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Best Metal Wallets [2020 Review]

best metal wallets 2020

Nearly everyone carries a wallet. Whether it’s a minimalist design that functions to carry only essentials or a tactical wallet that has a multi-tool – manufacturers are listening to your needs and you can now get exactly what you want from a wallet. They come in a variety of designs, materials, sizes and shapes to fit your needs. You can even customize them to fit your lifestyle and to improve your everyday carry. If you’re looking beyond the old leather wallet that misaligns your spine – you’re in good company.  

Wallet manufacturers can now create works of art using technology in the form of metal wallets. Designed for those who demand more from their wallet and want something to add to their EDC, the metal wallet eliminates unnecessary bulk in your pocket and it protects your valuables. Metal wallets keep your information safe with RFID blocking capabilities and they last forever.  

Modern innovations allow designers to create lightweight and secure metal wallets that can outperform your average wallet tenfold. Metal wallets are perfect for front-carry enthusiasts and those who wish to protect their personal information. We reviewed the best metal wallets on the market and put them into an easy to read list to help you choose the one you want. 

Here are the Best Metal Wallets of 2020:

Armour Supply Co. Titanium Edition Wallet + Multitool & Key Holder 

The Armour Supply Titanium Edition Wallet is a top-of-the-line piece of equipment. You can fit up to 12 cards and 5 bills in this super light and tough as nails metal wallet. You not only get the Titanium Armour Wallet – but also included is a money clip, multi-tool card, key holder, mini screwdriver, elastic cash strap and stickers.

You get more with this titanium wallet than with any other model out there. This wallet is designed from the strongest materials you will find in a wallet. Grade 1 titanium for the outer shell and two pieces of RFID blocking Aviation Aluminum plates for the inner body.

The attached money clip is a spring loaded 304 stainless steel design. This metal wallet is built like a tank at a respectable price. The included tactical multi-tool has hex keys, screwdrivers, bottle opener, ruler and more.

The Armour Supply Co. key holder is a great way to further reduce pocket clutter. The Armour Supply Co. tactical EDC wallet has what you need and is designed by a great company. To summarize: this set includes arguably the best metal wallet of 2021, a handy multi-tool, key holder, mini screwdriver and more.  

Dango D02 Dapper 2 EDC Wallet 

Dango makes a great wallet and the D02 Dapper is one of the coolest men’s metal wallets you will find. This wallet is nickel plated and designed to withstand anything you throw at it.

Made from top grain leather expertly secured to the Dango Men’s Metal Wallet with special bolts to ensure it is rugged, tough and minimalist. It has RFID blocking capabilities and is TSA compliant, so you can travel with it. The aluminum is 6061 aerospace grace and the entire wallet weighs under2.5 ounces.

The Dango D02 Dapper men’s metal wallet is compatible with the MT02 Multi-Tool which is a great tool to have around. The multi-tool is sold separately, however, but is worth the price to have a few extra tools at your disposal.

It’s widely known as one of the best wallet multi-tools in the game and is worth purchasing with your wallet.

We like this men’s metal wallet because it is made with multiple quality materials such as leather and aluminum. It’s not every day that you find a wallet with such high-quality components.

You would be surprised to know that each Dango Wallet is polished by hand for over an hour. That’s commitment! Once the hand polishing is complete, they plate the wallet frame in Nickel and bake it to add an additional level of hardness coating that soaks into the aluminum frame and makes this wallet even tougher and durable. This truly is an impressive metal wallet by Dango Wallets. If you’ve done your research, you’ve probably seen a lot of questions about the Dango Wallet vs Trayvax wallets. We feel you can’t go wrong with either brand of men’s metal wallets.

The Ridge Titanium Metal Wallet 

The Ridge is one of the most overbuilt and toughest metal wallets on the market. It’s so tough in fact, they offer a Ridge Wallet Lifetime Guarantee. This metal wallet is fully equipped to handle whatever your day brings. Titanium plating, hand torched and hardened, RFID blocking – this wallet does it all. Fit 1-12 cards without stretching and the outside notch assists in pushing the cards out for easy access. This is absolutely one of the top metal wallets available. If you’re looking for the best titanium wallet that will last a lifetime; The Ridge should be at the top of your list. The Ridge is widely regarded as one of the best men’s wallets on Amazon. 

