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Best Cheap G-Shocks for Under $50

black and red G-Shock

You don’t have to spend a fortune to bag a legendary G-Shock. G-Shocks are the equivalent to those 1997 Nissan Hardbody Trucks that you still see on the road today – they take a beating and keep going. You can get one of the toughest G-Shock watches on the market for around $50 or less. While you can easily spend over $100 for a premium model, there are plenty of basic models that still live up to the legendary G-Shock name.  

We will focus our attention on the best G-Shocks for under $50 or around that price as prices often fluctuate. These G-Shock watches come equipped with the basic features that make G-Shocks great such as water resistance up to 200 meters or 660 feet, shock resistance, 12/24 hour format, alarms, stopwatch, countdown timer, etc.  

A G-Shock around $50 will still look great and have multitude of features that you use on a daily basis. These are the type of watches you can use for decades.  

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G-Shock DW9052V-1CR Sport 

The DW9052V-1CR is a cheap G-Shock that you can get for around $50 and is still an extremely tough and reliable watch. It’s shock resistant, water resistant and has an afterglow backlight and all the other features that you would expect from a base model G-Shock. While it may seem basic, the rugged design more than makes up for what it lacks in extra features. This is the type of watch that you can work in and not worry about breaking it. This is the G-Shock you get if you want one that’s not as big and bulky as other models and prefer a simple LCD display that you can easily see. It fits your wrist comfortable, isn’t too bulky, looks great and comes at an attractive price point.  

G-Shock DW5600E-1V: Affordable Classic Look 

You won’t spend a fortune on the DW5600E-1V G-Shock, but you get plenty of features. If you’re a fan of the classic G-Shock look, this is a great updated version that is easy on the eyes and tough as hell. It has a comfortable resin strap that will last forever and is easy to clean. The quartz digital movement is precise with an accuracy of plus or minus 15 seconds per month. You can go a long time before having to readjust the time on this quality timepiece. The watch is housed in a tough outer shell and the protective mineral dial window can take bumps, scrapes and drops without issue. You can basically neglect this watch and it will still tick. This affordable G-Shock is water resistant up to 220 meters or 660 feet and shock resistant, so you can take it hiking, kayaking, cruising, RVing, you name it and this classic G-Shock will deliver.  

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G-Shock DW9052-2 Cheap Blue Digital Watch 

The DW9052-2 is the cheapest G-Shock that comes in a cool color. It’s blue with yellow accents and has a screen that you can easily glance at to see the time. It has a rubber band and is easy to clean if you take it out and get it dirty. You can see the dial at night with the electroluminescence light and it has loads of functions such as chronograph, alarm and shock protection. The digital display is laid out in a simple outlay so you can see the time, date and seconds without having to squint or hold it in the light. Many more expensive G-Shocks have negative displays which can be hard to see except in perfect light – not the case with this cheap blue G-Shock. One quick glance and you have all of the information you need. This is a zero-maintenance watch and is smaller than other G-Shock models, which makes it perfect for anyone wanting a small G-Shock.  

G-Shock DW6900-1: Cheap Sporty G-Shock 

The DW6900 is perfect for training, running and sports activities. It has 1/100 second stopwatch, elapsed time, split time, countdown timer, 1st and 2nd place times and alarms that make this a great G-Shock for working out that’s priced around $50. Not only does it carry the G-Shock’s legendary name and quality, it is also equipped with an EL backlight with Afterglow so you can always see your watch. The date and time are large and easy to see and there aren’t any confusing dials that you just get in the way. If you’re looking for a basic sport G-Shock for around $50, this is a great option.  

G-Shock G2900F-1V: Affordable Basic G-Shock 

The G2900 G-Shock is a no-nonsense type of watch. It is dependable, tough and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. This is the perfect G-Shock to get if you want the legendary build and you want it cheap. You can work in this watch and not worry about scuffing it up, the band is molded resin with a tough buckle and the digital display will stand up to scratches and scrapes. You can monitor 29 time zones, city code display and four alarms with snoozes with this shock resistant G-Shock sport watch. Did we mention it is water resistant up to 200 meters? You can play rough with this watch and do water sports, but we would caution against taking it scuba diving. You can squeeze out roughly a decade of G-Shock bliss for about $50. 

