn Cob Tobacco Pipe

Pipe tobacco makes any trip just a little better. What’s better than puffing nice aromatic tobacco around a fire with some friends? The Dagner company makes some of the best corn cobs on the market. Score this pipe yesterday.

Level up your EDC with the right gear.

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