Trayvax Armored Summit Wallet 

Trayvax Wallets have been at the forefront of tough minimalist wallets for a while now. A little research and you’ve likely seen their name and read a multitude of positive reviews about this wallet. It’s designed with a heat resistant steel plate and has a heavy-duty money clip made from MIL-SPEC nylon webbing. The durable melonite finish adds a nice look to this wallet. It also has a bottle opener for those who don’t already have one on their keychains. Easily fit 1-7 credit or debit cards and 1-5 bills for safekeeping. Many people ask about the Trayvax vs Dango wallets as far as quality and function – it’s nearly impossible to choose between the two as they are both designed by high-quality companies. The durability and ultra-thin design make this one of the best metal wallets of 2021. 

Radix One Black Steel Wallet 

The Radix One Black Steel Wallet is designed to end the clutter you carry in your pocket and replace the big wallets that cause back pain and spine injuries. This wallet can hold 4-10 cards easily and has a heavy-duty band that you can use as a money clip for cash. The market is full of wallets that just don’t hold up to their promises – the Radix One Black Steel Wallet isn’t one of them. You would be hard pressed to find a more complete wallet that utilizes heavy gauge stainless steel and still maintains the sleek minimalist design everyone wants. Get rid of your big, bulky wallet and replace it with a sleek metal minimalist wallet and simplify your life. The Radix One is one of the most durable wallets you can buy.   

ROCO Minimalist Metal Wallet 

The Roco Minimalist is designed from high-grade aluminum that will last ages and a flexible silicone band to hold additional cash and to ensure the wallet is secure. The ultra slim design is on par with the best minimalist wallets on the market. Perfect for a driver’s license, up to 20 debit and credit cards and some cash. You really don’t need to carry much more than that. The thin wallet design is perfect for front-carry, but you can still stash it in your back pocket. The Roco Minimalist is the perfect RFID blocking money clip to keep your cards secure and look stylish in the process. If you’re the type of individual that only carries the essentials, this metal wallet is one to consider.  

The Ridge Slim Minimalist Metal Wallet with Cash Strap 

You already know about The Ridge Wallets and their unwavering quality; The Ridge Slim Wallet is another metal wallet you need to check out.

It’s slim, sturdy and comes loaded with features that can improve your EDC. The Ridge Slim Wallet comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you know it will perform for as long as you own it. The lifetime guarantee is broad and covers the card compartment, the money clips and straps, the mounting of metal plates, replacement of screws, etc.

If you like tactical wallets with a minimalist design, the Ridge Slim may be the perfect wallet for you. 

It’s refreshing when a company stands behind their products. This functional and slim metal wallet can hold up to 12 cards with ease and it has a notch that allows you to push the cards out so you can grab the one you need. You can clip a few dollar bills using the cash strap or money clip. This metal wallet is designed from 6061-T6 aluminum plating and interchangeable elastic screws in case one breaks.

The Ridge is one of the best tactical metal wallets in 2021 and designed from some of the best wallet material for those who prefer metal wallets.

Muradin Dapper Tactical Metal Wallet 

The Muradin Dapper is made from top grain leather and expertly fixed onto an aluminum body comprising of 11 pcs mil-spec bolts. It’s slim, tactical and perfect for those who want a metal wallet that will last forever. You carry a wallet everywhere you go – why not buy one you’ll get years of use from and enjoy every second of use. The slim tactical design can hold 12 cards such as a driver’s license, debit and credit cards and has multiple pockets for individual configuration. This tactical metal wallet helps improve your EDC by forcing you to organize and minimize your pocket clutter. It has a band that can be used to clip a few folded dollar bills or paper money for when you need cash and it has a clip so you can attach your keys or other gear for safekeeping. It has a window compartment for your driver’s license and an outside slit for the card you use the most and access more often. This is easily one of the best metal wallets currently on the market.  