G-Shock DW9052-1V: Great Military G-Shock 

The DW9052 is a military style G-Shock that looks great and will last a long time. Many professionals wear this style because it is a simple and easy to read the dial. This watch is designed to be precise, rugged and look good enough to wear with business casual. It is rare when you find a watch that can serve you in the field as well as the office, but if you’ve had G-Shocks before, you know that’s par for the course. This watch comes with an afterglow EL backlight that lights up the entire dial and is easy on the eyes. It would be hard to find a better watch for around $50.  

G-Shock Classic Analog-Digital Watch 

The G100-1BV G-Shock provides the best of both worlds: analog and digital time keeping. Not only do you get the digital clock, but you also have an analog watch. We like this model because you get both and it looks a little more stylish having the minute and hour hands above the digital clock. Just our opinion, so you will have to decide for yourself if it is your style. This Casio G-Shock features dual time display, stopwatch, chronograph and luminosity so you can see your watch in the dark or low light. This is a comfortable watch that is tough and lives up to the G-Shock name. You can get it wet, bang it up, shake it and drop it and it won’t lessen the performance of this watch. Some users have difficulty setting the time on this watch, but you can easily watch videos and learn how to properly set it. This is a mid-size watch – not too big and not too small. You will enjoy this watch if you want a smaller G-Shock.  

G-Shock XL GA100 

While you may have a harder time finding the XL GA100 for under $50, you can get close to that price. This is a large sport G-Shock that is black with red contrast. The minute hand is silver and the hour hand is a deep red with circular cutouts so you can see them easier. This is the classy sport watch from the GA100 series. Perfect for sports and marine activity as it is shock proof and water resistant. It has a resin case and G-Shock watch band along with a mineral dial window that’s tough and will deflect most scratches. The GA100 XL is equipped with an auto LED light so you can see your watch better and has many other features that make this one of the best G-Shocks for sports. 

G-Shock DW9052GBX-1A9CR 

The DW9052GBX-1A9CR is built like a tank! What else would you expect from a G-Shock? The black with gold accents gives it a nice appeal to those wanting to dress up their wardrobe starting with their watch. You can war this G-Shock to formal events as well as the gun range and it will perform at the highest level of any watch in this price point. You can snag one for around $50 and wear it for a decade or longer. This watch is equipped with an electro-luminescent backlight and the date/time are organized in a manner that makes it easy to glance and go.  

Can You Get a Good G-Shock Watch For Under $50? 

All G-Shock models are built to a certain standard. They’re tough, reliable and precise, no matter the model. While some higher-end models have more features, all G-Shocks are great watches. We have yet to find one that isn’t tough as nails. If you’re doing research as to whether you can find a great G-Shock for under $50 – you absolutely can! There are a handful of G-Shock models under or around $50 that are quite good. Each G-Shock has a host of basic features that make them one of the greatest lineups of watches.  

How Do I Choose a Casio G-Shock? 

There are literally hundreds of G-Shock models, so it can be a daunting task to choose one. Here are a few tips when choosing the perfect G-Shock: 

  1. Price: G-Shocks range in price from about $44 up to hundreds and thousands of dollars. Decide how much you want to spend and start there. You can go to Amazon and use the filters to only show watches in your price range.  
  2. Features: Each G-Shock has the basics such as shock proof, water resistant and a plethora of basic watch functions. Even the lower-end models excel at the basics. Do you need to know how many steps you’ve taken, how high up you are, outside temperature or are you satisfied with a basic watch that’s tough and reliable? There’s a G-Shock for everyone.  
  3. Style: Many of the G-Shocks under $50 are black, gray and blue. There’s not as many color options as we would like, but it is understandable. Spend a little closer to the $85 range and the door opens to multiple colors and styles.  

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