Secrid Aluminum Card Protector 

This aluminum wallet was the winner of the Red Dot Design Award. It has a button on the bottom of the card protector that enables you to easily get your cards. All you have to do is push the black handle down and the cards slide out. The card protector has a special coating to prevent your cards from sliding all the way out. You can flip it upside down and the cards remain in place. It only fits 6 cards, but how many do you really need? This is a minimalist wallet in its truest form and the sleek design is perfect for those who want to declutter their pockets. It’s not much bigger than a credit card and fits nicely in your pocket.  

MaxGear RFID Credit Card Holder 

This stainless-steel credit card holder is tough, sleek and has a security latch to ensure your cards stay secure. It comes equipped with 7 accordion style card slots that can hold your driver’s license, debit cards, credit cards and other important IDs. The MaxGear RFID Metal Wallet is 3.95 x 2.68 x 0.6 inches, making it the perfect size for a metal minimalist wallet that fits in your pockets with ease. Designed to keep your cards secure and your personal information safe with RFID blocking capabilities and will keep you from pick pocketing.  

EEH Metal Wallet  

The EEH Minimalist Metal Wallet is perfect for those who want a metal no-nonsense wallet that will last for years. The EEH Metal Wallet has a case made from high-quality aluminum that is less prone to scratching and an inner layer made from 304 stainless-steel. You can stuff up to 12 cards with no problem and it won’t make your pocket bulge like traditional bi-fold wallets. It comes equipped with a groove on the outside so you can push the cards out and an integrated money clip to carry a few extra dollars just in case. This tactical metal wallet comes with the Prolife Wallet Lifetime Guarantee, so you know they stand behind their product. This is one of favorite tactical wallet designs and easily one of the best metal wallets of 2020.  

Armour Supply Co. Aluminum Edition + Multi-Tool & Key Holder 

We just can’t get enough of the Armour Supply Co. Metal Wallets. The Navy-Blue Armour Aluminum Edition is ultra-lightweight, compact and super tough. You can fit up to 12 debit and credit cards plus 5 folded bills for the times you need to pay in cash. This metal tactical wallet is designed from RFID blocking premium quality aluminum and the attached money clip is made from 304 stainless steel and will last forever. You also get a handy multi-tool and key holder. Armour Supply Co. Provides a lifetime warranty and donates $1 for every sale to assist Wounded Warriors. That’s reason enough to buy from this company.  

Armour Supply Co. makes some of the best men’s metal wallets on the market and they come with tons of extras. 

Fidelo Minimalist Wallet 

Fidelo Wallets are premium minimalist wallets that have quick eject triggers and cash bands to securely hold everything you need. Made from Aerospace Grade Aluminum, top grain leather and genuine 3k carbon fiber. It has RFID blocking capabilities and can block 13.56 MHz frequencies and disrupts signals used by criminals attempting to skim devices, but not 125 KHz frequencies such as security access cards and hotel room keys. Perfect for front-pocket carry due to the low-profile design and size and it can help reduce back pain from carrying a bulging wallet in your back pocket. The quick eject trigger gives you 1 finger access to your most important cards in an instant. You can use the cardholder by itself with the included carbon fiber money clip band or inside the leather case. The choice is yours and you get to decide what’s best for your EDC. There are a ton of EDC men’s wallets on the market, so you have a multitude of choices. The size of this metal Fidelo wallet gives you multiple carry options; front pocket, back pocket or even suit jacket pocket and doesn’t create a bulky look.  

Ranger Minimalist Rugged Wallet 

If you’re in the market for a rugged tactical steel wallet – check out the Ranger Minimalist Wallet. It’s specifically designed for those who demand more from their gear. The wallet is made from tough steel and is perfect for front pocket wallet carry. You get 12 built-in tools with the Ranger including a bottle opener, 12mm fast access wrench, SAE wrenches in ¼”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16” and ½” and metric wrenches in 6, 8, 10 and 12mm, ¼ tool driver and more. The Ranger Minimalist Wallet is not only made of steel, but also coated with a high-quality powder coat finish that protects against corrosion and adds layers of durability to the wallet. One look at the pictures and you will know this is one of the best steel wallets you can own.  

Why Buy a Metal Wallet? 

Metal wallets are extremely durable, functional and stylish. They help reduce clutter in your pocket and can reduce back pain. Traditional bi-fold wallets get thick after stuffing a few credit cards, some cash and receipts that you don’t need. Most men carry bi-folds and tri-folds in their back pocket and the extra thickness causes them to lean when they sit. If you sit in front of a computer for hours a day as most of us do, you will start to develop back problems later in life.  

Metal wallets are designed for front-pocket carry. They’re thin enough to slip into your front pocket for easy access and this alleviates back pain. Front-pocket wallet carry is also better to keep pick pockets from stealing your wallet. A bulging wallet in your back pocket is a prime target for anyone looking to steal a wallet. The bump into you and casually reach into your back pocket and you don’t notice your wallet missing until it is too late. Front-pocket wallet carry makes it harder for your wallet to be stolen.  

Metal wallets are stylish. There’s nothing cooler than pulling out a titanium or aluminum tactical metal wallet when you pay for something. People will ask where you got it over and over throughout the day. Get used to it. Plus, tactical metal wallets feel great in your hand. There’s something about a finely tuned tactical looking metal wallet that only stores exactly what you need for the day.  

Let’s recap on why you should buy a metal wallet:

  1. Functional
  2. Durable
  3. Harder To Steal
  4. Stylish
  5. Relieves Back Pain
  6. Improve Your EDC

Are Metal Wallets Worth the Investment? 

The best metal wallets can cost a pretty penny, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good brand. Metal wallets are tough, durable and can add to your EDC or everyday carry with the numerous options on the market. They can help alleviate back pain caused by overstuffed wallets in the back pocket and help you to reduce clutter.  

Which Brand Makes the Best Metal Wallets? 

You may feel overloaded with options when it comes to metal wallets. There are literally hundreds of designs, materials and configurations to choose from. You may feel overwhelmed and unsure which metal wallet to pick. First, think about what’s important to you and what is essential for you to have in your wallet. Keep in mind, some minimalist metal wallets are mainly designed for roughly 10 cards and a few folded bills. You probably don’t need to carry any more than that if we’re being honest. Some metal wallets such as the Armour Supply Co. Wallet comes with a cool multi-tool that has numerous functions. You also need to think about how much you’re willing to spend on your new metal wallet. There are a lot of factors to consider, but we feel confident that if you choose from the brands we presented in this article, you will feel confident about your choice.  

How Much Do Metal Wallets Cost?  

They typically range from $10 up to and above $130. You can find some great deals in between if you do some research. Either way, they’re worth the investment due to their utility and longevity.  

Where Should a Man Carry His Wallet?

We’re advocates of front pocket wallet carry for multiple reasons. Carrying a bloated wallet in your back pocket will almost always lead to back problems in the future. You can experience sciatic nerve pain from a long day at the office from sitting at an angle on a large, bulky wallet. A minimalist wallet carried in your front pocket will alleviate lower back pain caused from sitting on your wallet. 

Carrying your wallet in your front pocket also makes it more difficult for someone to reach into your pocket and take it. Minimalist wallets are perfect for front pocket carry because they’re slim and help reduce the bulge. It’s hard for someone to take your wallet if they can’t eyeball what pocket you keep it in. 

What is the Most Durable Wallet?

There are a number of tough wallets that could compete for that title. Any metal wallet will last for years as long as their components are taken care of. The biggest issue you may have with some of them are the screws or attached money clips, but many companies send you extra just in case. 

Here are 5 of the Toughest Metal Wallets:

  1. The Ridge Titanium 
  2. Dango Dapper Wallet
  3. Trayvax Armored Summit Wallet
  4. Armour Supply Co. Titanium Edition
  5. Ranger Minimalist Wallet

If you liked this article, check out the Best Tactical Wallets of 2020 and our favorite Minimalist Wallets of 2020!

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